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<title>Andrew Schoen | @andrewschoen </title>
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<h1>Andrew Schoen</h1>
<h2>Full Stack Web Developer</h2>
<small>Family man, djangonaut, pythonista, reader, musician, gamer, otaku, yogi, paleolithic, and all-around geek.</small>
<h2>Get in touch</h2>
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<a href="" class="btn btn-large" target="_blank"><i class="icon-wrench icon-white"></i> github</a>
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<a href="" class="btn btn-large" target="_blank"><i class="icon-envelope icon-white"></i> gmail</a>
<a href="static/files/andrew_schoen_resume.pdf" class="btn btn-large" target="_blank"><i class="icon-file icon-white"></i> resume</a>
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