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Voicemail to text transcription for Sipxcom VoIP Server
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Install this on your Ezuce unitme server to add voicemail transcriptions to voicemail emails utilizing Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text API.

Alt text

Installing with

  1. Download entire package into a local directory
  2. cd into that directory and run
  3. Save Google Cloud Application Credentials JSON file as /usr/voicemailtranscription/credentials/SipxecsVoicemailtoText.json

Manual Install for CentOS 6

  1. Install Python3 and pip

  2. Create the directories: /usr/voicemailtranscription /usr/voicemailtranscription/voicemail /usr/voicemailtranscription/credentials

  3. Create a Google Cloud Console Project

    1. Enable Google Cloud Speech API
      1. In the cloud console, generate the app credentials JSON file. Save the json credentials as /usr/voicemailtranscription/credentials/SipxecsVoicemailtoText.json
      2. On your server, Set Environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS = ./credentials/SipxecsVoicemailtoText.json CentOS6: Run command: export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/usr/voicemailtranscription/credentials/SipxecsVoicemailtoText.json
    2. Enable Google Cloud Storage
      1. In the cloud console, create a storage bucket in GCS
      2. On your server, create a text file named /usr/voicemailtranscription/credentials/cloudstoragebucket.txt. Enter the name of the bucket as the only contents of the file. Do not include any whitespace or blank lines.
      3. On your server, Set Environment variable GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT = {project_id} (replace {project_id} with your project's id)
  4. Modify SendMail configuration

    1. Append the following lines to /etc/mail/
      dnl #Mail filter
      INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`vrfilter', `S=inet:5000@localhost, T=C:5m;R:5m')dnl
      define(`confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS', `vrfilter')dnl
    2. Run command: m4 /etc/mail/ > /etc/mail/
    3. Run command: service sendmail restart
  5. Copy and into /usr/voicemailtranscription/

  6. Copy to have the file name and path /etc/init.d/voicemailtranscription

    1. Run command chmod 777 /etc/init.d/voicemailtranscription
    2. Run command chkconfig voicemailtranscription on to make the transcription service start on bootup
    3. Run command sh /etc/init.d/voicemailtranscription start to make the transcription service right now

Testing without running as service

Follow instructions 1-6 of the manual install. Run command: python3 All output is dumpped to the terminal. If results are satisfactory, follow step 7 to run the milter as a service so that it is always transcribing voicemails.


All output of the voicemailtranscription service is logged to /var/log/voicemailtranscription.log. Once you have the milter running as a service, to verify the service is working or to watch for any errors, tail -f /var/log/voicemailtranscription.log

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