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API Changes

  • Object.sugar() now will add all extended object (hash) methods to Object.prototype, letting you opt-in this functionality
  • will observe changes in an object property and fire a callback if it has changed
  • Array.create() quickly creates arrays, most notably from an arguments object
  • Array#groupBy now allows a callback to iterate over each group
  • String#normalize method deprecated, but still available in lib directory
  • String#is/hasArmenian, is/hasBopomofo, is/hasEthiopic, and is/hasGeorgian deprecated
  • String#is/hasLatin added
  • String#toDate now accepts a locale parameter
  • String#spacify added
  • String#assign added
  • Date module completely reworked to allow locales
  • Date#format " short" token suffix deprecated
  • Date#format " pad" token suffix deprecated
  • Date#format "dir" parameter passed to the callback deprecated in favor of using the sign directly on the time itself
  • Date#format locale now passed to the callback instead of the above
  • Date#format passing no arguments now outputs a default simple date format for the current locale
  • Date#relative same treatment as Date#format for callbacks as above
  • Date.allowVariant for ambiguous dates (8/10/03) refactored to use locales instead
  • Date.RFC1123 and Date.RFC1036 fix to not display GMT
  • Date.setLocale will set an available locale or allow extending the Date class with new locales
  • Date.getLocale gets a localization object (current localization by default)
  • Date.addFormat allows additional date formats to be added
  • Date#set passing true for the second param will now reset any units less specific, not just the time
  • Date#isBefore/isAfter/isBetween now uses a straight comparison rather than trying to extend the bounds of the date based on specificity
  • Date#format now accepts a second locale parameter that outputs the date in a specific locale. If no locale is set the current locale is used.
  • Date#format passing "relative" as the format is now deprecated. Use Date#relative instead
  • Function#lazy now accepts a "limit" parameter that will prevent a lazy function from queueing calls beyond a certain limit
  • Function#debounce now accepts a "wait" parameter (default is true) that will allow function execution AFTER the timeout to be turned off so the function is run immediately

Internal Changes

  • major docs updates
  • arrayEach will now default to not loop over sparse arrays unless explicitly told to
  • major internal refactoring of the Date module to be more compact, robust, and light
  • date module will be distilled and contained on its own in the repo


API Changes

  • .sugar method added to all classes to reinstate Sugar methods conditionally.
  • Object.clone is now shallow by default, with an option for deep cloning
  • Object.merge will now ignore non-objects
  • Object.fromQueryString now takes the place of String#toObject.
  • Nested object/array param parsing now possible with Object.fromQueryString.
  • Array#remove now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#exclude now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#union now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#subtract now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#intersect now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#split deprecated
  • Array#compact no longer removes functions (bug)
  • Array#compact now accepts flag to compact all falsy values
  • Number#upto and Number#downto now accept a third parameter to traverse in multiples of > 1
  • Number#pad now accepts a third parameter that is the base of the number
  • Number#hex now accepts a parameter to pad the resulting string with a default of 1
  • String#escapeHTML added
  • String#truncate added. Will truncate a string without breaking words.
  • String#toObject now refactored to Object.fromQueryString
  • Function.lazy refactored to Function#lazy
  • Function#lazy functions can now be cancelled via Function#cancel
  • Function#defer deprecated -> use Function#delay instead
  • Function#debounce added
  • Function#after added
  • Function#once added

Internal Changes

  • extendWithNativeCondition removed. Functionality now contained in extend
  • shuffled and removed some dependencies to make it easier to extract the date module
  • more robust equality comparison:
  • multiArgs added to collect arguments
  • array indexes now checked with hasProperty instead of hasOwnProperty
  • object builders are now going through extend so they can store their references
  • Object.clone refactored to use multiArgs
  • Object.isEmpty now returns false if passed argument itself is falsy
  • String#stripTags refactored to use multiArgs
  • String#removeTags refactored to use multiArgs -- "null" now taken into consideration for objects -- object key length compared -- strict equality matches in multiMatch


  • Emergency fix for Array#compact incorrectly detecting NaN.


