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Horizon: The OpenStack Dashboard Project

The Horizon project is a Django module that is used to provide web based
interactions with an OpenStack cloud.

There is a reference implementation that uses this module located at:


It is highly recommended that you make use of this reference implementation
so that changes you make can be visualized effectively and are consistent.
Using this reference implementation as a development environment will greatly
simplify development of the ``horizon`` module.

Of course, if you are developing your own Django site using Horizon, then
you can disregard this advice.

Getting Started

Horizon uses the common environment configured by ``tools/install_venv.py``
based on the dependencies listed in ``tools/pip-requires`` for local

The simplest way to get going is to simply run the ``run_tests.sh`` script
included with the Horizon project. This will set up your local environment
and run the full test suite to verify that everything is working properly.