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+title: "Peter Thiel's 'CS183: Startup' Class 1 Notes"
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+"1 to n" versus "0 to 1":
+> Progress comes in two flavors: horizontal/extensive and vertical/intensive. Horizontal or extensive progress basically means copying things that work. In one word, it means simply "globalization."
+> [...]
+> Vertical or intensive progress, by contrast, means doing new things. The single word for this is "technology." Intensive progress involves going from 0 to 1 (not simply the 1 to n of globalization).
+> [...]
+> Anyone on a mission tends to want to go from 0 to 1. You can only do that if you're surrounded by others to want to go from 0 to 1.
+[Blake Masters](!/bgmasters) is taking Peter Thiel's class at Stanford this quarter, and is graciously posting his notes. They're fascinating, naturally.
+[Class 2](

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