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Example code and slides from the MobiDevDay 2013 presentation on ReactiveCocoa
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RACMobiDevDay.xcworkspace Configure project to use CocoaPods
script Implement simple web service for signup demo
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Podfile.lock Updated to ReactiveCocoa 2.1.8 and AFNetworking 2.0. Update
server.rb Implement simple web service for signup demo

From MobiDevDay 2013


The slides are up on Speaker Deck. A large portion of the talk involved narrating a walkthrough of the code, so I posted a recording.

Getting started with the code

The example project is a direct rip-off of @joshaber's RACSignupDemo, but the commits transform the app from standard Cocoa Touch to some awesome RAC-ified code :boom:. Also, the app uses a tiny web service so you can see how we wrap a simple AFNetworking-based API client to return RACSignal objects instead of using success-failure callback blocks.

UPDATE Since the recording of the presentation the underlying libraries have changed significantly. This renders the code used in the presentation not be directly applicable to the current versions. Therefore, the code in the repo has been updated. The version for the original code used in the recording is accessible at

First bootstrap your environment:


Then to start the web service:


Now you can open RACMobiDevDay.xcworkspace in Xcode and start playing around!

Additional resources

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