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import cwaveform
__version__ = '0.4'
def draw(inAudioFile, outImageFile, (imageWidth, imageHeight), bgColor=(0, 0, 0, 0), fgColor=None, fgGradientCenter=None, fgGradientOuter=None, cheat=False):
Draws the waveform of inAudioFile to picture file outImageFile.
If a fgColor is specified, the image will be drawn with only that color.
If fgGradientCenter and fgGradientOuter are specified, a gradient will
be constructed.
if fgColor == None:
fgColor=(0, 0, 0, 255)
if fgGradientCenter == None or fgGradientOuter == None:
fgGradientCenter = fgColor
fgGradientOuter = fgColor
return cwaveform.draw(inAudioFile, outImageFile, imageWidth, imageHeight,
bgColor[0], bgColor[1], bgColor[2], bgColor[3],
fgGradientCenter[0], fgGradientCenter[1], fgGradientCenter[2], fgGradientCenter[3],
fgGradientOuter[0], fgGradientOuter[1], fgGradientOuter[2], fgGradientOuter[3],