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OpenStack Dashboard

The OpenStack Dashboard is a reference implementation of a Django site that
uses the Horizon project to provide web based interactions with the various
OpenStack projects.

Getting Started

For local development, first create a virtualenv for the project.
In the Horizon ``tools`` directory there is a script to create one for you:

  $ python tools/

Alternatively, the ```` script will also install the environment
for you and then run the full test suite to verify everything is installed
and functioning correctly.

Now that the virtualenv is created, you need to configure your local
environment.  To do this, create a ```` file in the ``local/``
directory.  There is a ```` file there that may be
used as a template.

If all is well you should now able to run the development server locally:

  $ tools/ openstack-dashboard/ runserver

or, as a shortcut::

  $ ./ --runserver

Settings Up OpenStack

The recommended tool for installing and configuring the core OpenStack
components is `Devstack`_. Refer to their documentation for getting
Nova, Keystone, Glance, etc. up and running.

.. _Devstack: