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Real-Time Streaming Media Server

This server takes standard video packets from any mp4 source - e.g. camera, screencap or input video - that are simply POSTed to a single REST URL like, and makes it available via livestreaming right in your browswer at a URL like

What the server does is segment the incoming video, converts it to HTTP Live Streaming format, buffers it, and sends it to a simple frontend. The advantage is this makes it easy for apps to take whatever video they have and make it live streamable on a server that anyone with node can run.


  • Node 0.4.9
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • iOS demo app
  • segment.c
  • ffMPEG

Running it

Get node and npm installed, then

git clone
cd media-server
npm install -g coffeescript
npm install
cake dev
node lib/server.js

Using it

Adding video

Do an HTTP POST request to http://localhost:3000/streams//upload/ with a piece of a MPEG4-encoded video. (For example, one thats been run through ffMPEG)

Viewing the video

Point your Safari or Mobile Safari browser (sorry no Chrome) to http://localhost:3000/streams// and sit back and watch the show. There can be up to a 10 second delay when new content comes in due to the way HLS works.

You also need...

We also have a server that does the segmenting for you, but only runs on ubuntu. You can either run the node server also on ubuntu, or run the segment service on ubuntu on a VM.

The project is node-mpegts-segmenting.


Andrew Schaaf Derek Dahmer