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  • More fixes for Typescript declarations including better handling of generics.
  • Restored VERSION property to the core.
  • Fixed issue with future dates (#572).


  • Fixed issue with Typescript declarations not exporting all packages.


  • Updated Typescript declaration files to better handle modules.
  • Added type guards to isString... declarations.
  • Fixed issue with Range date unit methods on invalid ranges.


  • Added Typescript declaration files.


  • Fixed issues with locales not being ignored in modularized repos.


API Changes

  • Added global objects. All methods will also be defined here.
  • Removed String#escapeRegExp. Use RegExp.escape instead.
  • Changed String#escapeHTML to double-escape entities.
  • Date#utc is now Date#setUTC.
  • Date.SugarNewDate is now an option accessor Sugar.Date.setOption('newDateInternal', fn)
  • Modified String#startsWith and String#endsWith to be more in compliance with ES6. See for details.
  • Removed String#has in favor of String#includes to be more in compliance with ES6. See for details.
  • Added Number.isNaN shim. Removed Object.isNaN in favor of this.
  • Alphanumeric array options are now on the global object.
  • Moved, Object.each, and Object.size to the object module.
  • Added Object.isArguments.
  • Changed String#each (renamed to String#forEach) to allow breaking the loop with false.
  • Added ability for String#stripTags and Strip#removeTags to pass a callback.
  • Made String#stripTags and String#removeTags much more robust.
  • Removed String#normalize and will put into its own plugin module as String#toAscii later.
  • Updated Array#sortBy to handle sorting on multiple properties (Issue #386, thanks to @eric-weiser).
  • Fixed String#unescapeHTML to handle HTML (and hex) codes. Also now handling  
  • Added a third argument to Number#bytes to allow normal SI units.
  • Object.merge updated to take an options object. Non-enumerable property support is now an option, as well as property descriptors. Resolver function now will not traverse further into a deep merge if it has been resolved with a function. Sugar global object continues the merge.
  • Allowing a global thousands and decimal marker to be set.
  • String#hankaku now makes a hyphen from hyphen-like fullwidth chars in number mode.
  • Fixed issue with the digit ten in date creation (Issue #431).
  • Fixed issue with the Date#[unit]Since improperly applying error margins.
  • Refactored the since and fromNow methods to traverse using internal date methods instead of applying an error margin. This makes them much more accurate in dicey situations like DST traversal, leap years, etc.
  • Fixed issue with dates shifting in "monthsFromNow" (and consequently "relative") when traversing into a month that doesn't have enough days.
  • Fixed issue with advance/rewind using an object with both a "week" and "day" parameter (Issue #492).
  • Fixed issue Function#every not being able to cancel itself (Issue #488).
  • Fixed issue with German dates not allowing abbreviated weekdays with 2 characters.
  • Added Date#get allowing date creation with a context date that can be used as a starting point for relative dates.
  • Added Function#memoize (Issue #486)
  • Async functions are now synchronous with Sinon.
  • Renamed Object.equal and Object#equals to isEqual for parity.
  • Removed Date.utc object as well as Date.past and Date.future in favor of an options object on Date#create.
  • Renamed Function#fill to Function#partial. Tests from Underscore and Lodash brought in to confirm conformitive behavior.
  • null now no longer acts as a placeholder in Function#partial. Other bugs fixed around this including using partial on constructors.
  • Date#create options object now uses fromUTC instead of just utc. A new option setUTC is also added which will set the internal utc flag on creation.
  • String#assign refactored and renamed to String#format. Tokens are zero based and a few other changes.
  • Added Object.get and Object.set, allowed them to use dot, bracket, range, and push syntax, and allowed deep object transforms on Array#map, and other methods.
  • Fixed many issues with DST and simplified month traversal.
  • Renamed Array#randomize to Array#shuffle
  • Added Array#sample ability to remove sampled elements and performance optimization.
  • Added String#replaceAll and String#removeAll.
  • Added polyfill for Array.from and modified Array.create to return a reference by default.
  • Changed behavior of Function#after to more closely match that of Underscore/Lodash.
  • Changed behavior of Number#times to return an array of return values.
  • Changed Object.fromQueryString to return a plain object.
  • Removed and Object.unwatch.
  • Removed ability for Date.create to accept enumerated arguments.
  • Modified Object.toQueryString to accept an options object.
  • Modified Object.fromQueryString to accept an options object.
  • Added support for Sets in isEqual.
  • Added Array#median.
  • Modified Number#metric to use a more flexible system of defining units.
  • Added strf tokens to Date#format as well as a number of new standard tokens. Aligned tokens more with moment/ldml and renamed to ldml in the code.
  • Modified Array#at and String#at to use arrays instead of enumerated arguments.
  • Removed mixed modes for String#hankaku and String#zenkaku.
  • Modified String#replaceTags and String#stripTags to simplify argument signature and small performance boost.
  • Added Array#isEqual.
  • Renamed RegExp#addFlag and RegExp#removeFlag to RegExp#addFlags and RegExp#removeFlags, and ensured they work on multiple flags.
  • Created new module enumerable, and split out array methods.
  • Removed Array#findAll in favor of Array#filter and Array#filterFromIndex.
  • Replaced Object.findAll with Object.filter.
  • Array#isEmpty now only checks for zero length.
  • Moved and Object.reject to enumerable module and updated to match objects on key existence.
  • Added Object.remove and Object.exclude.
  • Added Array#append to take the place of Array#add. Array#add now is non-destructive. Array#insert now aliases append instead of add.
  • Removed Array#include (now is identical to Array#add).
  • Added Object.invert.
  • Moved String#titleize to String module from Inflections.
  • Modified Object.has to allow deep keys. Also added a flag to allow properties in the prototype.
  • Removed Object.extended and all trace of Hashes in favor of Sugar chainables.
  • Added date unit methods to ranges.
  • Allowed excepting and allowing entire namespaces.
  • Flipped "si" argument to Number#bytes to instead be "binary".
  • Modified String#capitalize to have an extra parameter for downcasing.
  • Refactored inflections module to have a more straightforward API.
  • Updated Array#sortBy to not clone the array by default.
  • Modified Date#reset to use higher units to make more semantic sense.
  • Reversed arguments in Date#relative.
  • Removed Array#each in favor of Array#forEachFromIndex in cases where the index is needed.
  • Added fromIndex methods. Moved findFrom and findIndexFrom to be inline with these.
  • Renamed Object.each to Object.forEach to bring it in line with other methods.
  • Changed Array#subtract, Array#intersect, and Array#union to only accept a single argument to follow other methods more closely.
  • Removed String#add, which on its own is largely useless in favor of String#insert which was previously an alias.
  • Removed all and any aliases.
  • Moved the step argument in Number#upto and Number#downto to be an optional 2nd argument.
  • Removed callbacks in Object.keys and Object.values. Object.forEach should be preferred method of iteration.
  • Changed object iteration callbacks to be value first.
  • Renamed String#each to String#forEach.
  • Changed min/max/least/most args to put the callback at the end.
  • Removed String#paragraphs.
  • Added Object.addAll.


