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2009-10-12 delx
* Fixed incorrect vertical font positioning (#2765901)
* Lock scrollback buffer after finding text (#2875908)
2009-10-07 delx
* Fixed report bug link in about box (#2872981)
2009-09-29 delx
* Lock scrolling while the user is selecting text (#2868971)
2009-09-28 delx
* Fixed IME when option key is set to meta/esc
* Fix auto update bug
* Fix showing toolbar when window is maximised (#2765328)
* Fixed window cycling (#2805216, #2688460)
2009-09-27 delx
* Fixed focus follows mouse not working when viewing scrollback (#2764633)
2009-09-26 delx
* Fixed option key as esc/meta under Snow Leopard (#2849154)
2009-09-24 delx
* Clear selection when VT100Screen calls setDirty
* Only redraw "blinked" characters every 0.5 seconds, not entire screen
2009-09-23 delx
* Integrated new version of Sparkle for cryptographically protected
updates. Should also be better about prompting for updates.
2009-09-22 delx
* Draw bold text the old fashioned way, much faster
* Separate bold & highlight attributes for text
* New behaviour gives four distinct modes -- plain, bold, highlight, bold+highlight
Use the disable bold option to collapse the last 3 into one
2009-09-20 delx
* Fixed blinking text
* Fixed drawing corruption when new text is placed into a full buffer is not scrolled to the bottom
* Fixed a careless redraw error
* Fixed refreshing of non-active tabs (#2862256)
2009-09-17 delx
* Save cursor position separately for alternate screens (#2833765)
* Show correct window titles (#2765347)
2009-09-16 delx
* Fixed CMD-num tab switching (#2271203)
* Improved performance, blank lines are no longer constantly regenerated
2009-09-15 delx
* Fixed handling of overflow on full scrollback
* Update text selection so it stays correct
* Only redraw the new line, not the whole screen
* Pay better attention to refresh rate timer
2009-06-11 delx
* PTYTask spawns a separate thread to call select() on all the pipes.
Previously NSFileHandle would create a new thread of each pipe that
was being waited on.
* This extra thread is used to perform read/write operations in 2048-byte
chunks from each pipe. This greatly improves interactivity.
* Entering a different runloop mode no longer blocks PTYTask read/write
or drawing. Fixes #2682132
* Automatically set the version number in target plist as part of the
xcode build phase. Dev versions get svn revisions & Deployment gets
the current date.
2009-06-09 delx
* Always disable Apple's smooth scrolling to avoid drawing corruption
* Fixed xterm window title reporting
2009-05-08 delx
* PTYTextView now uses the Cocoa drawing machinery as Apple intended.
This means dirty flagged chars are converted into dirty rectangles.
No more forceUpdate, drawRect draws the rectangle it is given. It does
check needsToDrawRect for each line to avoid overdrawing. This should
hopefully make drawing more reliable on Tiger and Leopard.
* Selected text will now be invalidated only one of the characters in the
selection is changed.
* The end result of these changes should be fast drawing on all OSes
with all the features of previous versions restored.
* If no working directory is specified then new tabs will open in the
same directory as the previous session. This doesn't work with the
default settings yet. Need to execute the user's login shell directly
rather than using 'login -fp' to do it for us.
* Clear the bell symbol upon any key press
* Converted to XCode 3.1 project format and IB 3.0 XIBs
* Report as xterm patch level 95 so Vim detects ttymouse=xterm2, also
increased default refresh rate.
2009-04-15 delx
* Fixed selection highlighting when using background images (#2762076)
2009-04-10 ujwal
* Moved display update timer from PTYTask to PTYSession. PTYTask should
have no knowledge of display logic. Timer is now a repeating timer.
2009-04-10 delx
* Revert to old force screen update behaviour for 10.4
* Fix overwriting of static window titles (#2744363)
* Fixed a bug when pasting more than 1024 characters of text
* Rewrote bits of PTYTask
2009-04-07 delx
* Fixed non-Monaco font drawing
* Fixed regression, default bg color was drawn over background image
* Don't position windows in the dock area
* Save last window position and reopen first window in that location
2009-04-07 ujwal
* Fixed crash on quitting.
2009-03-28 delx
* Guaranteed restoration of old window position upon exiting fullscreen
2009-03-23 delx
* Smarter placement of new terminal windows. It is aware of multiple
monitors as well as workspaces (Spaces). Windows are positioned on
screen so they have the smallest overlap with any other window.
2009-03-20 delx
* charWidth is now set with ceil() rather than being truncated. This
should make wider characters fit correctly.
* If char j on a line is dirty, force redraw of j+1 also. This ensures
that any subpixel rendering that is done does not leave trails on the
next character.
2009-03-16 delx
* The cursor is now double-width when over a double-width character.
* Fixed selection of wide chars after breaking it on 2009-03-13
2009-03-13 delx
* Remove character caching code. Testing shows the drawing to run just
as fast without it. This reduces code complexity and colour reproduction
bug that was triggered by changing OSX's ColorSync calibration profiles,
eg when switching to a new monitor. It also makes operations that would
previously have required clearing the cache happen faster.
* Fixed high density background colors:
$ echo -ne '\e[46m LD \e[106m HI \e[00m\n'
* Refactored the selection handling. It no longer touches VT100Screen,
instead keeping a copy of the start & end points of the current and last
drawn selection. This saves [PTYTextView drawRect] from having to treat
all characters in the scrollback buffer as dirty.
2009-03-07 delx
* Dramatically improve scrolling speed, iTerm no longer redraws the
whole terminal when scrolled, only the lines that have changed
* Scroll on new input stops/starts on pushing home/end respectively
* Set magic defaults to allow antialiasing on small fonts. Previously
even if antialiasing was enabled in iTerm, OSX would force it off
for smaller fonts. You can do this manually from the Info panel.
* Cleaned up [PTYTextView drawRect]
2009-02-09 delx
* Corrected xterm mouse scroll wheel button reporting (#2254084)
2009-02-07 delx
* Fixed rendering bug with bold characters
* Restore window title bar colour when leaving sendInputToAllTabs
2009-01-16 delx
* Terminal window title bar displays "Session" if an empty title is set
* Makefile ensures that permissions on build products are correct
2008-11-24 delx
* ITConfigPanel can now only set transparency in integer multiples
* ITConfigPanel font spacing now snaps to ticks
2008-11-21 delx
* Fixed the screen blanking bug on setWindowTitle (#2188028)
* Improved the layout of ITConfigPanel
* Removed "Use transparency" button from ITConfigPanel as it was causing
confusion. To disable transparency just set it to 0%.
2008-10-23 fabian
* Fixed a problem with pasting a big chunk of stuff.
2008-10-22 fabian
* Detached tabs now keep their size/font settings.
* Removed the writing threads to avoid potential sync problems.
* Now iTerm automatically restores its window title after a window resizes.
2008-10-21 fabian
* I think I finally nailed down the "scroll up/down" crash!
2008-10-20 fabian
* Incorporated the color template patch provided by Walter Dšrwald.
2008-10-19 fabian
* Added handling of ESC SP L/M/N/F/G sequences. Right now, they don't do anything.
2008-10-16 fabian
* Improved URL handling for ssh/ftp/telnet
1. If there is no handler specified, iTerm will launch ssh/ftp/telnet using the
default OS X program with default session settings.
2. You can also specify a url handler bookmark, and put $$ as its command. Then
iTerm will use the default OS X program with customized terminal/display/keyboard
3. The old way still works.
* iTerm no longer sends a growl alert for a bell event if the winodw is the key window.
* Highlight window when it's in the "send input to all tab" mode.
* Better handling of "fork" errors.
2008-10-15 fabian
* Made a simple icon for the sort button in the bookmarks window.
2008-10-14 fabian
* The anti-idle is no longer sent to all tabs when "send input to all tabs" is on.
* Fixed a newly introduced bug that disable manually change the font size.
2008-10-12 fabian
* If the preference panel loses focus, we now close font menu to avoid confuse.
2008-10-08 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes the bell icon never shows.
* Pasting DOS-format strings now no longer have extra new lines.
2008-10-07 fabian
* We now use NSFileHandle to monitor session activity in PTYTask.m. The CPU
usage is very low even with lots of tabs open.
* Allow bookmark names to include macros defined by $$ (bug #2142459).
* Cleaned up code.
2008-10-01 fabian
* Tweaked close confirmation behavior.
2008-09-30 fabian
* Bookmark sort now an option.
* Folder name in bookmarks window is now editable.
* Double-clicking folder names to expand/collapse them.
* Fixed a bug that stops one to create a bbookmark in an empty folder.
2008-09-29 fabian
* Implemented xterm's window report sequences.
2008-09-28 fabian
* now iTerm uses just one thread to avoid synchronization problem.
* Removed all the locks/semaphores, coz we no longer need them
* Fixed a bug of processing wrapping text.
* Fixed DECCOLM: now screens are correctly cleared.
2008-09-24 fabian
* Cleaned up for the 0.9.6 release.
* Fixed a few Panther building problems (haven't tested under Panther).
2008-09-23 delx
* Backed out duplicate change.
* Don't allow toggling transparency in full screen mode
* Full screen windows get a window title
* Restore windows to correct positions after full screen
2008-09-22 fabian
* Fixed a bug that enables blur when de-miniaturizing windows.
* Disable transparency in the full screen mode.
* Fixed a transparency consistency problem when moving tabs between windows.
2008-09-20 fabian
* Added support of ESC\ as the end of string to VT100Terminal.
2008-09-18 fabian
* Minor UI change: Double-clicking a bookmark item now launches it.
* UI change: Now bookmarks are sorted alphabetically.
* UI change: Now you can open all items in a bookmark folder from the bookmark window.
* UI change: The bookmarks window now has a column for shortcut key.
* Minor UI change: Added shortcut key for menu Reset and Return to Default Size.
* UI change: Double-clicking the tab bar now launches new tab.
* UI change: Double-clicking the key-binding list now opens the edit sheet.
* Fixed a bug that crashes iTerm when a profile is deleted.
2008-09-17 fabian
* UI change: now there's separate close warning option plus a ">1" tab option.
* Minor UI change: now the resize control is also hidden if the scroll bar is hidden.
* Minor UI change: the optional bottom border's color is now windowFrameColor.
2008-09-15 fabian
* Fixed a bug in the character cache handlings of PTYTextView. A new hash function is used.
2008-09-12 fabian
* Fixed a bug in PTYTask that causes crashes when a session is terminated.
* Fixed a bug related to window resizing deadlocks.
2008-09-13 delx
* Check if locale exists before setting LANG environment variables (#2102884)
* ISO8859-* and eucXX encodings will get correct environment variables
* Keep menubar when setting full screen mode in a secondary screen (#2090939)
* Multiple windows can now be in full screen mode, over different spaces and monitors
2008-09-11 fabian
* Fixed a bug that might crashes iTerm when there's a background image.
* No longer override PATH when launching a program.
2008-09-10 fabian
* Profile name changes or deletion now update bookmarks (bug #1762237).
* Add bookmark dialog now clears the text entries, and automatically
fills profiles from the selected bookmark (#1815642).
* Tweaked full screen code to allow it work better with multiple monitors.
* Added "xterm" into the terminal type drop box.
2008-09-09 fabian
* Fixed a bug that crashes iTerm when one scrolls up with a lot of new text coming in.
* Fixed a UTF decoding problem (#1867339, by sakamoto).
* Fixed a bug when detecting user scroll.
* Cleaned up code for
* Fixed a configure panel bug that fails to update the "blur" info.
2008-09-08 fabian
* UI change: mid-button to paste -> mid-button to paste from clipboard.
* Now "prompt on Close" only prompts when multiple sessions are open.
* Added code to check OS version for the blur stuff.
2008-09-07 fabian
* Incorporated the "blur" patch provided by Dean Scarff.
* Incorporated the "drop folder" patch provided by Rafael Gaspar (#1789464).
* Fixed the URL characters (#1773764)
* Fixed the transparency setting bug.
* Fixed "double-click selects pass the EOL" bug (#2065311 & #1765813).
2008-09-06 ujwal
* Moved Growl notification of session bell from VT100Screen to VT100Session.
* Disabled session bell Growl notification when key repeat is detected.
2008-09-04 fabian
* Removed the close button of the About window (#1916989).
* Fixed a script error (#1883879).
* Fixed resizing background image problem (#1871380).
* Fixed a bug that closes the wrong tab when using contextual menu. (#1916982)
2008-09-03 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes iTerm to crash when executing scripts.
2008-09-03 delx
* A few documentation spelling and grammar fixes.
* Fixed borders once and for all.
* Full-screen mode hides menubar rather than pretending to be
a screensaver. This fixes Apple-Tab and other things.
* Fixed enter key on the numeric keypad in keypad app mode
* Fixed iTerm so that it can start with no preferences file again
2008-08-27 fabian
* Incorporated two patches provided by Akinori MUSHA (knu). They fixed two double-width character issues.
2008-08-21 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes loss of preferences when upgrade.
2008-08-21 delx
* Compiles & runs!
* Better default preferences
* Works with TERM=xterm
* Sets the COLORFGBG variable
* No annoying reverse-video border
* tput smso ; clear ; tput rmso -- works as expected
* back_tab supported (the key and the function)
* new-style xterm altscreens supported
* Fixed NSLock warnings on 10.5
* Horizontal scroll-wheel doesn't scroll vertically anymore
* Improved numeric keypad behaviour, now acts like xterm
* Fixed a nasty crashing bug
2007-11-20 fabian
* Added ESC[s and ESC[u to save and restore cursor, based on the patch from SF's bug report.
2007-09-08 dnedrow
* Added private method to PreferencePanel to migrate (copy) old settings to new name.
2007-08-14 fabian
* Change the behavior of the PAUSE_MODE in PTYSession so the labels can still be refreshed.
2007-08-11 ujwal
* Removed some unused code.
2007-06-16 ujwal
* Updated version strings so that dev build does not try to download latest version from web site.
* Added an import statement in PTYTextView.m to fix a warning.
* Fixed initialization bug in iTermController:-nextTerminal
2007-6-11 fabian
* Aoid crashes when memory runs out.
* Removed excessive debug outputs.
* Adjustments to the full screen mode. Fixed a crash related (#1725139).
2007-5-24 fabian
* Fixed a timer bug in PTYSession introduced in the last change.
2007-5-23 fabian
* Added a PASUE_MODE in PTYSession. Now the background sessions' timer stops when there's no activity. CPU usage reducde.
2007-5-21 fabian
* Changed the default font for NSTextInput display to the non-ASCII font.
2007-5-17 fabian
* Fixed a key mapping problem with number keys (#1720922).
* Fixed a key-mapping sorting bug (#1720913).
2007-5-16 fabian
* Fixed a toolbar menu bug (#1716916).
2007-4-23 fabian
* Fixed a bug when one launches multiple-line urls.
* Fixed a bug with selection that scrolls out of the view.
2007-4-11 fabian
* Fixed a bug that displays wrong actions when one edits existing key mappings.
* Profile lists are now sorted
* Key-mapping lists are now sorted.
2007-3-15 fabian
* Changing font size when in full screen mode now changes row/col numbers correctly (#1671723).
* Enhanced "Font size follow window size" behavior.
2007-3-13 fabian
* Fixed a selection bug (#1677708).
* Improved Fn key handling (#1676087).
* Improved window cycling behavior (#1676009).
2007-2-20 fabian
* iTerm no longer appends \n if a applescript writes a string ending with a space.
* Fixed several localization problems.
2007-2-14 fabian
* Fixed a bug that disables the background image setting.
* Added an option to prompt for test-releases.
2007-2-12 fabian
* Fixed a crash that happens when you toggle between the fullscreen and normal modes.
* Fixed a "losing char space setting" bug (#1658074).
* Adding @ as a valid URL character.
* Enhanced numeric keypad behavior. Enter key on the keypad now works under application mode.
2007-2-10 fabian
* Fixed a keypad mode problem. Cursor keys should behave better now.
2007-2-9 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes dead session be left open sometimes (#1653347).
* Adjusted the full screen mode behavior, so you are less likely to be stuck.
* Added selectedTextColor into Applescript.
2007-2-1 fabian
* Added a default keyboard profile: xterm(OS X).
* Fixed a Panther compatibility bug.
* 0.9.5 release
2007-1-30 fabian
* Fixed loss of settings bug due to full screen mode switchings.
* Fixed a bug that causes the text under cursor rendered in wrong font.
* Fixed window level for the preference panel under full screen mode transitions.
2007-1-29 fabian
* Now full screen mode uses the current window settings instead of the settings in address book.
* Full screen mode will adjust font size if "Font Size Follows Resize" is set.
* Fixed the scrolling bug when there's no scroller bar.
