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PyJVM - quick start

  • you have some knowledge about java, compilation and class path settings
  • you have python 2.7 installed
  • latest version of pyjvm is downloaded from github
  • python is in your PATH

With JAVA 7 installed: Set JAVA_HOME to actual jdk location

Without JAVA 7: Go to ./rt/ folder in pyjvm and run This will download rt.jar of jdk 7 to ./rt/

To run actual java 7 compiled class

See testcases folder for sample calls and java examples

Assuming some.package.KlassName has static main method.

With standard java:

java -cp some/class/path some.package.KlassName

PyJVM @ Windows:

pava.cmd -cp some/class/path some.package.KlassName

PyJVM @ *nix/Mac:

./pava -cp some/class/path some.package.KlassName

Assuming pava/pava.cmd is in your PATH - you can just replace java with pava to run your application.

Class path

Class path is configured with -cp parameter and default value is set to current folder ("."). To add other folders and/or jar files use -cp with list of those folders and jars separated by ":".

Use cases

Run class MyClass which is in default package and is in current folder (MyClass.class file exists):

./pava MyClass


./pava -cp . MyClass

Run class in MyClass from package, assuming MyClass.class is in ./abc/de/


Run class in MyClass from package, class is in jar Some.jar

./pava -jar Some.jar


There is good chance that your application will call native java method not yet implemented in python. In this case you will get error message similar to:

Exception: Op (SOME_NAME_HERE) is not yet supported in natives

Unfortunately you have only two options: wait or implement it yourself. See documentation for more details (natives.txt and developers.txt)

Other types of errors probably should be reported, including log file (created in pyjvm folder) and sample java source code.