API Changes

  • Added ability to pass a single string to Date.range
  • Bower.json now points to unminified script (#388)
  • Date.create(null) is now interpeted as a time stamp (#387)
  • Fix for ambiguous years not working with Date#past/future (#383)
  • Fix for odd iOS7 bug with Number#abs (#400)


API Changes

  • Fix for not performing value match. (Issue #362)
  • Fix for Object.merge not properly merging when target object isn't an object (Issue #365)
  • Fix for development script not running properly in meteor (Issue #361)


API Changes

  • Adding generalized ranges for Numbers and Strings in addition to Dates.
  • Date ranges are now part of the Range module and are no longer dependent on the Date module.
  • Adding clamp for ranges and an alias for Number.
  • Adding cap for ranges and an alias for Number.
  • Added String#truncateOnWords. Part of the String#truncate functionality is now here.
  • Array.create will understand ranges and can build an array from one.
  • DateRange#duration is deprecated in favor of Range#span.
  • Fix for relative times with "4 weeks" that are actually past the single month threshold.
  • Number#upto and Number#downto will now work on inverse ranges.
  • pad, padLeft, and padRight now pad to the specified length, instead of simply adding to string.
  • Fuzzy matching methods like findAll now directly match regexes against elements, regardless of whether or not they are strings.
  • Instances of classes are now entirely matched by reference only, as originally intended. This means that any equality checking inside Sugar will consider them equal only if they are ===.
  • Object.clone now only works on known object types and does not work on instances of user-created classes.
  • String#assign now can be passed an array as well as enumerated arguments.
  • Fixed global variable leak #328
  • Optimization for Array#removeAt #324
  • Fix for isThisWeek being false when not en locale.
  • Timezone formatting tokens changed to align with Moment.js better.
  • Major performance optimization for date formatting and more.
  • Added Date#beginningOfISOWeek and Date#endOfISOWeek
  • Fix for Array#create not working on argument objects of zero-length (Issue #299).
  • Fix for String#capitalize capitalizing after apostrophes (Issue #325).
  • Fix for extended objects select and reject returning plain objects.
  • Fix for Object.merge not merging certain deep objects.
  • Added Date.SugarNewDate to allow customization of internally created dates.
  • Removed multiMatch in favor of a cached matcher system.
  • Fix for environments where regexes are functions.
  • Fix for Function#cancel not properly clearing all timers (Issue #346).
  • Fix for lazy functions not being able to recursively call themselves.
  • Added option immediate to Function#lazy, which is now false by default.
  • Added Function#every.
  • Exposed Array.AlphanumericSort to allow its use in native Array#sort.
  • Added Array.AlphanumericSortNatural that is on by default and triggers a natural sort.
  • Fixed strings not being coerced into objects in < IE8.
  • Array.find now aligns with ES6 spec.
  • Fixed bug with array like objects iterated over with loop = true.
  • Fixed String#truncate not returning primitives.
  • String#repeat is now aligned more with spec. String#pad follows suit.
  • Added Array#findFrom and Array#findIndexFrom.
  • Removed Range#step alias.
  • Removed deep argument from Object.fromQueryString and replaced with optional boolean casting.

Performance Enhancements

  • up to 682% faster
  • Date#format: up to 21,400% faster
  • Array#min/max/less/more up to 83% faster
  • Enumerable methods like findAll/findIndex/map/any/count/sum/etc.: up to 11,270% faster
  • isString/isNumber/isBoolean: up to 77% faster
  • isEqual returns up front when === (can be much faster). Many methods use this internally as well.
  • Math related functions (and internals that use them): up to 16% faster.
  • getRegExpFlags is up to 1000% faster.
  • Range#every up to 52% faster for dates, 1500% faster for numbers/strings.
  • Array#at and String#at up to 242% faster for single index lookups.
  • String#assign up to 30% faster.


API Changes

  • Added Object.toQueryString.
  • Fix for timezone offset -0330, etc (Issue #262).
  • Fix for methods like isToday not working when using a non-English locale (Issue #264).
  • Removed Sugar#namespace to fix conflict with jQuery (Issue #265).


API Changes

  • Renamed Date#getWeek and Date#setWeek to Date#getISOWeek and Date#setISOWeek.
  • Updating Date#setWeek (now Date#setISOWeek) to follow ISO-8601 standard.
  • Allowing lazy and throttled functions to return a memoized result, allowing them to double as a caching mechanism.
  • Performance improvement to return early using typeof for type checks.
  • Performance improvement for loops.
  • Fix for Array#sample sometimes returning undefined (Issue #252).
  • Fix for French locales (Issue #249).
  • Fix for conflict with Coffeescript (Issue #248).
  • Fix for Object.clone not preserving date _utc flag (Issue #256).


API Changes

  • Added and Object.reject to help filter keys in objects.
  • String#startsWith and String#endsWith have changed to match the Harmony proposal better.
  • Fix for Date.create not preserving the UTC flag when the source is also a date (Issue #235).
  • Object.clone on arrays with the "deep" flag set to true should create a deep clone of the array (Issue #237).
  • Array#min/max should throw an error when comparing to undefined (Issue #232).
  • Fix for dates that fallback to native parsing when forcing UTC flag (Issue #244).
  • Date#since/fromNow aliases will now count "past" integers instead of rounding (Issue #236).
  • Adding enumerable methods to Object.extend().


API Changes

  • Faster String#repeat (Issue #214 - Thanks to @termi!).
  • Fixed issue with Array#sample skewing randomization (Issue #216).
  • Limiting minute/second parsing to 0-59 (Issue #219).
  • Fixed issue with addMonths (Issue #221).
  • Fixed issue with NaN being true for isOdd (Issue #220).
  • Fixed issue with HTML escaping (Issue #212).
  • Fixed issue with float values parsing in Object.fromQueryString (Issue #225).
  • Internal refactoring of Object.each.
  • Fixed issue with 7 July date format (Issue #227).
  • Added "'yy" as a valid year format.
  • Allowing empty strings for thousands separator and decimal in Number#format (Issue #229).


