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OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)

The OpenStack Dashboard is a Django based reference implementation of a web based management interface for OpenStack.

It is based on the horizon module, which is designed to be a generic Django app that can be re-used in other projects.

For more information about how to get started with the OpenStack Dashboard, view the README file in the openstack-dashboard folder.

For more information about working directly with horizon, see the README file in the horizon folder.

For release management:

For blueprints and feature specifications:

For issue tracking:

Project Structure and Testing:

This project is a bit different from other OpenStack projects in that it has two very distinct components underneath it: horizon, and openstack-dashboard.

The horizon directory holds the generic libraries and components that can be used in any Django project.

The openstack-dashboard directory contains a reference Django project that uses horizon.

For development, both pieces share an environment which (by default) is built with the tools/ script. That script creates a virtualenv and installs all the necessary packages.

If dependencies are added to either horizon or openstack-dashboard, they should be added to tools/pip-requires.

The script invokes tests and analyses on both of these components in its process, and is what Jenkins uses to verify the stability of the project. If run before an environment is set up, it will ask if you wish to install one.

To run the tests:

$ ./

Building Contributor Documentation

This documentation is written by contributors, for contributors.

The source is maintained in the docs/source folder using reStructuredText and built by Sphinx

  • Building Automatically:

    $ ./ --docs
  • Building Manually:

    $ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=local.local_settings
    $ python doc/
    $ sphinx-build -b html doc/source build/sphinx/html

Results are in the build/sphinx/html directory