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Michel Rouzic wrote ARSS (Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph) and maintained it through 2008.

The ARSS project page says "ARSS is now superseded by Photosounder", his non-FOSS spectrogram editor.

This repo is a fork of ARSS 0.2.3.


cd src; cmake . && make


(mono WAV) → (spectrogram as raw 32-bit float matrix columns)

cat foo.wav | ./arss-fork STDIN STDOUT --min-freq 500 --max-freq 20000 --height 100 --pps 100 --analysis --float32-columns > foo.matrix

You may want: util_c/matrix2img


0.3 : 2010-09-28

  • Support for reading from/to STDIN/STDOUT
  • Alternate output format: raw 32-bit float matrix columns.


("STDIN","STDOUT") used instead of ("-"/"-") due to the original project's option parser.