2007-1-26 fabian
* Windows will have unified look when tabs are set to unified style.
* Fixed underline color bug (#1640553).
* Slow down update rate when the terminal window is not the key window.
2007-1-25 fabian
* Added option to send text in custom key-mapping.
* Added option to disable session-initiated window resize.
2007-1-24 fabian
* Added option to turn off vertical scrollbar.
* Fixed broken Find.
* Fixed tab updating glitch.
* Fixed several full screen related bug/crashes.
2007-1-23 fabian
* Fixed the "report a bug" link in the about panel.
* Finished full screen support.
2007-1-22 fabian
* Fixed a timer function bug that fails to turn of timer after a session is over.
* Fixed a emulation bug related to an unsupported escape sequences.
* Changed the "Use Transparency" behavior. Now it's a per window setting. When it's disabled, any updates of
display behind the terminal window will not cause a refresh.
* Unfinished support for full screen mode (still crashes).
2007-1-16 fabian
* Moved updateTimer back to PTYSession and fixed a type of related crash.
* Improved the handling of title changing.
* Changed the timer code in hope of reducing the CPU usage.
2007-1-12 fabian
* Fixed a memory leak in PseudoTerminal.
* Fixed opening file behavior (#1629686).
* Added support for opening .command, .tool, .sh, .zsh, .csh, .pl files as shell scripts.
* Now press TAB in the Execute field will open a new session with the command.
* Fixed a crash when saving/restoring buffers.
* More fixes for resizing behaviors.
2007-1-11 fabian
* Clear screen now leaves the last line (which can wrap to several lines) intact.
* Fixed a bug of cmd-w closing a terminal tab when preference panel is in the front. (#1618969)
* Fixed hanging-on-printing bug. (#1630780, #1598353)
* Added support for CSI[0i, which prints out the screen.
2007-1-11 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes failure to update screen when there's no scrollback buffer.
* Fixed a few resizing related bugs.
* Moved display update timers from PTYSession to PseudoTerminal to reduce CPU usage.
2007-1-10 fabian
* Added a semaphore to coordinate updating. Resizing and dynamic title is now processed in a faster cycle.
2007-1-9 fabian
* save/restore buffer now only save/restore the current screen.
* removed redundant first_buffer_line from VT100Screen.
* Added a wrapping flag to indicate hard line break. Selecting&copying now uses this flag.
* Wrapping now works with resizing.
2007-1-6 fabian
* Improved memory usage for "unlimited" scrollback situation. An upper limit is set to avoid eating up
all system memory.
2007-1-3 fabian
* Added support for xterm's CSI S (SU), CSI T (SD) commands. Nano now works correctly when term type is xterm.
2007-1-2 fabian
* Fixed initial window size bug (#1623786).
* Fixed the bottom border, so it no longer overlaps with the resizing triangle.
* Added support for unlimited scrollback. Set scroll back lines to -1 or any number larger than 1,000,000.
2006-12-28 fabian
* Added an option to enable/disable the border at the bottom of windows.
2006-12-21 fabian
* Moved some scrolling code from VT100Screen to PTYSession to avoid possible crashes.
* Changed terminal windows to non-deferred to avoid some initializing problem.
2006-12-20 fabian
* Fixed a selection location bug (#1608727).
* Fixed a scrolling bug (#1619629).
2006-12-19 fabian
* Fixed a bug in VT100Terminal that causes crashes.
* Fixed a bug that disables dragging of text.
2006-12-18 fabian
* Updated the "term type" list. Removed xterm that doesn't work for many keys.
* Added a window border when there's no tab bar at the bottom of screen.
* Fixed a reverse bold color bug.
2006-12-15 fabian
* Fixed the tabbar-disappearing bug (#1613110).
* Set echok when launching new sessions (#1472673).
2006-12-14 fabian
* Fixed another bold color bug.
* Changed the default for "use default title with dynamic title" to NO.
2006-12-12 fabian
* Fixed bold color bug.
* Changed the wording for the "dynamic title" option.
2006-12-11 fabian
* Fixed transparency bug #1609022.
2006-12-8 fabian
* Fixed a wrapping porblem under ANSI terminals.
* Incorporated the data processing thread into the data reading thread.
* Find panel now will set the string system-wide.
* Added an option in the terminal profile to allow default session name not to be overwritten
by dynamic tab name changes.
* Double click on a parenthesis now selects everything between the pair of parenthesis.
2006-12-7 fabian
* Fixed bug that loses changes to 'Characters considered parts of word' text field.
* Fixed the "show cursor" behavior in RESET.
2006-12-6 fabian
* An attempt to fix the closing window confirmation panel.
2006-12-5 fabian
* Added support for xterm's 256-color mode
* Fixed tab order bug
2006-12-4 fabian
* Fixed a selection bug (BUG #1608727).
* Added new cursor types (underline and vertical).
* Fixed auto-check of updates setting bug (BUG #1599702).
* Release 0.9.4 for Tiger.
2006-12-2 fabian
* Fixed a RESET and clearScreen bug.
2006-12-1 fabian
* Stop scrolling with new output when users manually move back to the history buffer.
* Added support to launch a google session with the selected contents from the contextual menu.
To customize your search command, do this (using yahoo as an example):
defaults write iTerm SearchCommand -string ""
* Fixed a clearScreen bug.
* Completed RESET command.
2006-11-30 fabian
* Fixed a bug in [PTYSession handleWriteScriptCommand]
2006-11-29 fabian
* For better speed, the characters between 0x20 and 0x7e are no longer in a hash table.
* Added a hidden setting cacheSize for the size of rendered characters. Increase it if you
work with a large character set such as Chinese.
defaults write iTerm CacheSize -float 2048
* Fixed a bug related to blink characters when there is no background image.
* Fixed a background updating bug.
2006-11-24 fabian
* A fix for the anti-aliasing problem by caching the background. Enable the new rendering by
setting the strokewidth to 0:
defaults write iTerm StrokeWidth -float 0
2006-11-21 fabian
* Removed some UI code from the writeTask process
2006-11-20 fabian
* Fixed CPU usgae bug related to unclosed dead tab.
* Reduced update frequency for the tabs in the background.
* Fixed a memory leak in [VT100Screen setString:ascii:].
* Fixed Script menu behavior. Now it will only show and launch scpt and app files.
* Added Refresh option in the script menu.
* Fixed bug when adding keyboard profile.
* Fixed a bug that might cause crash when there's a lot of incoming data.
2006-11-19 fabian
* Fixed a toolbar related bug that causes crash.
* Fixed a few typo in help files.
2006-11-17 fabian
* Updated Help files.
2006-11-16 fabian
* Fixed scrolling bug.
* Fixed a drag&drop bug where newly created window is not properly set up.
* One more bell related fix.
* Replaced NSData object STREAM with a plain char buffer to improve performance.
* Fixed a bug in PTYTask that crashes iTerm.
* Fixed a bug that keeps PTYSession's data thread from exiting properly sometimes.
* Disabled Option-click to position cursor. Option key is now used to escape xterm mouse reporting.
* Now ascii strings are processed separately from nonascii strings. Hopefully this will improve performance.
2006-11-15 fabian
* Fixed URL getting cut bug.
* Now changing window/tab title blocks the processing.
2006-11-14 fabian
* Fixed "bookmark folder grey out" bug.
* Possible fix for resizing related crashes.
* Fixed "info panel font selection" bug.
2006-11-12 fabian
* Improved eastern asian language double width processing.
2006-11-11 fabian
* Made mouse cursor a tiny bit darker.
* release 0.9.3
2006-11-09 fabian
* Changed toolbar's execute field's strings to localizable ones.
2006-11-08 fabian
* Fixed the bookmark menu bug that an empty tab is open when one clicks on a folder.
* Removed unnecssary lock code from PTYTabView.
* Now iTerm precomposes UTF characters (e' -> Ž)
* Moved UI related stuff from [PTYSession brokenPipe] to the timer function to avoid crashes.
* Moved window title setting stuff and bell stuff from [VT100Screen putToken] to the PTYSession's
timer function. Now putToken should be strictly only operating on the buffers.
* Fixed a toolbar bug (missing encode/decode for TreeNode)
* Added a command field in the toolbar. It handles URL too.
* Now opening URL within iTerm will give iTerm handlers priority.
2006-11-07 fabian
* Added the support for using Option key to temporarily disable xterm mouse reporting.
* double click tab to open info window.
2006-11-06 fabian
* Fixed "Add Profile" dialog.
* Fixed "New" button position in the bookmarks window.
* Removed now unnecessary lock for display updating.
* Added # as an acceptable URL character.
* Added an "High interception priority" to allow certain key mappings being processed before others.
2006-11-03 fabian
* Changed VT100Screen code so that the resize caused by escape sequences is processed in the main thread.
This way the data reading process is UI free now too.
* "Open all in new window" command now creates a new window for every bookmark folder.
2006-11-02 fabian
* Eliminated the updateDisplay thread. Now all the UI stuff is in one thread, that should
help with the stability a lot.
* Fixed the resizing bug when window is maximized and tab is hidden and a new tab is being opened.
2006-11-01 fabian
* Rewrite [VT100Screen _getLineAtIndex] for clarity.
* Fixed background image problem when scrolling
* Replace the termcap code with terminfo.
* Changed the default profiles. Got rid of redundant keyboard settings.
* Fixed a bug in [PTYSession brokenPipe] that has been producing crashes.
* Fixed a bug in URL handlers where parameters are processed correctly.
2006-10-31 fabian
* Added a few strings into iTerm.strings for localization purposes.
* Fixed a bug in Profiles window's background image settings.
* Added paste with escape
* Added support to open all sessions in a bookmark folder.
* Added a Reset operation in the menu (not fully working yet)
2006-10-30 fabian
* A few tweaks to make panther version to have its own appcast and updates channel.
2006-10-29 fabian
* Allowing users to specify parameters in bookmarks' command. For example, if the command is
ssh $$User Name$$, when you start this session, iTerm will ask you to enter
the "User Name", then plug your input into the command and run the session.
* Release 0.9.2
2006-10-26 fabian
* Added a visual to indicate whether "send to all session" is turned on or not.
* Improved About dialog.
* Added Edit button for keymapping settings.
* Changed cmd-click to open URL behavior: now http:// is no longer added unless the URL doesn't
explicitly have a scheme prefix.
2006-10-25 fabian
* Added a semaphore in PTYSession's read thread to avoid the loss of data when the session ends.
* Replaced two launch buttons in bookmarks window with a segmented control.
* Cleaned some of the notification code. Now notifications will only be processed if it's from
the front session or window.
* Icons updated.
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen resizeWidth:Height] that might be the source of many crashes.
* Added ability to parse URL for URL handlers. The following macros can be used in handler's command:
$$URL$$, $$HOST$$, $$USER$$, $$PASSWORD$$, $$PORT$$, $$PATH$$
For example, a bookmark's command is: telnet -l $$USER$$ $$HOST$$ $$PORT$$, and the
URL is: telnet://
This will give you this command: telnet -l joe 23
The URL will no longer be passed to a session by default, unless you specify one of those 6 macros
in your command line.
* Now iTerm offers to become the default handler when you connect a URL scheme to a session. No undo.
2006-10-24 fabian
* Changed default stroke width to a less bold look.
* Allow using ESC to close preferences, profiles and bookmarks windows.
* Added support for the escape sequences of show/hide cursor: ESC [ ? 25 h/l
* Fixed crashes if no preferences file is found.
* Fixed crashes when initial font settings are wrong.
2006-10-23 fabian
* Added ,+~ into acceptable set of URL characters.
* CMD-Click to open URL now works for multi-line URLs.
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen scrollUp]
* Subclassed NSOutlineView to avoid possible crashes (
* Added tool tips for tabs.
* A hack for enter key on laptops.
2006-10-22 fabian
* Enforced one extra refreshing of tab bar every time a tab is closed or opened to fix the display.
2006-10-20 fabian
* A fix for the memory leak.
* Fixed a input problem when non-english input manager is active.
2006-10-19 fabian
* Added support for handling URLs.
* Removed outdated resource localization files.
2006-10-18 fabian
* Further tweaking of the Profiles window and Bookmarks window UI.
2006-10-17 fabian
* Changed the UI for the profile window.
* Made iTerm to display the "About" window once it's updated.
* Changed the Delete Profile and Add Profile sheet window.
2006-10-16 fabian
* Changes in Prefrence panel are now immediately effective. OK&Cancel buttons are gone.
* Re-ordered Windows menu to make it more consistent with other OS X applications (and Terminal).
* Added "Return to Default Size" menu item.
* Script menu no longer shows when there are no scripts found.
2006-10-15 fabian
* Changed the New menu for terminal window's toolbar to be "option"-controlled.
* Added option to quit application when all windows are closed.
* Now saves profile settings immediately after changese are made.
* Fixed several preference-not-sticky bugs.
* Removed old drag&drop codes
* Fixed a bug when drag&drop-ing tabs with different size and fonts.
* Fixed a bug that causes scrolling to fail to update screen when there's a background image.
* Incorporated Spark framework for automatic update.
2006-10-14 fabian
* Overhaul of the UI:
1. Move bookmark tab to a separate window. Added an option to display bookmark window
on startup.
2. Move profiles window outside of Preference Panel
3. Changed Preference Panel into 4 tabs.
4. Renamed Configure window to Info to avoid confusion.
1) Made the window long to make it look like an Info window.
2) Cmd-I to open and close window.
3) Added a button to allow updating.
4. Re-ordered main menu.
1) added a bookmark menu. Opening a window or a tab is controlled by option key.
2) Moved tab operations into Windows menu.
* Added a double check for scrollback size. Avoid crash when scrollback is too large.
2006-10-09 fabian
* Initial attempt to incorporate the termcap for keyboard input. Now when a key is
pressed, iTerm will first check keyboard profile, if it doesn't find anything, it
checks termcap. If the key is defined in termcap, use the termcap definition.
Otherwise, the standard vt100/xterm definition is used.
* Fixed a few building problems for pre-tiger OSes.
* Removed excessive NSLog warnings about growl.
* Added a cancel button in the "send input to all sessions" warning.
2006-10-05 fabian
* Added a few hidden preferences for more user control. (use defaults write... to change
these settings, see PreferencePanel.m)
* Fixed building problem for the pre-tiger version.
2006-10-04 fabian
* Made minimum tab width smaller when compact tab option is set.
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen setString] that might be the cause of bug #1545337.
* Added a copy-fille phase to include iTerm.string for adding localizations outside
of the iTerm Framework.
* Further fix for the wrapping bug.
* Removed a few NSLog messages.
* Changed version number to 0.9.0.
2006-10-04 dnedrow
* Added plist entries to hook into Unsanity's Smart Crash Reporter.
2006-10-02 fabian
* Changed the PTYTextView's cursor so that it looks more obvious with both black and white
* Now selecting previous/next tab loops around.
* Re-implemented the color-coding of tab state.
* Reversed code for tab sizing. Now using a Safari-like behavior.
2006-09-30 fabian
* Fixed a display bug when window size is set to larger than screen.
2006-09-29 fabian
* Removed excessive NSLog info
* Fixed a possible deadlock during resizing.
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen resizeWidth:height:].
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen setTab].
* Added support for xterm's raise/lower window sequencies.
* Cleaned outdated variables of VT100Screen.
2006-09-27 fabian
* Reorganized Preference panel's UI
* Updated websites
* Incorporated the patch by Joseph Ates.
2006-09-26 fabian
* Fixed a trackRect bug of our textview. Now the focus-follow-mouse is working again.
* Fixed a bug of ignoring "Enable Growl" option.
* Changed cursor to I-Beam.
2006-09-25 fabian
* Added an option to disable close tab button and tab number.
* Fixed support for xterm's resize CSI sequence support.
2006-09-24 fabian
* Fixed a bug is PTYSession that causes crashes when a tab is dragged across window.
* Added support for xterm's iconify/deiconify escape sequences.
* Added support for xterm's window position escape sequences.
2006-9-23 fabian
* Re-implemented missing PseudoTerminal methods for Applescript.
2006-9-21 fabian
* Fixed another bug that makes program crash when one clicks close tab button too fast.
* Fixed a bug that causes incorrect tab status reports.
* Fixed a bug that happens when one clears scrollback buffer.
* Changed the version to 0.9.0 pre-release
* Fixed a timing bug in [PTYSession updateDisplay]
* Fixed a display bug when one searches for a string in scrollback buffer.
* Fixed Cmd-Click to open URL
2006-9-20 fabian
* Cleaned the code. Removed ITSessionMgr class. Improved stability.
* Made "close session" warning dialog available upon clicking the close button.
* Fixed a bug in Growl that causes crashes.
2006-9-18 fabian
* Added UI for allowing users to adjust the display refreshing rate.
* Added supprot for dragging a window's only tab to join another window.
* Changed tab ordering behavior. Now the tabs are no longer sorted by the order of their creation.
* Fixed wrong bookmark draw bug.
2006-9-16 fabian
* Fixed another resize bug
* Fixed a scrolling bug
* Added support for escape codes that changes window size (Crashes in the vttest's xterm resizing
test because of the fast resizing request).
2006-9-15 fabian
* Fixed the close button not working bug.
* Fixed the wrong tab location after resizing bug.
* Added support for dragging a tab outside of a window to create a new window.
* Now allows tab size to be changed dynamically.
2006-9-14 fabian
* Partly fixed the window resize bug. Now the cursor will be at the location. But the frame size
isn't entirely correct under all conditions yet.
2006-9-13 fabian
* Incorporated Growl branch into the main branch
* Added support for a new iTerm-specific escape sequence:
ESC ]9;string^G
This sends an alert with specified string via Growl.
* Added growl related strings into iTerm.string for future translations.
* A temporary fix to the window resize bug.
2006-09-11 fabian
* Fixed a bug that fails to refresh background windows when TAB settings are changed.
2006-09-07 fabian
* removed controller in PTYSession. Now a PTYSession is directly binded to NSTabViewItem objects.
This is because PSMTabBarControl works this way.
* Fixed tab images when dragging.
* Re-implemented contentual menu for the tab.
* Fixed a memory leak.
2006-09-06 fabian
* Added a lock to PSMTabBarControl to avoid crashes.
* Fixed a blinking timing bug found by Roine Gusatfsson.
2006-09-01 fabian
* Fixed a memory leak.
* Fixed a bug that ignores tab style setting.
2006-08-30 fabian
* Updated PSMTabBarControl to the latest CVS version. That fixed a frequent crash.
2006-08-29 fabian
* Fixed a bug related to close-tab button.
* Added tabLocation property to PSMTabBarControl so that Unified looks correct both
when the tab is at the top and the tab is at the bottom.
* Fixed a display bug so that new settings of tab location will be shown in opened windows.
2006-08-25 fabian
* Fixed the overflow menu bug where the 1st item isn't updated correctly.
* Restored (partly) context menu functionality for the new tabview.
2006-08-24 fabian
* Fixed a few bugs related to the upgrade to new PSMTabBarControl.
* Removed now redundant PTYTabViemItem
* Cleaned up related PTYSession code
2006-08-23 fabian
* Cleaned up iTermController.m, moved profile related code to PseudoTerminal.m
* Cleaned up PseudoTerminal.m, to make it more robust to session addition/removal.
* Updated PSMTabBarControl to the latest version 1.3
* Fixed PreferencePanel so now the tab location works (only top and bottom though).
2006-08-22 fabian
* Tweaked PTYTextView to enhance text display, especially with small fonts.
2006-03-26 ujwal
* Added preference to choose between Metal and Aqua style window and tabs.
* Added support to show warning bell in tab.
2006-03-25 ujwal
* Added back support to show/hide first tab.
2006-03-23 ujwal
* Made window metallized to get full Safari tab effect.
2006-03-20 ujwal
* Initial checkin of new tabs provided by PSMTabBarControl. Not complete
or stable yet.
* Rolled back the PTYTextView:-refresh change. Too many problems.
2006-03-17 ujwal
* PTYTextView:-refresh selects only dirty regions to refresh before
calling drawRect.
* Removed all NSConnection related stuff from PTYTask.
2006-03-15 fabian
* Put in locks to eliminate the bugs related to opening/closing sessions.
* Removed NSConnection once again.
* A (not-so-elegant) fix for occassional tab label refreshing problem.
2006-03-03 ujwal
* Fixed VT100Screen:-setNewLine to redraw whole screen if buffer is full
* Protecting PTYTextView:-refresh with locking datasource
* Fixed memory leak in VT100Screen:-setString
* Not using NSData in PTYTask:+_processReadThread. Instead passing raw char buffer.
2006-03-02 ujwal
* Fixed VT100Screen:-numberOfLines to guarantee that it does not
report more lines than it actually has.
2006-03-02 fabian
* Fixed VT100Screen::eraseInDisplay behavior.
* Fixed CPU usage issue.
* Changed VT100Screen::setNewLine so that we are not redrawing all
characters in the case of a scrolling.
2006-03-01 fabian
* Fixed a memory leak in VT100Screen
* Changed the timing behavior of PTYSession and PTYTextView. Now we use
the system clock, and the blinking is no longer associated with the
* Changed the alloc/dealloc code so that now VT100Screen, VT100Terminal,
and PTYTask objects are no longer retaining each other. All alloc and
dealloc of these objects is done in PTYSession.
2006-03-01 ujwal
* Fixed bug in PTYTextView:-drawRect in calculation of foreground color.
2006-02-28 ujwal
* Rewrite of VT100Screen. Screen and scrollback contents are held in a single
contiguous buffer with pointers maintaining position of screen and scrollback
tops. Defined a data type "screen_char_t" to hold unichar value, foreground
color, and background color.
2006-02-23 ujwal
* Tagged source tree for RC_0_8_2
* Clearing buffer now does NOT clear last line. Last line now becomes first line.
2006-02-21 ujwal
* Fixed bug in PTYTextView: -contentFromX...
2006-02-21 dnedrow
* Updated doco to clarify session behavior reported as bug in #1011334.
2006-02-20 ujwal
* Rolled back _updateDisplayThread change in PseudoTerminal since that broke the
the anti-idle processing in non-current sessions.
* Removed explicit session of next/previous session in PseudoTerminal:-closeSession. This
is handled by the tabview.
2006-02-19 ujwal
* _updateDisplayThread in PseudoTerminal updates only current session since
other sessions are off screen anyway.
2006-02-18 ujwal
* Acquiring screenLock in VT100Screen when resizing.
* Reduced idle CPU usage by about 90% by using a semaphore to signal data processing thread.
* Saving and restoring width of Bookmarks drawer.
* Updated Help files.
2006-02-17 ujwal
* Rolled back some of the NSConnection code since tabview was having redraw problems when a tab was closed.
* Some code cleanup.
* Moved iTermNumberOfSessionsDidChange notification from closeSession to tabViewDidChangeNumberOfTabViewItems.
* Fixed deadlock between VT100Terminal and PTYTextView.
2006-02-14 fabian
* Bug fixes for crashes when sessions are closed.
2006-02-13 fabian
* Removed NSConnection from PTYTask all together
2006-02-12 ujwal
* Fixed memory leak in PTYTask.
* Moved event handlers for NSMouseEntered and NSMouseExited to PTYWindow.
* Using separate thread in PTYSession to process data read from file descriptor in PTYTask. When data is read, the
PTYTask instance justs appends data to the STREAM in VT100Terminal. The separate thread in PTYSession now reads
the STREAM and processes data.
2006-02-06 fabian
* Updated website files for the new release.
2006-02-06 dnedrow
* Set default terminal type to ANSI rather than VT100. This should
reduce the numerous support message re: "lack of color" support
in the shell (eg. ls -G).
2006-02-05 dnedrow
* Updated NIB PreferencePanels to reflect Rendezvous->Bonjour namechange.
* Fixes for mismatched signedness warnings in PTYSession.m.
* Corrected an XCODE 2.2 warning re: boolean assignment used for while()
in iTermApplicationDelegate.m.
* Disabled prebinding in default XCode project to clear linker warnings
when compiling for UB targets. Can be enabled as needed for 10.2 or
10.3 builds.
2006-02-05 ujwal
* Fixed outlet bug in German NIB that caused drawer not to open.
* Removed unnecessary code in iTermApplication.m
2006-02-03 fabian
* Fixed bugs in [VT100Screen InsertLines&DeleteLines] (#1180993), as suggested by
A'rpi (
* Fixed bug in Cmd-Click to start browser.
* Fixed bug in Shift-Click to extend selection.
2006-02-02 fabian
* Fixed background color incomplete bug (#1208764).
2006-02-01 fabian
* Fixed "can't save changes" bug.
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen setString] that could cause crashes in rare occasions.
* Incorporated the patch submitted by Tom Emerson. Now the URL selection is trimmed
before it's sent to the browser.
* Updated zh_CN and zh_TW files.
2006-01-07 dnedrow
* Converted project to XCode 2.2.1.
* Set project to default to Universal Binary.