API Changes

  • Array.isArray polyfill added and aliased by Object.isArray (es5)
  • Array#every/some/map/filter now throws a TypeError if no arguments passed (es5)
  • Array#every/some/map/filter now defers to native if available and no arguments passed (es5)
  • Array#none/any/all/has aliases similarly throw TypeErrors if no arguments passed (es5)
  • Array#indexOf/lastIndexOf now performs a simple strict equality check. Added to v0.9.2 but separately here (es5)
  • Array#indexOf/lastIndexOf refactored to defer to String#indexOf/lastIndexOf if a string is passed as the scope (es5)
  • Array#forEach/reduce/reduceRight now all throw a TypeError if callback is not callable (es5)
  • Array#reduce/reduceRight now throw a TypeError if the array is empty and no initial value passed (es5)
  • Array#each is now no longer an alias of forEach and has different behavior:
    • second parameter is the index to start from
    • third parameter is a boolean that runs the loop from the beginning if true
    • returns the array
    • fn returning false will break out of the loop
    • will throw a TypeError if fn is not callable (same as forEach)
    • array is now passed as the scope
    • now detects sparse arrays and switches to a different algorithm to handle them
  • Array#find refactored to use an internal method insted of Array#findAll to avoid collisions
  • Array#find now breaks as soon as it finds an element
  • Array#eachFromIndex removed
  • Array#removeAtIndex renamed to Array#removeAt
  • Array#unique refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#find to avoid collisions
  • Array#subtract/intersect refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#find to avoid collisions
  • Array#subtract/intersect refactored to use Array.isArray instead of Object.isArray
  • Array#union refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#unique to avoid collisions
  • Array#min/max refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#unique to avoid collisions
  • Array#least/most will now throw a TypeError if the first argument exists, but is not a string or function
  • Array#least/most refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#unique to avoid collisions
  • Array#groupBy will now throw a TypeError if the first argument exists, but is not a string or function
  • Array#sortBy will now throw a TypeError if the first argument exists, but is not a string or function
  • Array#compact/flatten now internally use Array.isArray instead of Object.isArray
  • Array#collect alias removed
  • Array#shuffle alias removed
  • String#hankaku/zenkaku/hiragana/katakana refactored to shift char codes instead of using a hash table
  • String#hankaku/zenkaku refactored to be much more accurate & strictly defined
  • String#shift added
  • String#trim refactored to handle all characters covered in es5/unicode (es5)
  • String#trim refactored to check for support and polyfill as needed (es5)
  • String#titleize removed
  • String#capitalize refactored to allow capitalization of all letters
  • String#pad/padLeft/padRight refactored to accept the number as the second param and padding as the first
  • String#repeat refactored to return a blank string on num < 1
  • String#add refactored to act in parallel with Array#add
  • String#remove added as a reciprocal of String#add and a parallel of Array#remove
  • String#dasherize/underscore refactored to strip whitespace
  • Object.keys refactored to defer to native if < 2 arguments instead of == 1
  • Object.keys will now throw a TypeError if non-object passed (es5)
  • Number.random fixed which had implied globals min & max
  • polyfill added (es5)
  • Date#toISOString refactored polyfill to check for native browser support (es5)
  • Date#toJSON added as a polyfill alias to Date#toISOString with similar native checks (es5)
  • Date#format/relative refactored to point to an internal method to avoid collisions
  • fixed date methods in ambiguous situations such as "5 months ago" when the target month does not have enough days
  • Function#bind refactored to check for native support and behave much more closely to spec (es5)
  • added documentation for unicode block methods
  • added devanagari and ethiopic scripts

Internal Changes

  • refactored unicode script methods to use .test instead of .match
  • extendWithNativeCondition refactored to allow a "supported" flag
  • getMinOrMax refactored to use iterateOverObject
  • getFromIndexes renamed to getAtIndexes
  • toIntegerWithDefault added
  • arrayFind added
  • arrayEach added
  • arrayUnique added
  • isArrayIndex added (es5)
  • toUint32 added (es5)
  • checkCallback added (es5)
  • checkFirstArgumentExists added (es5)
  • buildObject refactored to be less invasive


  • Emergency fix to alleviate issues with indexOf/lastIndexOf breaking on functions/deep objects


  • Change Object.create to Object.extended to avoid collision with ES5
  • Use of defineProperty in modern browsers to prevent enumeration in loops.
  • Add test for loop breakage and allowed older browsers to have a "warning" message.
  • Object.isArray will now alias native Array.isArray if it is present.
  • Fix collisions with Prototype on Object.clone.
  • Test cleanup.
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