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[Deprecated] Cordova asset compiler and loader (phonegap). Works with Meteor, Express, Connect
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Cordova Loader

Note: I havent been using this but needs just a bit work work to be working with express.. if you want to work on it I can answer questions


Cordova Loader is a library for using Cordova with remotely served web applications. The compiler interprets the provided Cordova project directory and compiles the assets into minified, platform-specific, versioned files which are loaded into memory and stored in versioned directories for production use / bundling. When the client loads, it automatically pulls in the platform-specific file for that device. The Cordova API can be used the same as it is in the Cordova documentation.


Note: Currently tested with iOS and Android

Installation / Setup


NPM Package Installation (Node.js / Express)
npm install cordova-loader

Cordova Loader Init (server)
var cordovaLoader = new CordovaLoader({
  version: '0.0.1',
  mode: 'development',
  logging: true,
  platforms: ['ios', 'android'],
  cordovaPath: '../cordova'
  • version: Version of the Cordova application. This is used to sync the Cordova client with the loaded Cordova files (required in development mode).
  • mode: Either production or development (default: development)
  • logging: This is optional. Just trying to give some transpency into the package. (default: true)
  • platforms: Array of platforms you are using (required in development mode).
  • cordovaPath: Path to your Cordova project directory (required in development mode).
  • savePath: Path to save the compiled assets (default: private/cordova).
  • loadPath: Path to load the compiled assets in production (default: assets/app/cordova).

Note: If you want to manually rerun the compiler just delete the [savePath]/[version]/[platform].js file you want to recompile.

Cordova Project Setup

The basic Cordova project setup is easy. Modify the config.xml file in the root of your Cordova project. Change <content src="index.html" /> to <content src="http://your-url-here?cordova=0.0.1" />. Then run cordova prepare in the Cordova project directory. The cordova get variable is important to let Cordova Loader know that this is a request from a Cordova app and the version is also important in letting Cordova Loader know which version of the Cordova client to serve.


The compiled Cordova files are saved in [savePath]/[version] directories. As you release new versions of your app some of the older versions of the client may still be installed on devices. Cordova Loader sends the version as a get variable in the request from the client. Cordova Loader uses this version to load the correct version of the compiled assets. Inside your app handling graceful versioning is up to you. The global variable window.cordovaAppVersion is avaialble to determine which version of the Cordova app the client is running and which features you can enable. It is important for you to bump the version as you release changes to the Cordova project to the app stores / production so that you have support for the older versions of your application. It would be a good idea to use an analytics platform to keep track of the version distribution and then in the client alert the users of really old apps to upgrade so that you don't have to maintain really old versions of the application.


If you want more features than this provides, file an issue. Feature requests/contributions are welcome.

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