2005-09-21 fabian
* Added contribution from Damon Parker into Resource page of the website.
2005-05-04 fabian
* Changes in decoding_string(). Now we do not ignore the whole line after receiving an invalid code.
2005-04-16 ujwal
* All key input is checked for mapping.
* Preferences are saved to disk on hitting OK.
2005-04-09 ujwal
* Removed bouncing icon feature. Not a good idea for a terminal.
* Incorporated Geoff Reedy's patch for xterm mouse reporting with minor changes.
* Incorporated Rob Warner's patch to toggle transparency.
* Fixed "Find" and "Copy" in selecting correct text and breaking across lines.
* Fixed "appending of spaces and of last line coped". Bug #1068198.
* Added an option to "show" bell that is separate from "play" bell in terminal profile.
* Fixed visual representation of "help" key in keymapping editor.
2005-04-06 fabian
* Updated website files
2005-4-03 ujwal
* Cancelling Rendezvous resolution after resolution or error.
* Re-implemented sorting of encoding list using user supplied patch.
* Cleaning up zombie process after terminating session.
* 0.8.1 release
2005-04-03 ujwal
* Version number is 0.8.1.
* Fixed "get contents" script support.
* Put in a warning when enabling "Send Input to all sessions".
* Encoding list in drop-down menu is sorted.
* Added support to specify path to nested bookmark in AppleScript.
2005-03-11 fabian
* Updated zh_TW locale files.
* Updated website files.
2004-12-18 fabian
* Updated website files for new release.
* Improved version of iTerm icon (still provided by
2004-12-13 fabian
* Fixed the keyboard input problem that causes editing keys not working when inputing deadkeys.
* Updated zh_CN, zh_TW and Japanese localization files
2004-11-26 fabian
* Updated German localization, provided by Felix KŸhne.
2004-11-20 ujwal
* Re-organized some of the sizing code to make it work better when iTerm is embedded
in other applications.
2004-11-14 ujwal
* Re-organized some code.
2004-11-09 ujwal
* Fixed more reverse video issues on OpenVMS: in [VT100Screen: -eraseInLine]; if
entire line is erased, it gets default foreground and background colors.
2004-10-27 ujwal
* Fixed bug in nested bookmark search.
2004-10-22 fabian
* Updated Japanese nib files using translation provided by OHKAWA Yuichi.
* Updated zh_CN, zh_TW, Japanese, Korean, French, German nib files for next controls.
2004-10-20 ujwal
* Fixed more reverse video issues on OpenVMS: in [VT100Screen: -eraseDisplay], all
erased characters get default foreground and background colors.
2004-10-20 ujwal
* Fixed reverse video problem in OpenVMS again. Hopefully, this time it
is the correct fix. In [VT100Screen: -scrollUp] and [VT100Screen: -scrollDown],
new lines have DEFAULT_FG_COLOR_CODE DEFAULT_BG_COLOR_CODE for foreground and
background colors respectively instead of using the terminal's current fg and bg
colors. I am not sure why OpenVMS does not set the video properties appropriately
when scrolling.
2004-10-10 ujwal
* Added support to display Bookmarks in drawer of terminal window.
2004-10-03 ujwal
* Periodically refreshing autorelease pool in display update thread to avoid
memory leak from autoreleased objects.
* Fixed code for numeric enter from \012 to \015.
2004-09-25 ujwal
* Fixed problem when PTYSession: -keyDown is never called when numeric or function
keys were pressed. This messes up switching between application and numeric
keypad modes. Now PTYTextView: -keyDown: invokes PTYSession: -keyDown: when
numeric or function keys are pressed.
* Fixed printing to NOT wrap text.
* Added support to launch command line tools from Finder.
2004-09-12 fabian
* More fix for "Font Size Follows Window Resize" option. Largely works now,
but maximization still has weird behavior sometimes.
2004-09-07 ujwal
* setHidden method is invoked only if target view supports it (>= 10.3).
* Added keybinding action for numeric enter key.
2004-09-02 fabian
* Added "Maximize Vertically Only" option.
* Added "Font Size Follows Window Resize" option (not working well yet)
2004-08-30 fabian
* Removed unused [PseudoTerminal setCharWidth:(int)width height:(int)height];
2004-08-04 ujwal
* Cmd-click on selection is activated only if mouseDown and mouseUp are
in the same location.
2004-07-07 ujwal
* Reimplemented print-to-ansi feature to use standard printing. Should
also fix any encoding issues.
2004-07-05 ujwal
* Added support to drag selection from iTerm window.
* Added support to specify a bookmark as default.
2004-06-15 fabian
* Fixed title problem in some web html files
2004-05-26 ujwal
* Added an option to enable/disable Rendezvous.
2004-05-24 ujwal
* Added support for services.
2004-05-19 ujwal
* Made horizontal spacing parameter an "int" instead of a "float" since
"float" was making the fonts look blurry. Spacing changes will be
choppier, so we will need to revisit that.
2004-05-17 ujwal
* Put back in fabian's fix for crash when closing window too fast.
Object de-allocation does work correctly. It just happens when the
next event is processed like a key or mouse event. However, it still
leaves behind a zombie shell process that goes away only when iTerm
is quit.
2004-05-15 fabian
* Selection now occurs when mouseDown instead of mouseUp.
2004-05-11 ujwal
* Added support to set cursor color and cursor text color from applescript.
2004-05-08 ujwal
* Fixed printing.
2004-05-08 ujwal
* Re-implemented display update thread using NSThread instead of NSTimer
to avoid posting frequent events on main run loop. Hopefully this
should reduce CPU usage seen on laptops. Also, the thread is called
from the controlling Pseudoterminal instead of in each tab. Thread
updates all tabs in the controlling PseudoTerminal. This should reduce
the number of threads to one per PseudoTerminal.
2004-04-27 fabian
* Added support for double/triple click and drag to copy.
* Fixes for shift-to-extend-selection
* Now Command-selection opens what is selected in a browser.
2004-04-26 ujwal
* Fixed resize bug in VT100Screen.
2004-04-24 ujwal
* Removed some code in PTToolbarController that triggered a
bug in toolbar visibility toggling.
* Added support for mapping the help key.
2004-04-20 ujwal
* Added an option to have middle mouse button paste from clipboard.
* Added an option to disable bold font rendering in display profile
and config panel.
2004-04-18 fabian
* Fix for dead key and related issues.
* Fixes of Japanaese and German translatons.
2004-04-18 ujwal
* Potential fix for dead key and key repeat issue.
2004-04-16 ujwal
* Honoring anti-aliasing for bold also. We don't use strokewidth for
bold when antialias is off since it looks ugly. Instead, we use
the old method of redrawing the character offset by 1 pixel.
* Added a screen lock API to VT100Screen.
2004-04-15 ujwal
* Fixed size of window in setWindowSize when tabs are at bottom.
2004-04-14 fabian
* Updated website files.
2004-04-13 ujwal
* Updated help pages.
* Made changes to horizontal character spacing inconfig panel update smoother.
2004-04-11 ujwal
* PTYTask is back to blocking read since we are not doing any
idle processing anymore. This should cut down onthe number
of select calls.
2004-04-11 fabian
* Check in correct Japanese localization.
2004-04-11 ujwal
* Made config panel a floating window. Changes are applied immediately
to the active session.
* Added back in support for bookmark shortcuts.
2004-04-10 ujwal
* Removed obsolete code activating fonts.
* Migrating name, command, and working directories of old
addressbook to new format. Default profiles will be used.
* Subclassed NSApplication to override sendEvent: so that
custom key bindings with command key mask would work correctly.
Take care not to define key mappings that override something
important like cmd-q.
2004-04-08 ujwal
* Updated ProjectBuilder file.
2004-04-06 fabian
* A fix for Jaguar incompatibility with NSStrokeWidthAttributeName
2004-04-04 fabian
* A few touchups of website files.
2004-04-03 fabian
* German localization completed by Felix FŸhne.
2004-04-02 fabian
* Updated traditional Chinese localiaztion, contributed by kang-min Liu
* Updated German localization by Felix FŸhne (not complete yet)
* A temporary fix for the auto-resizing bug.
2004-03-31 fabian
* Updated Korean localization, by TaeYoung Oh
* Fixed problems displaying blinking and underline characters.
2004-03-30 ujwal
* Reimplemented "find" to work across lines.
2004-03-29 fabian
* Updated Japanese localization, provided by OHKAWA Yuichi.
