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# Multiprocessing won't work because the executor cannot serialize the object returned by
# open(fname, "r"). Specifically,
# <_io.TextIOWrapper name='/home/rhancock/bigsmallfile.xferlog' mode='r' encoding='UTF-8'>
from concurrent import futures
import sys
import os
import re
import time
import settings
from bigfile.bigfile import chunk_end, size_chunks, find_noq
sys.path.insert(0, settings.PACKAGE_PATH)
import dry.logger
def main():
start = time.time()
logger = dry.logger.setup_log_size_rotating("log/bigfile_futures_threadpool.log",
elapsed_time = []
sfile = settings.BIG_FILE
fsize = os.path.getsize(sfile)
with open(sfile, "r") as fh:
#A list of tuples (chunk_start, chunk_size)
chunks = size_chunks(fh, fsize, num_chunks=settings.BIGFILE_FUTURES_CHUNKS)
pattern = re.compile(settings.TARGET_USERNAME)
file_handles = []
for j in range(len(chunks)):
file_handles.append(open(sfile, "r"))
with futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=settings.BIGFILE_FUTURES_CHUNKS) as executor:
future_to_chunk = dict( (executor.submit(find_noq, file_handles[i], chunks[i], pattern), "") \
for i in range(len(chunks)) )
recsmatch = 0
for future in futures.as_completed(future_to_chunk, timeout=60):
recsmatch += future.result()
except Exception as e:
logger.error("recsmatch={m} e={e}".format(m=recsmatch, e=e))
elapsed_time.append(time.time() - start)
elapsed_time_str = ""
for t in elapsed_time:
elapsed_time_str += str(t)+","
print("{r}".format(r=recsmatch))"STOP|elapsedtime:{et}|recsmatch:{r}".format(et=elapsed_time, r=recsmatch))
if __name__ == "__main__":