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; Driver/controller for an keyboard demos
; see
; copy this file to PHATIO/io/run.lio on your phatIO device
(config 1 1)
(pinmode 0 HIGH)
(pinmode 1 HIGH)
; I Love you gmail reply
;(pin_goes_low 0 (keyboard "r I Love You\t\n"))
;(pin_goes_low 0 (keyboard "j"))
; Launch Windows Application/Documents
;(pin_goes_low 0 (keyboard "%{LeftControl+LeftAlt+J}"))
; OS X hacks
; zoom in and out
;(pin_goes_low 0 (keyboard "%{LeftAlt+LeftGUI+=}"))
;(pin_goes_low 1 (keyboard "%{LeftAlt+LeftGUI+-}"))
; OS X LaunchBar hacks
;(pin_goes_low 0 (keyboard "%{LeftGUI+ }twitter This is an automated tweet \n"))
;(pin_goes_low 0 (keyboard "%{LeftGUI+ }skype 555 1234 5678\n"))
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