2004-03-29 ujwal
* Fixed bugs in retrieving default and blobal profile names from
the profile managers.
2004-03-28 ujwal
* Added Rendezvous support.
* Fixed bug in selection in reverse direction.
2004-03-27 fabian
* Updated zh_CN translation
2004-03-26 fabian
* Merged in the French localization by Matt Anton
2004-03-25 fabian
* Removed 'Bookmarks' button from toolbar.
* Updates of website files.
* Removed all reference to USE_CUSTOM_DRAWING & USE_CUSTOM_LAYOUT
2004-03-25 ujwal
* Re-implemented bold drawing to use NSStrokeAttributeName on
Panther systems and above.
* Added controls for character spacing in config panel.
2004-03-24 ujwal
* Embedding default profiles for keyboard, display, and terminal
in the application package to be loaded if there no profiles
already defined.
2004-03-23 ujwal
* Fixed bug in saving display and terminal profiles.
2004-03-23 fabian
* Changed version number to 0.8.0
2004-03-22 fabian
* Fixed a bug in encoding settings.
* Added cursor text and selection text in config panel.
* Fixed bugs in char cache. It now follows changes of color setting correctly.
* Added Save Display/Terminal Profile in Tools menu.
2004-03-21 ujwal
* Added support to hide all tabs.
2004-03-19 ujwal
* Removed obsolete code.
* Minor fix with margins.
* Shift click extends selection.
* Added support for horizontal and vertical character spacing.
2004-03-18 ujwal
* Completed required aspects of new bookmark editor.
* Removed remapping of delete key function. Handled by
custom key mapping.
* New bookmark code activated.
* Added support for selected text and cursor text colors.
2004-03-14 fabian
* Completed new UI for terminal profile editor.
2004-03-13 ujwal
* Completed new UI for display profile editor.
2004-03-11 fabian
* Fixes of several margin related bugs (bg image, size calculation...)
2004-03-10 fabian
* Fixed bug in scrolling
2004-03-10 ujwal
* Adjusted selection code to accommodate newly added margin.
* Fixed yet another selection/CR problem.
2004-03-09 fabian
* Added margins on the side.
* Fixed "fast-quit-causing-hangup" problem.
2004-03-09 ujwal
* Fixed a copy/save bug triggered by some blank spaces NOT at end of line.
2004-03-08 ujwal
* Created a new window controller class for the profiles window.
2004-03-07 ujwal
* Checking in new preferences UI. Backend code for Color and
Terminal, and Bookmark editor still needs to be done.
* Fixed [PTYTextView selectedText] and [PTYTextView contentFromX: Y: ToX: Y:]
so that '\n' is inserted only on a hard wrap.
* Added key mapping action "ignore" to throw away key events.
* Added support to specify characters to be considered part of word. Will add
regex support later.
2004-03-06 fabian
* Fixed a bug in VT100Screen that causes crashes.
* Updated html files.
2004-03-05 ujwal
* Made option key setting part of keyboard profile.
* Built proposed UI for new preferences.
2004-03-04 ujwal
* Fixed "Send Input to All Tabs" and "Paste".
* Fixed selection of complete line by dragging.
* Fixed +ESC behaviour.
* Changed data structure for key bindings.
Previously saved key bindings will be lost :-( Sorry.
2004-03-03 ujwal
* Made application of transparency more consistent.
* Common keymapping profile is searched last for a keybinding match.
* Fixed "select all" in text view.
2004-03-03 fabian
* Rewrite the selection code. Faster and more consistent.
2004-03-02 fabian
* Fixed bug in copy&paste
2004-03-02 ujwal
* Initial pass at keybinding manager complete. Some more work left,
particularly with the meta key and associating bookmarks with
keyboard profiles.
2004-02-29 ujwal
* Fixed bug in [PseudoTerminal saveSession:].
* Added more code for keybinding manager. Still incomplete.
2004-02-27 fabian
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen putToken], ANSIECH, which causes a crash.
2004-02-27 ujwal
* Added support for secondary device attribute.
* Changed Device Attribute response to "VT100 with Advanced Video Option"
* Fixed double click selection bug.
2004-02-26 fabian
* Fixed reversed screen mode bug
* Now blinking characters on screen are synchronized
* Removed ARRAY/BUFFER mode indicator in About dialog.
2004-02-26 ujwal
* Fixed a couple of emulation problems with reverse video on
OpenVMS systems in scrollDown and scrollUp. New lines now have
fg and bg colors of the line they just replaced.
2004-02-25 ujwal
* Fixed display bug in scrollUp.
* Change cursor when window becomes/resigns key.
2004-02-25 fabian
* Changed all the html docs into shtml
* Made some attempt to allow selections to follow changes on screen
* Fixed an underline drawing bug
2004-02-24 fabian
* Fixed a double-width character handling bug in PTYTextView
* Find Panel is now working. Limitation: doesn't search across lines.
* Blink now only happens for key window.
* Non-key or no-input windows now have a slower refresh rate.
2004-02-24 ujwal
* Added back support for blinking cursor. Reduced blink frequency.
* Added back support for "Focus follows mouse".
* Added back support for cmd +/- to change font size on the fly.
* Removed preference for "Enforce character alignment".
* Made PreferencePanel a NSWindowController.
2004-02-23 ujwal
* Added support for setting cursor color.
* Changed bold behavior by redrawing character.
Bold now works for all fonts.
* Fixed config panel nibs.
2004-02-23 fabian
* Fixed bug in [PTYTextView getCharImage].
* Changed blinking behavior. No we no longer reverse fg/bg
* Changed bold behavior. Bold now works for all fonts.
2004-02-22 ujwal
* Making sure dirty flags are reset for a line after processing it.
2004-02-21 fabian
* Fixed highlight color display
* Now including color code in the hash function
2004-02-20 ujwal
* Minor updates to selection stuff. Re-enabled "select all".
* Added back print functionality. Removed "Print Selection".
Handled by "Print".
2004-02-19 fabian
* Now using srand() as hash function in hoping of less collision.
* Fixed another cursor problem when dealing with double width characters.
* Fixed a memory allocation bug that cause crashes.
* Fixed some memory leaks in PTYTextView.
2004-02-19 ujwal
* Forcing redraw when tabview is redrawn.
* Fixed scrollbar problem.
* Added back support for drag-drop into textview.
* Added support for double and triple-click to select word and line.
2004-02-18 ujwal
* Fixed scrollUp crash in PTYTextView: drawRect.
2004-02-18 fabian
* Enhanced [PTYTextView drawRect] to use dirty array more efficiently.
* fixed a bug in save/restoreBuffer in VT100Screen.
* Optimized blinking
* Unfinished work on Find functions
* Proper init of PTYTextView fixed some weird crashes
* Fixed some cursor problems related to wide characters.
2004-02-17 fabian
* Fixed a bug in [VT100Screen eraseInDisplay].
* Fixed a bug in [PTYTextView drawRect] when drawing underlines.
* A slightly better hash algorithm for char image cache.
2004-02-17 ujwal
* Added back support for background images.
* Some more optimizations in drawing code to draw only line rects that
need drawing.
2004-02-16 ujwal
* Forcing update in texview drawRect until drawing issue is resolved.
* Fixed bold display bug.
* Fixed a crash in moving tab to another window.
* Added back support for "middle button paste".
2004-02-14 ujwal
* Fixed bug in VT100Screen: setString when text wraps.
* Drawing a nicer cursor. We can later allow the user to pick cursor color.
* Not forcing an update on big speed boost.
2004-02-13 ujwal
* Fixed "Kill Buffer" crash.
* Fixed "moving into buffer" in eraseInDisplay and scrollUp.
2004-02-13 fabian
* Massive rewrite of drawing code. Some lost functionality needs to be recovered.
2004-02-05 ujwal
* Selection is maintained after screen update unless text of selection has changed.
2004-02-03 ujwal
* Not closing task if writing 0 bytes in PTYTask.m
2004-01-30 ujwal
* Fixed a nil NSString problem with selecting background images in AddressBook.
2004-01-28 ujwal
* Fixed problem resetting scrollbar at bottom on new output while scrolling.
* Toggling of "Remap Delete Key" is handled by menu item and shortcut with
cmd-Delete. This frees up opt-delete for applications that need it.
2004-01-27 ujwal
* Significant improvement in display/layout speed for curses based applications
by adjusting position only for graphical glyphs, and NOT for ALL GLYPHS on
in the line.
