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1 parent d2485ad commit 71ec42c044075333e277124e5ae69982e8041d4e Andrew Plummer committed
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@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ rm releases/TableGear$
cd lib/
cat example.php jquery.php > index.php
-zip ../releases/TableGear$ index.php javascripts/TableGear$1-jQuery.js include/* stylesheets/* images/*
+zip ../releases/TableGear-jQuery-$ index.php javascripts/tablegear-jquery.js include/* stylesheets/* images/*
cat example.php mootools.php > index.php
-zip ../releases/TableGear$ index.php javascripts/TableGear$1-MooTools.js include/* stylesheets/* images/*
+zip ../releases/TableGear-MooTools-$ index.php javascripts/tablegear-mootools.js include/* stylesheets/* images/*
rm index.php

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