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1.122800 2012-10-06 18:51:06 Europe/London
POD fixes.
Fix coverfile argument for tv command.
Use a cache for IMDB data.
1.122330 2012-08-20 19:54:36 Europe/London
Major rewrite
Use WebService::TVDB for TV data
Require IMDB::Film 0.52
Reorganise tests using Test::Class
1.120500 2012-02-19 17:05:16 Europe/London
Be a bit less restrictive when parsing TV file names.
Ability to still apply TV metadata even if we can not find on IMDB
1.113520 2011-12-18 01:03:19 Europe/London
Implement the "tv" command.
Implement the "musicvideo" command.
1.112830 2011-10-10 19:34:55 Europe/London
Check the return value of AtomicParsley::Command, and return error if something goes wrong.
1.112820 2011-10-09 21:26:46 Europe/London
Initial version. Implements the "film" command.
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