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Your Game Title
Entry in PyWeek #12 <>
Team: Superjoe Software
Members: Andrew Kelley
License: see LICENSE.txt
Special Thanks: Tyler Heald for the Factory bg music and credits song.
Running the Game
Make sure you have python 2.6.5 or later installed, pyglet, and avbin
How to Play the Game
Use the in-game text to help you learn.
Arrow keys: move
1: belly flop
2: explode
This is explained in-game.
IF THE GAME CRASHES or becomes slow, restart the program and hit continue.
Development notes
Creating a source distribution with::
python sdist
You may also generate Windows executables and OS X applications::
python py2exe
python py2app
Upload files to PyWeek with::
Upload to the Python Package Index with::
python register
python sdist upload