API Changes

  • Now allowing "n days later" etc. as a parsable format (#199).
  • Added support for "the nth" format (#205).
  • Fixed issue with Array.create on objects (#195).
  • Fixed am/pm issues with Date parsing (#201).
  • Fixed issues with Date.future (#210), zh-CN locale time parsing, (#204).
  • Added support for Finnish locale (#185), Dutch, and Danish.
  • Fixed Number.random to have better random distribution (#196).
  • Issue with Date cloning (#200).


API Changes

  • Refactored 3rd utc argument into a separate object for clarity.


Internal Changes

  • multiMatch does not treat functions as callbacks when matching against other functions.


API Changes

  • Date#create on ISO dates no longer sets the utc flag.
  • Fixed implementation of 'Function#bind', which was overriding native method due to an error in the MDN docs.


API Changes

  • Matching by value in arrays is now opt-in and must meet certain requirements, namely being of class [object Object], and having hasOwnProperty. This will notably now exclude functions and host objects such as DOM elements. This means that such excluded objects will be matched by reference only.
  • Fixed issue with Array.create not properly creating arrays #171
  • Empty objects now match themselves in arrays #176
  • Date#setWeekday now returns a timestamp for consistency with Date#setDay #181
  • Date#toUTC deprecated in favor of Date#utc and utc flag in Date#create.
  • Date#setUTC deprecated in favor of direct use of utc flag.
  • Date#setUTCWeek deprecated in favor of direct use of utc flag.
  • Date#getUTCWeek deprecated in favor of direct use of utc flag.
  • Date#setUTCWeekday deprecated in favor of direct use of utc flag.
  • Date#clone now clones the utc flag of the date.
  • Fixed issue with DateRange causing an infinite loop when DST traverses back 1 hour.
  • Better date disambiguation for ambiguous dates ("Sunday", etc)
  • Various date parsing fixes.
  • Timers set by delays are now exposed #170
  • Function#debounce debounced function is now canceled instead of original.
  • Internal refactoring of class check handling.


API Changes

  • Sugar modules are now further split up and can easily be customized and repackaged. Aside from "core" there is the "es5" module that can be opted out of if <= IE8 support isn't an issue. DateRanges (below) are now their own module, as are inflections.

  • Date locales are now a separate module, only English is included in the base "date" module.

  • Enumerable methods are now available as class methods on Object, and instance methods on extended objects. This includes: map, any, all, none, count, sum, average, find, findAll, min, max, least, most, and reduce.

  • Added Object.size (also available to extended objects)

  • Array#min, Array#max, Array#least, and Array#most now return a single element by default with the option to return multiple elements.

  • Object.equals now considers identical objects vs. extended objects to be the same

  • Refactored Object.isEmpty to be an enumerable method in the Array module. This means that it will error on non-objects now.

  • Added "language" module.

  • String#normalize moved from Inflections to Language module

  • String#has[Script] moved from String to Language module

  • String#hankaku and String#zenkaku moved from String to Language module

  • String#hiragana and String#katakana moved from String to Language module

  • String#namespace moved from Inflections to String module

  • String#parameterize now checks for normalize and also uses encodeURI for final output

  • String#split patching for regexes is now removed from the String module and is on its own in /lib/extra. It can be dropped in anywhere after Sugar is loaded.

  • Array#has is deprecated

  • Array#groupBy no longer returns extended objects

  • Array#groupBy no longer corrupts array length (Issue 142)

  • Enumerable methods now allow fuzzy matching of instances of classes (Issue 157)

  • All Math methods are now mapped onto Number and are accessible as instance methods

  • String#capitalize all will capitalize any letter after a letter that could not be capitalized.

  • String#insert, and Array#insert now treat negative indexes like String#slice

  • Fixed issue with decodeBase64 shim (Issue 145)

  • String#toDate is now deprecated.

  • Date parsing formats are now scoped by locale. This means that if the current locale is set to English, only English formats will be parsed when Date#create does not specify a locale, even if a different locale was initialized previously. Numeric and common formats are available in all locales.

  • Added output formats Date#long and Date#full which now included the time. Date#long (mm dd, yyyy hh:mm) is now the default for Date#format, and the previous default (no time) is now Date#short. Date#full includes milliseconds and weekday.

  • Date format "just now" now supported

  • Date#reset now supports resetting a unit based on a string.

  • Date#advance and other advance methods can now reset the time.

