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base fork: andrewryno/curryisms
base: 20a5a97232
head fork: andrewryno/curryisms
compare: 28c46c4b6e
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4 index.html
@@ -51,7 +51,9 @@ <h1 class="curryism"></h1>
'do any of you have ... Advil .... or Codone ? lo',
'i can see where t his s going to go ...',
'i don;t eigher ol i thought i did lol',
- 'Everything set up to pouch it live ?'
+ 'Everything set up to pouch it live ?',
+ 'is it canceling out? of it is like a black whole?!',
+ 'can i do a "why you should use the \'array_*\' function in php . Long code before and short code using the array_* functions after ? or is that something ...not good ?'
var random = curryisms[Math.floor(Math.random() * curryisms.length)];

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