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Threads are represented by ThreadClass python objects. These py objects have field java_thread - which is a reference to a java's instance of java.lang.Thread in vm heap.

Thread has stack of frames. Frames are created for each method execution. See jdk7 specification for details; pyjvm's frame is pretty close to original spec.

PyJVM has implementation of a multi-threaded system run on single core machine. This means that actually all threads run in sequence one-by-one. Every thread has running quota of 100 (this is hard-coded value). Quota means the number of byte codes to be executed before putting current thread on hold and executing next one. Thread dies when there are no more steps to execute. Vm shutdowns when there are no more non-daemon processes to run.

During a thread execution, thread my throw SkipThreadCycle exception. This will force vm to switch to the next thread in the line, even if current thread still has some unused quota. This may happen when thread can not proceed because of synchronization block (monitor is busy). When this exception is caught, current frame's pc (program counter) is reset to last executed op code and will be rerun when the thread will be picked up for execution next time.


PyJVM supports synchronized blocks and methods (both static and instance).

Classes and instances have monitor and monitor_count fields to support locking. Monitor has a link to a thread owning the lock. Monitor_count is supported for multilevel locking; it is incremented when the same thread enters a guarded code block and decremented when thread is out. When monitor_count gets back to zero - monitor is unlocked.

For static synchronized methods see

For instance static methods and synchronized blocks see ops_invoke*.py and monitorenter & monitorexit.

Handling for synchronized method exit is handled in run_thread()

Wait&Notify are implemented in java.lang.Object class.