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#ifndef TWO_WAY_MAP_H
#define TWO_WAY_MAP_H
#include <map>
#include <list>
template <class K, class V>
class TwoWayMap
void associate(K key, V value);
std::list<K> * keys(V value);
V get(K key);
// make this TwoWayMap equal to other
void associate_all(const TwoWayMap & other);
bool is_empty() const;
std::map<K, V> forward;
std::map<V, std::list<K> *> backward;
template <class K, class V>
void TwoWayMap<K, V>::associate_all(const TwoWayMap & other) {
for (typename std::map<K, V>::const_iterator it = other.forward.begin(); it != other.forward.end(); ++it) {
associate(it->first, it->second);
template <class K, class V>
bool TwoWayMap<K, V>::is_empty() const {
return forward.size() == 0;
template <class K, class V>
std::list<K> * TwoWayMap<K, V>::keys(V value){
if (backward.count(value))
return backward[value];
return NULL;
template <class K, class V>
V TwoWayMap<K, V>::get(K key){
return forward[key];
template <class K, class V>
void TwoWayMap<K, V>::associate(K key, V value){
// destroy old association
if (forward.count(key)) {
V old_value = forward[key];
std::list<K> * list = backward[old_value];
if (list->size() == 0) {
delete list;
// make new one
forward[key] = value;
std::list<K> * list;
if (backward.count(value)) {
list = backward[value];
} else {
list = new std::list<K>();
backward[value] = list;
#endif // TWO_WAY_MAP_H
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