  • Date#advance now accepts string input like "4 days" (Issue 161)

  • Date.past and Date.future added which allow date parsing that prefers the past or future when the specified date is ambiguous ("Sunday", etc.)

  • Date parsing now allows time to be in front of the date string as well

  • Fixed various issues with timezones, DST, and date parsing (Issue 146), (Issue 138)

  • Added "in 3 days", etc. as a parsable format

  • Added "the 2nd Tuesday of November", etc. as a parsable format

  • Added more parsable formats with weekdays (such as "last monday", etc) in various locales

  • Added time parsing in non-English date formats

  • Fully qualified ISO language codes will now match more generic codes. This means passing "it_IT" will correctly find "it" if the more specific locale is not available.

  • Unknown languages codes will now simply return an invalid date instead of throwing an error.

  • Added support for full kanji numerals in date parsing

  • Added support for time suffixes in Asian time strings (時 etc)

  • Added support for various relative formats in CKJ dates (先週水曜日 etc)

  • Fixed inconsistently not allowing spaces before am/pm (Issue 144)

  • Added DateRange, accessed through Date.range


API Changes

  • String#truncate refactored to split words by default (standard behavior) allow splitting in various positions, and changing argument order.
  • Object.isObject should be true for extended objects as well.
  • Function#throttle added to take the place of Function#debounce with false as the wait parameter.
  • Date parsing support for hour/minute/second fractions (now take the place of milliseconds).
  • Date parsing support now sees commas in decimals.
  • Date parsing support for .NET dates.


API Changes

  • Major performance improvement for Array#unique, Array#union, Array#intersect (now On vs. On²)
  • Array#min, Array#max, Array#most, Array#least also benefit from this.
  • Object.equal(s) is now egal (this should only matter for edge cases) like Underscore.
  • Object.merge will now work on non-objects as well.
  • Custom formats in Date.addFormat will now override built-in formats.
  • Fix for Array#union incorrectly flattening arrays.
  • Fix for isObject not working across iframes.
  • Fix for String#chars incorrectly trimming.
  • Fix for String#each not matching all characters.

Internal Changes

  • multiArgs now flatten is opt-in


API Changes

  • String#compare, Number#compare, and Date#compare are deprecated.
  • Array#sortBy now makes much more sensible sorting when sorting on strings.
  • Added Array.AlphanumericSortOrder
  • Added Array.AlphanumericSortIgnore
  • Added Array.AlphanumericSortIgnoreCase
  • Added Array.AlphanumericSortEquivalents
  • Object.merge defaults are now more sensible. shallow/deep is 3rd with shallow default and resolve is 4th
  • Added Number#duration to dates module.
  • Bugfix for leaking globals.
  • Bugfix for String#compact (Issue 115)

Internal Changes

  • Cleanup for toISOString internal code.


API Changes

  • Performance optimization for Object.merge and by extension Object.clone
  • Object.extended now maintains its "Hash" constructor and checks against it when cloning.
  • Object.merge now will also clone dates and regexes as well.
  • Reset dates that will be set with UTC methods (fixes issue #98).

Internal Changes

  • Removed references to isDefined, isNull, and isObjectPrimitive


API Changes

  • Added Object.has to fix issue #97. Stand-in for Object#hasOwnProperty.
  • Fixed issue with String#has not escaping regex tokens.
  • Date.setLocale can now overwrite a default locale object.
  • Date locales can now add their own formats.
  • Fix for Ender, which was broken when modularized in 1.2.
  • Workaround for Ender requiring externs.

Internal Changes

  • Date optional tokens now start from {0}
  • References to Object.extend and Object.restore now held and allowed to be restored later.


API Changes

  • Allowed external libraries to extend natives through a common interface "extend".
  • Renamed "sugar" to "restore" to restore Sugar methods on a given class.
  • Extending Object.prototype functionality is now on "extend" instead.
  • Split the date library into its own module that hooks into this new interface.
  • Added a new module: String inflections
  • Object.keys now passes values as part of the callback like array methods.
  • Object.merge now merges undefined properties as well.
  • Array#every now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#some now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#filter now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#find now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#findAll now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#findIndex now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#remove now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#none now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#count now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#exclude now uses fuzzy object matching
  • Array#clone is now no longer based off Array#concat, which will fail on sparse arrays in IE7.
  • Added Number#abbr
  • Added Number#metric
  • Added Number#bytes
  • Added Number#isInteger
  • Fixed issue with Number#ordinalize where 113 would be "113rd".
  • String#each will now pass the match into the callback
  • String#toDate will now check for Date.create before hooking into it.
  • String#underscore will now check for acronyms if Inflectors module is present.
  • String#camelize will now check for acronyms if Inflectors module is present.
  • RegExp.escape will now perform a [toString] operation on non-strings (i.e. numbers, etc).
  • Function#fill now uses internal Array#splice to fill in arguments.
  • Added support for JSON date format Date(xxxxxxxxxx).
  • Fixed issues with Date#getWeek.
  • Fixed issues with traversing months before January.
  • String#titleize added to inflections module.

