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FIX engine for node.js
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An implementation of the FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol.

Currently the implementation is pre-alpha.  It is not even close to working.

A very simple test can be performed by running the test server and test clients as
follows (not yet working):

>node testfixserver.js
>node testfixclient.js

Both programs should start communicating with each other.  Wait a few seconds to see
heart-beat messages fly by.

1. Change the architecture of the code.  Right now the organization of the code is a mess.
    a. The data structure used to hold messages for resend logic either needs to be
    refactored out of fix.js, or a third party library needs to be used (one that can
    survive fix server/client crashes).
    b. The business lgoic feels like it is forced into node.js.
    c. etc.
2. Business logic needs to be extended
    a. Groups are not currently handled
    b. A web-services interface needs to be added, to allow management of session
    through REST like services
        A. Disconnect session
        B. Modify sequence numbers
    c. Routing ability needs to be added.
Note: The whole point of putting this out in public is to get feedback and code

shahbazc gmail com
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