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A "fork" of the backbone-boilerplate for a nettuts+ tutorial

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Backbone Boilerplate

This code was originally taken from tbranyen's backbone-boilerplate. It has been modified to help get a Nettuts+ tutorial off the ground.

Changes from original backbone-boilerplate

  • (-) Removed app/modules/example.js
  • (-) Removed app/templates.example.html
  • (-) Removed assets/img/backbone.png
  • (-) Removed assets/js/libs/almond.js
  • (-) Removed grunt.js
  • (-) Removed test/

  • Modified app/main.js (Removed references to example module, removed pushstate)

  • Modified index.html (Removed root reference to resources [allows you to run code without a server])
  • Modified namespace.js (Removed root reference in ajax requests [allows you to run code without a server])
  • Modified
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