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Samples Directory Readme

There are a lot of subdirectories here. More specifically, there's one for each series. If a series isn't mentioned specifically below, it means there's only one game tracked. Most of these games are Apple and/or PC, but often I go with the PC version of the game, because it's easier to extract the maps. You can pretty much find a file labeled map.* or *.map. Or there are a lot of files with the same dimensions, and they're not icon files.

Major Subdirectories

  • 2400 AD is a one-player top-down RPG with cute bright graphics. It's the first one I ever wrote maps for on my own (Deathlord was the first, but I wrote them with Wilson Lau). I had a Geocities website way back when. I've included files to derive maps from the Apple and PC versions.
  • Ancient Legends is, ironically, the most recent of these games, published in 2016. You can (and should) play it if you haven't. It is here. It has a sequel under development, Lawless Legends. Disclaimer: I tested them both.
  • The Magic Candle Series has a bunch of games: Magic Candle , Magic Candle II and Magic Candle III are the most obvious, but Rings of Zilfin was a precursor, Keys to Maramon was between I and II, and Bloodstone was the final entry. Apparently more were planned, but the company went bankrupt.
  • Moebius/Windwalker featured more action than exploring but still had a few maps and was in Quest for Clues, so I gave them a shot.
  • Phantasie was a 3-game series from SSI. There is a Phantasie IV for the MSX, and Winston Douglas Wood has planned Phantasie V in his spare time, but that is a way off.
  • Questron's most obvious games are Questron and Questron 2. However, Legacy of the Ancients and Legend of Blacksilver are even better games that build on the engine. Legend of Blacksilver will need separate icons files for each town.
  • Shard of Spring is another series from SSI. Its sequel is Demon's Winter, which I disliked until I was able to make a map and actually play the game and not get crushed or lost all the time. Once I had maps, it was fun.
  • Ultima I-V are pretty clearly tile based. Ultima VI uses more complex tiles, and Akalabeth's (the precursor) dungeons and overland are randomly generated.
  • Wizard's Crown and Eternal Dagger were a short-lived RPG series from SSI (again!) that seemed like they'd have a sequel, but it never happened. They don't have many maps, but it was still fun to draw up what was thee.

Note that a lot of games with 3-d views, such as Might and Magic, aren't currently included. They would be placed in the sister directory samples-3d.

Also note some games may be partially included. For instance, Bard's Tale has a 2-d map for Skara Brae (the view is 3-d, but each house/path is seen as a block), which can be included here.

How to use the files

  • TXT files can be fed into the mapcpy app which has code in a sister directory.
  • The resulting BMPs can be used with (if available) NMR and AHS files and an optional XTR file to create full maps with mapconv. I haven't recreated a lot of these files, but they are what mapconv uses. NOTE a goal is to merge mapcpy and the basic mapconv. Until I do that I probably won't have many AHS/XTR/NMR files added.

future projects (?)

Very Likely

  • BT1/2/3 town maps (dungeons would be in 3-d)
  • Sundog (may write guide too)

Likely, Plus Guide

  • Secrets of Bahras (Apple IIgs)


  • Caverns of Mordia?
  • Crown of Arthain?
  • Dark Heart of Uukrul (special encoding?)
  • Deathlord (would require compression reading)
  • Dunjonquest / Apshai Trilogy (?)
  • Gemstone Healer/Warrior (maybe just room maps)
  • Legend of Blacksilver (town maps are the big stumbling block here)
  • Might and magic I/II source (might be 3D--but they are already at GameFAQs)
  • Realms of Darkness
  • Realm of Impossibility
  • Wasteland (I may have to extract from Save States)

Personal projects

  • Figure how Wasteland compressed maps
  • Figure how Magic Candle compressed maps (poke at individual files on the PC version)

games that can't be mapped but I can write guides

  • Beneath Apple Manor

non Apple

  • Bikkuriman World (NES, have major maps)
  • Rolan's Curse (GBA)
  • Labyrinth (NES)
  • Ultima: Runes of Virtue I/II (save states?)