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Since 0.2.3: see README
0.2.3 :
- Fixed the logarithmic base system so that it produces the expect results
when using a different base than 2
- Implemented linear frequency scaling
- Fixed the volume of noise bands in noise synthesis, although it may not be
perfect and may be way off for logarithmical bases other than 2 and linear
- Implemented bounds checking when reading and writing in the lower and upper frequencies
- Fixed the brightness setting input which would only take integer values
- Added a bit more information on the progress display line
0.2.2 :
- Replaced frequency domain windowing by a logarithmic symmetric antiderivative
of the Blackman function by a logarithmic Hann function. Reduces the visible
time domain ripples (which can mainly be seen on the lower part of
0.2.1 :
- Fixed a bug in the BMP input function that would shear some images
0.2 :
- Modified the I/O interface
- Added big endian support to the I/O functions
- Code clean-up of the I/O functions
- Fixed a bug in the BMP input that would cause offsets with certain BMP files
- Entirely re-organised the code in a more modular way in order to ease the
use of the code as a library and to ease up the implementation of new file
format support and eventual GUIs
- Changed the time measuring function so that results are consistent on all
- Implemented fast noise synthesis based on a bank of short filtered noise
loops modulated with envelopes interpolated using a new technique I named
Blackman square interpolation (look-up table based)
- Implemented a large number of command-line parameters to allow for
scripting, front-ends and doing things that couldn't be done before
(such as specifying the desired dimensions of a spectrogram)
- Automatic selection of the Analysis mode if the input file ends with .wav
- Implemented brightness correction
Known bugs :
- Drag and drop on Windows changes the current working directory to
C:\windows\system32, so if you use drag and drop you need to type the full
path for the output file or find it in system32. A work-around would be to
make a simple batch script along the lines of : '"C:\dir\arss.exe" %1'.
0.2 Development Release 2 :
- Fixed the 16-bit WAVE output bug
- Blackman filtering and interpolation for downsizing spectrogram lines
0.2 Development Release 1 :
- Fast frequency domain full logarithmic scale filtering
- Fast FFT-based envelope detection
- Faster analysis (about 100x faster)
- Nearest neighbour downsampling for downsizing spectrogram lines (will be
changed for the final 0.2 release)
- Faster FFT-based sine synthesis method
- Noise synthesis disabled (will be re-implemented for the final 0.2 release)
- Revision of the user interface
0.1 Release :
- Replaced fixed phase sine generation with random phase sine generation
- Changed the PRNG
- Removed the unused code
- Removed every call of nearbyint() due to compatibility issues
- Split the project into several files and moved the Makefile creation to CMake
070428 Release :
- Image output changed from 16-bit raw to BMP (as it should have been in the
first place)
- Compiled with Mingw instead of Cygwin so compatibility should be improved
- Fixed minor naming mistakes
070325 Release :
- Initial release