python library to mess with Digital Audio Workstations. FL Studio project files (.flp) supported.
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== About ==

    PyDaw is a python library to mess with Digital Audio Workstation files.

    Currently supported:
        * FL Studio

    Planned support:
        * LMMS
        * Cakewalk
        * MIDI

    === FL Studio ==

        Currently it is read only and only has useful functions for determining
        the dependencies of an .flp file, because that's all I need it for at 
        the moment.

        However the loading already knows a LOT more information about the
        project. In fact it knows pretty much everything about it and just
        needs some numbers to be cleaned up in order for the information
        to be useful. In other words, adding more functionality to this
        library is possible without more intimate knowledge of the file

        In the future I hope to provide editing and saving support.

    === LMMS ===

        LMMS is open source and uses an XML project file so should be a piece of
        cake to add support for.

    === MIDI ===

        MIDI support should be not too hard with the use of a midi library.
        Auto-rendering would be an interesting problem to solve.

    === Cakewalk ===

        I haven't done any research on this yet.

== Installation ==

    python build
    sudo python install

== Example usage ==

    import daw

    f = daw.load("some_project.flp")

    print("Beats per minute: %i" % f.tempo())
    if f.title() != None:
        print("Project title: %s" % f.title())

    stuff = (
        ("Generators", f.generators()),
        ("Samples", f.samples()),
        ("Effects", f.effects()),
    for label, lst in stuff:
        print("\n%s:\n---------" % label)
        for item in lst:

== Author ==

    Written by Andrew Kelley <>.

    FL Studio code based on LMMS <> FLP import
    filter, written by Tobias Doerffel.

== Copyright ==