Internal Changes

  • Reworked "multiMatch" to recursively traverse object structures.
  • mergeObject now merges undefined properties as well
  • Created method arrayIntersect to handle both Array#intersect and Array#subtract
  • Array#intersect and Array#subtract will not allow fuzzy object matching
  • Array#indexOf and Array#lastIndexOf polyfills now work off arrayIndexOf
  • Added internal support for other dates that use timestamps.
  • Reworked adding of Date#toISOString and Date#toJSON support.


API Changes

  • Fixed issue with Object.isEmpty where strings with length > 0 will return true.

Internal Changes

  • Updated Array#sortBy to use .compare method when available.


API Changes

  • Added Array#findIndex.
  • Added Array#sample.
  • Added String#compare.
  • Added Number#compare.
  • Added Date#compare.
  • Fixed issue with floats not properly being recognized in the query string.
  • Fixed issue with Object.isEmpty on non-object types and null.
  • Fixed issue with arrayEach not allowing negative start indexes.
  • Fixed issue with Array#reduce not recognizing 0 as a starting value.
  • Fixed issue with Array#add not allowing negative indexes.
  • Fixed issue with Number.random not recognizing upper limit of 0.
  • Fixed issue with String#dasherize not working on single camel cased letters.
  • Fixed issue with String#assign not working on an empty string or other falsy value.
  • Fixed issues with French and German date months not being correct.
  • Fixed Function#after not calling the method immediately when num is 0.

Internal Changes

  • Refactored Array#reduce and Array#reduceRight to use the same internal method.
  • Refactored String#camelize to be smaller.
  • Refactored checkMonthTraversal to be more robust in a variety of situations.


API Changes

  • Object.merge now accepts a third parameter that determines what to do in the case of property conflicts. This parameter can be true, false, or a function. This change means that it now no longer accepts an arbitrary number of arguments.
  • Added Object.isNaN
  • Added Object.tap
  • Consolidated the arguments that are passed to mapping functions on methods such as Array#min/max/groupBy/sortBy. All such functions will now be passed the array element, array index, and array object, in that order, to conform to ES5 Array#map behavior.
  • Array#flatten can now accept a level of nesting to flatten to. Default is all levels.
  • Array#remove no longer works like a reverse concat (i.e. no longer flattens arguments passed to it as if they were passed as separate arguments, so removing arrays within arrays should now work properly. This applies to Array#exclude as well.
  • Added Array#zip

Internal Changes

  • Refactored way in which type/hash methods are mapped
  • Fixed Date bug "2 weeks from Monday"


API Changes

  • Array#unique can now unique on a function, giving a shortcut to uniquify deep objects
  • Object.equals renamed to Object.equal in its class method only
  • Object.equal now much more robust, can handle cyclic references, etc
  • Number#format now accepts a parameter for the decimal. "thousands", and "decimal" are pushed to 2nd and 3rd params
  • Date#format now accepts different format tokens. A few counterintuitive ones removed, and others were added to match moment.js including fff, ddd, mmm, etc
  • Function#lazy now executes immediately and locks instead of setting a delay
  • Added RegExp#getFlags
  • Added Function#fill, which allows arguments to be intelligently curried
  • Fixed broken support for SpiderMonkey under CouchDB
  • Fixed sortBy is unintentionally destructive
  • Full Asian date number formats now accepted
  • Array#map/min/max/most/least/groupBy/sortBy no longer errors on undefined, null, etc
  • Fixed a bug with locking on Number#format when passing digits

Internal Changes

  • Optimized for Google closure compilers max compression level
  • Minified script dropped about 5kb
  • Intelligently determining if cloned objects are extended
  • transformArgument now just accepts not the arguments object
  • refactored asian digits to be globally replaced
  • Date#toJSON and Date#toISOString now properly fall back to native methods
  • Significantly wrote asynchronous function tests to be more reliable


