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Ann Arbor Craftsman Guild — CouchDB & CouchApps

Here are the slides and example code from my CouchDB & CouchApps talk at the Ann Arbor Craftsman Guild.

About Chirpr

Chripr is the example app we wrote — a single user Twitter clone. Its Couch design document is declared in app.js and built using Mikeal Roger's couchapp utility. The easiest way to grab couchapp is via npm:

npm install --global couchapp

Then, within the repo, simply create a target database on your CouchDB of choice and deploy the app:

curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/chirpr
couchapp push app.js http://localhost:5984/chirpr

Visit http://localhost:5984/chirpr/_design/app/index.html (or wherever you deployed your app).


Chirpr is a really trivial app. Its sole purpose is to demonstrate serving resources from Couch which then query Couch from the client. Of course, expanding could create jQuery spaghetti code. You might take a look at: