A very simple IRC infobot written in Go (language)
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  • Install your OS's golang compiler
  • $ go build
  • ./Mandatch(.exe|what have you)
  • Spam channels.


We have a Notifico bot outputting any commits to the github repository into the channel #mandatch-dev on irc.esper.net that you may join.

Discussion of the bot is also allowed there.

So is idle discussion of anything work-safe.


Want to edit Mandatch? Great! Do the github twiddledance and do whatever you want. Sell it for a profit, if you can! Want to claim you made it? Go for it! I'd like it if you didn't, but it's your choice.

Configuring Mandatch

Configuring your brand spanking new copy of Mandatch is dead simple.

  • Open up config.json in your favorite text editor (Preferably something like Notepad++ or Sublime Text. DO NOT USE NOTEPAD.)
  • Change the various settings to whatever you want.
  • Save and close config.json
  • Run Mandatch.exe (or whatever the executable might be called on your system) and enjoy!

Mess up your config?

No problems, simply redownload the config from the repository.


Adding Topics

Adding topics to Mandatch is as easy as creating files in the data/topics directory.

Follow these simple steps to add topics!

  • Locate and enter the data directory.
  • Locate and enter the topics directory.
  • Make a text file (.txt) using the name of the topic you want to add. For example, to add the topic test, the file would be named text.txt
  • Open up the text file and add your words to it!

If you want to add a topic for a specific channel, after locating and entering the topics directory, follow these steps.

  • Create a folder named #channel, except replace the part that says channel with your channel's name.
  • Follow the rest of the steps given in the previous guide.


  • {i} - Is replaced with the bot's IP when sent to the channel. Example: {i} ->
  • {n} - Is replaced with the target's name when sent to the channel. Example: {n} -> AndrewPH
  • {c} - Is replaced with the channel the topic was issued in.

Reporting Bugs

If you come across a bug in a copy of Mandatch that has had only the configuration modified, please open an issue here on github.

Requesting Features

Open an issue here on github. Or, if you want to be REALLY helpful, make a pull request with a copy of Mandatch that has the features you want.


I made Mandatch to suit MY needs. If you're wondering why x feature hasn't already been implemented, it's because I haven't needed it yet. I will gladly accept feature additions, though.