API Changes

  • Object.sugar() now will add all extended object (hash) methods to Object.prototype, letting you opt-in this functionality
  • will observe changes in an object property and fire a callback if it has changed
  • Array.create() quickly creates arrays, most notably from an arguments object
  • Array#groupBy now allows a callback to iterate over each group
  • String#normalize method deprecated, but still available in lib directory
  • String#is/hasArmenian, is/hasBopomofo, is/hasEthiopic, and is/hasGeorgian deprecated
  • String#is/hasLatin added
  • String#toDate now accepts a locale parameter
  • String#spacify added
  • String#assign added
  • Date module completely reworked to allow locales
  • Date#format " short" token suffix deprecated
  • Date#format " pad" token suffix deprecated
  • Date#format "dir" parameter passed to the callback deprecated in favor of using the sign directly on the time itself
  • Date#format locale now passed to the callback instead of the above
  • Date#format passing no arguments now outputs a default simple date format for the current locale
  • Date#relative same treatment as Date#format for callbacks as above
  • Date.allowVariant for ambiguous dates (8/10/03) refactored to use locales instead
  • Date.RFC1123 and Date.RFC1036 fix to not display GMT
  • Date.setLocale will set an available locale or allow extending the Date class with new locales
  • Date.getLocale gets a localization object (current localization by default)
  • Date.addFormat allows additional date formats to be added
  • Date#set passing true for the second param will now reset any units less specific, not just the time
  • Date#isBefore/isAfter/isBetween now uses a straight comparison rather than trying to extend the bounds of the date based on specificity
  • Date#format now accepts a second locale parameter that outputs the date in a specific locale. If no locale is set the current locale is used.
  • Date#format passing "relative" as the format is now deprecated. Use Date#relative instead
  • Function#lazy now accepts a "limit" parameter that will prevent a lazy function from queueing calls beyond a certain limit
  • Function#debounce now accepts a "wait" parameter (default is true) that will allow function execution AFTER the timeout to be turned off so the function is run immediately

Internal Changes

  • major docs updates
  • arrayEach will now default to not loop over sparse arrays unless explicitly told to
  • major internal refactoring of the Date module to be more compact, robust, and light
  • date module will be distilled and contained on its own in the repo


API Changes

  • .sugar method added to all classes to reinstate Sugar methods conditionally.
  • Object.clone is now shallow by default, with an option for deep cloning
  • Object.merge will now ignore non-objects
  • Object.fromQueryString now takes the place of String#toObject.
  • Nested object/array param parsing now possible with Object.fromQueryString.
  • Array#remove now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#exclude now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#union now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#subtract now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#intersect now accepts unlimited parameters
  • Array#split deprecated
  • Array#compact no longer removes functions (bug)
  • Array#compact now accepts flag to compact all falsy values
  • Number#upto and Number#downto now accept a third parameter to traverse in multiples of > 1
  • Number#pad now accepts a third parameter that is the base of the number
  • Number#hex now accepts a parameter to pad the resulting string with a default of 1
  • String#escapeHTML added
  • String#truncate added. Will truncate a string without breaking words.
  • String#toObject now refactored to Object.fromQueryString
  • Function.lazy refactored to Function#lazy
  • Function#lazy functions can now be cancelled via Function#cancel
  • Function#defer deprecated -> use Function#delay instead
  • Function#debounce added
  • Function#after added
  • Function#once added

Internal Changes

  • extendWithNativeCondition removed. Functionality now contained in extend
  • shuffled and removed some dependencies to make it easier to extract the date module
  • more robust equality comparison:
  • multiArgs added to collect arguments
  • array indexes now checked with hasProperty instead of hasOwnProperty
  • object builders are now going through extend so they can store their references
  • Object.clone refactored to use multiArgs
  • Object.isEmpty now returns false if passed argument itself is falsy
  • String#stripTags refactored to use multiArgs
  • String#removeTags refactored to use multiArgs -- "null" now taken into consideration for objects -- object key length compared -- strict equality matches in multiMatch


  • Emergency fix for Array#compact incorrectly detecting NaN.


