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Rose Task Manager (RTM)

Rose Task Manager (RTM) is a team/collaborative task manager that has been developed to make full use of Google Apps and Google Apps Script.

This script is a wrapper for the main functionality in the RoseTaskManager library:

  • RoseTaskManager - v23 (v1.6) - 1tVH7c4y945oQ9mbTwGWbMeNhs6gYD2Ff2HV1f-dGSVUatPXSqO-chNwT

It's main features are:

  • Works with new Google sheets
  • Customised Google form for entering tasks
  • Online collaborative Google spreadsheet task list
  • Email notifications for new tasks and status updates
  • Customisable email templates
  • Merges with a Google calendar to provide automatic scheduling of regular tasks

The heart of RTM is the Google spreadsheet that holds the task list. This spreadsheet has to be created with the fields detailed in and its ID has to be entered in (along with an admin email address), or a copy of the demo spreadsheet can be taken. This will give a basic list into which tasks can be manually entered with the ability to send a customisable update email to the task requestor. With extra configuration a customised form can be deployed as a web app to add tasks and send an email notification to the list admin. By adding a daily trigger and a calendar regular tasks can automatically be added to the list, again with email notifications.

Demo/master copies of the script and more detailed installation instructions are available on Google Drive by following the links below.



Demo/Master Spreadsheet - v1.6


Demo/Master Spreadsheet - v1.5



Installation Guide - v0.4.1

Demo/Master Spreadsheet - v0.4.1

Demo Form - v0.4.1


Installation Guide - v0.3.0

Demo/Master Spreadsheet - v0.3.0

Demo Form - v0.3.0


Installation Guide - v0.2.1

Demo/Master Spreadsheet - v0.2.1

Demo Form - v0.2.1


Installation Guide - v0.2.0

Demo/Master Version - v0.2.0

Test Doc - v0.2.0