Eizzek is a simple g-talk bot
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Eizzek Bot

Eizzek is a simple g-talk bot built on top of Twisted and Wokkel.

To start just execute the command:

make start

To run all tests use:

make test


  • Twisted
  • Wokkel
  • PyOpenSSL
  • Nose
  • lxml


You need to create a config.py file with some variables:

JID = 'username@gmail.com/fun'
PASSWORD = 'secret'
SERVER = 'talk.google.com'
PORT = 5222


A plugin is a way to make the bot do something. There are (will be) two types of plugins: simple and session plugins.

Simple Plugins

A simple plugin is just a regex and a function that returns a string. There is an example in plugins/ping.py.

When a message arrives, if any simple plugin regex matches the function will be called. This is already working :)

SessionPlugin (IDEA)

A session plugin works a bit different, the client starts a session using the plugin name:

client: use math
eizzek: Wellcome to Math plugin

from now on, all the messages typed are handled by the plugin:

client: 3 + 4
eizzek: 7
client: 4 * 3 - 10 / 2
eizzek: 7
client: end
eizzek: The Math plugin says goodbye

The API is shown below:

class MathSessionPlugin(object):
    welcome = "Welcome to Math 
    help = "Use +, -, /, *"
    bye = "The Math plugin says goodbye"
    def answer(self, message):
        # return a string with your answer

note the use of decorators in classes, it's new in Python 2.6. If you're stuck with an older python version, you can register like this:

from eizzek.registry import registry

registry.session_plugin('math', MathSessionPlugin)