API Changes

  • Array.isArray polyfill added and aliased by Object.isArray (es5)
  • Array#every/some/map/filter now throws a TypeError if no arguments passed (es5)
  • Array#every/some/map/filter now defers to native if available and no arguments passed (es5)
  • Array#none/any/all/has aliases similarly throw TypeErrors if no arguments passed (es5)
  • Array#indexOf/lastIndexOf now performs a simple strict equality check. Added to v0.9.2 but separately here (es5)
  • Array#indexOf/lastIndexOf refactored to defer to String#indexOf/lastIndexOf if a string is passed as the scope (es5)
  • Array#forEach/reduce/reduceRight now all throw a TypeError if callback is not callable (es5)
  • Array#reduce/reduceRight now throw a TypeError if the array is empty and no initial value passed (es5)
  • Array#each is now no longer an alias of forEach and has different behavior:
  • second parameter is the index to start from
  • third parameter is a boolean that runs the loop from the beginning if true
  • returns the array
  • fn returning false will break out of the loop
  • will throw a TypeError if fn is not callable (same as forEach)
  • array is now passed as the scope
  • now detects sparse arrays and switches to a different algorithm to handle them
  • Array#find refactored to use an internal method insted of Array#findAll to avoid collisions
  • Array#find now breaks as soon as it finds an element
  • Array#eachFromIndex removed
  • Array#removeAtIndex renamed to Array#removeAt
  • Array#unique refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#find to avoid collisions
  • Array#subtract/intersect refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#find to avoid collisions
  • Array#subtract/intersect refactored to use Array.isArray instead of Object.isArray
  • Array#union refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#unique to avoid collisions
  • Array#min/max refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#unique to avoid collisions
  • Array#least/most will now throw a TypeError if the first argument exists, but is not a string or function
  • Array#least/most refactored to use an internal method instead of Array#unique to avoid collisions
  • Array#groupBy will now throw a TypeError if the first argument exists, but is not a string or function
  • Array#sortBy will now throw a TypeError if the first argument exists, but is not a string or function
  • Array#compact/flatten now internally uses Array.isArray instead of Object.isArray
  • Array#collect alias removed
  • Array#shuffle alias removed
  • String#hankaku/zenkaku/hiragana/katakana refactored to shift char codes instead of using a hash table
  • String#hankaku/zenkaku refactored to be much more accurate & strictly defined
  • String#shift added
  • String#trim refactored to handle all characters covered in es5/unicode (es5)
  • String#trim refactored to check for support and polyfill as needed (es5)
  • String#titleize removed
  • String#capitalize refactored to allow capitalization of all letters
  • String#pad/padLeft/padRight refactored to accept the number as the second param and padding as the first
  • String#repeat refactored to return a blank string on num < 1
  • String#add refactored to act in parallel with Array#add
  • String#remove added as a reciprocal of String#add and a parallel of Array#remove
  • String#dasherize/underscore refactored to strip whitespace
  • Object.keys refactored to defer to native if < 2 arguments instead of == 1
  • Object.keys will now throw a TypeError if non-object passed (es5)
  • Number.random fixed which had implied globals min & max
  • polyfill added (es5)
  • Date#toISOString refactored polyfill to check for native browser support (es5)
  • Date#toJSON added as a polyfill alias to Date#toISOString with similar native checks (es5)
  • Date#format/relative refactored to point to an internal method to avoid collisions
  • fixed date methods in ambiguous situations such as "5 months ago" when the target month does not have enough days
  • Function#bind refactored to check for native support and behave much more closely to spec (es5)
  • added documentation for unicode block methods
  • added devanagari and ethiopic scripts

Internal Changes

  • refactored unicode script methods to use .test instead of .match
  • extendWithNativeCondition refactored to allow a "supported" flag
  • getMinOrMax refactored to use iterateOverObject
  • getFromIndexes renamed to getAtIndexes
  • toIntegerWithDefault added
  • arrayFind added
  • arrayEach added
  • arrayUnique added
  • isArrayIndex added (es5)
  • toUint32 added (es5)
  • checkCallback added (es5)
  • checkFirstArgumentExists added (es5)
  • buildObject refactored to be less invasive


  • Emergency fix to alleviate issues with indexOf/lastIndexOf breaking on functions/deep objects


  • Change Object.create to Object.extended to avoid collision with ES5
  • Use of defineProperty in modern browsers to prevent enumeration in loops.
  • Add test for loop breakage and allowed older browsers to have a "warning" message.
  • Object.isArray will now alias native Array.isArray if it is present.
  • Fix collisions with Prototype on Object.clone.
  • Test cleanup.