* iTerm's text system is the only supported one now since it is now proven to
work well and much faster than Cocoa's default text system. You can switch to
Cocoa's built in text system at compile time. "Enforce character alignment"
preference can now be turned off for fonts that have native support for
graphical characters.
* Replaced a 10.3 only API in PTYSession.m with one that works on 10.2 as well.
2004-01-23 ujwal
* Fixed some error handling for unknown tokens.
2004-01-22 ujwal
* Added support for tab bonding, i.e. inout is sent to all tabs in
a window.
* Middle mouse button pastes selection instead of pasting from clipboard.
2004-01-21 ujwal
* Fixed some weird nib corruption in Preferences. Tab positioning
was lost.
2004-01-20 ujwal
* Added support for "Focus follows mouse".
* Fixed ctrl-/ key to generate \037 and ctrl-? to generate \177.
2004-01-19 ujwal
* Made cmd-W behave more consistently when Find and AddressBook windows
are key.
* Added support for cmd-+ and cmd-- for increasing and decreasing font size
respectively. Localizations need to be translated.
* Preferences shortcut is not cmd-, in line with new Apple guidelines.
* Overrode PTYTextView: -mouseEntered method to avoid activation of
I-beam cursor.
* Added menu item to toggle toolbar visibility with shortcut.
2004-01-01 ujwal
* Cursor blinks only in active window.
2003-12-18 fabian
* Fixed a bug related to inputting international characters
* Fixed errors in Korean translation (provided by TaeYoung).
2003-11-27 ujwal
* Added method in PreferencePanel to set tabViewType.
2003-11-15 ujwal
* ARRAY code is working again, i.e. as well as it was before.
2003-11-13 ujwal
* Added Xcode project.
* Update Makefile to work with both Xcode and ProjectBuilder.
* Fixed ARRAY code build errors. Still does not run correctly.
2003-11-09 ujwal
* Removed hardcoded references to Osaka-Mono font.
2003-11-06 ujwal
* Fixed bug causing incorrect number of columns.
* Updating screen on keydown.
2003-11-05 ujwal
* Fixed resizing problems when toolbar visibility is toggled by overriding
behavior of toolbar button.
2003-11-04 fabian
* Checking in the new icon
* Checking in German localization
* Updated webpage and help files for new release
2003-10-15 fabian
* Put in Ujwal's fix of crash when enforce aligment unchecked
2003-10-10 fabian
* Corrected the encoding for the French version of iTerm.strings.
2003-10-09 ujwal
* Reverted to individual timer threads for each session. Other code
is not fully tested yet.
2003-10-09 fabian
* Updated all localizations for Script menu.
2003-10-07 ujwal
* Fixed bug in VT100Screen: clearBuffer.
2003-10-05 ujwal
* Put in a Scripts menu in the main menu to run user defined scripts.
The scripts need to be stored in in the ~/Library/Application Support/iTerm/Scripts
* Fixed compiler warnings about weak link by removing unused link against
CoreFoundation framework.
2003-10-03 fabian
* Put in a link to nightly CVS tarball and CVS build in webpages
2003-10-03 ujwal
* Put in exception handlers in VT100Screen wherever screen lock is
aquired. This makes sure that the screen lock is released when
an exception is raised.
2003-10-02 ujwal
* Added some more scripting support to get and set the current
2003-10-01 ujwal
* Default font is now chosen with [NSFont userFixedPitchFontOfSize:0].
2003-09-30 ujwal
* All periodic timer code for each open session is called by a single
timer from PsedoTerminal. Thus there is one thread per window.
This should reduce the number of timer threads running and hence
lessen the load on the CPU.
2003-09-29 fabian
* Fixed a bug in ANSICSI_ECH code. It shouldn't move cursor position.
2003-09-27 fabian
* Added a section of Interesting Links in resources section of website.
2003-09-27 ujwal
* Disabling log start/stop menus depending on current logging status.
2003-09-26 fabian
* Updated French, Japanese and Korean localizations.
* Changed versumber to 0.7.8
* Updated help files and website files for new version.
2003-09-26 ujwal
* Changed bookmark shortcut modifiers from Cmd-opt to
2003-09-25 ujwal
* Fixed bug in showCursor accessing attribute at invalid index.
2003-09-24 ujwal
* Disabled re-selection of text since that was interfering with copy/paste
in other apps.
2003-09-23 fabian
* Updated zh_CN and zh_TW localiztions.
2003-09-23 ujwal
* While printing, we print a back-on-white copy of the textview.
2003-09-22 ujwal
* Added iTerm-Aqua.jpg as the default background image.
2003-09-21 ujwal
* When PTYSession: terminate is called, we wait for shell task to exit
after sending it the SIGHUP signal.
* Changed some NSImage calls of initByReferencingFile to initWithContentsOfDile
so that an attempt to init the image is made immediately.
2003-09-16 ujwal
* Added support to change background image after session has been opened.
* Added scripting support to set background image.
2003-09-15 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes wrong color of new line character (introduced in 0.7.7).
2003-09-15 ujwal
* Removed "Choose" button for background images in the session
preferenced UI.
2003-09-14 fabian
* Fixed a bug in removeOverLine that causes crashes.
* Fixed a bug in DeleteCharacters that causes crashes.
2003-09-14 ujwal
* Fixed a bunch of bugs that prevented scripting from working.
2003-09-13 ujwal
* Moved more session-specific code to from PseudoTerminal to PTYSession.
Potential for each tab to have its own font. Screen sizing issues need
to be worked out.
* Fixed bug in PTYTabView that prevented non-selected tabs from being dragged.
2003-09-12 ujwal
* Changed preview of background image to a real NSImageView.
* Fixed image scaling issue.
2003-09-11 ujwal
* Added support for background images including transparency.
* Fixed showCursor bug.
* Not setting updateIndex = 0 in restoreBuffer; causes screen contents to be lost on man and vi.
2003-09-11 fabian
* Fixed a bug in showCursor that causes assertation failures.
* Fixed a bug that causes sometimes incorrect screen refreshing.
2003-09-10 fabian
* Changed doIdleCode behavior to reduce CPU using of idle sessions.
* Fixed a bug in save/restore buffer, and revert the eraseInDisplay code.
2003-09-10 ujwal
* Fixed massive memory leaks.
* Fixed "Prompt on Close" preference bug.
* Clear Buffer is now local: clears clears everything up the current line.
* Changed keyboard short for "Save Config" so that it does not interfere with
bookmarks shortcuts.
2003-09-09 ujwal
* Fixed screen bauffer saving code in eraseInDisplay by partially
reverting to the old code.
2003-09-09 fabian
* Changed the email address in website html files to stop spams.
* Updated web site regarding to the icon issue.
2003-09-08 ujwal
* Addressbook menu gets shortcuts only for main menu.
* Release of version 0.7.7
2003-09-07 ujwal
* Fixed printSelection where unnecessary white space was being printed.
* Fixed setting up menus. AddressBook menu is now available under the
Shell->New Window and Shell->New Tab menu items.
* Reworked line padding code in VT100Typesetter to avoid possible recursive
loop with layout manager.
2003-09-07 fabian
* Fixed some memory leaks. Cleaned up the alloc/dealloc code to make
coding more consistent.
2003-09-06 fabian
* Added PTYScroller to completely fix the scrolling problem.
* Updated Japanese translation
2003-09-06 ujwal
* Fixed check whether user has scrolled up in PTYSession: timerTick.
2003-09-05 fabian
* Fixed lost scrollback buffer size UI.
2003-09-05 ujwal
* Caching text selection and re-applying in VT100Screen: updateScreen.
2003-09-04 fabian
* Added support for mid-button paste.
2003-09-02 fabian
* Updated Korean and French translations.
* Fixed laptop's enter key.
* Fixed the lost new line attributes bug.
* Cleaned up eraseInDisplay code
2003-08-30 fabian
* Implemented scrollback buffer size UI.
* Fixed a bug in VT100Screen::eraseInDisplay that causes a dead lock.
2003-08-30 ujwal
* Fixed bug in VT100Screen: deleteLines.
2003-08-29 ujwal
* Fixed a problem in calculating number of rows when tabs are on the side.
* Disabled "trim white space on copy" feature. Terminal applications should
not really be doing this. If the feature is requested again, we could make
it an option.
* Made PTYTask: +_processReadTask non-blocking so that other functions can be
performed during idle time.
2003-08-28 fabian
* Changed version number to 0.7.7
* Updated documentation
* Fixed a typo in Preference panel of zh_TW localiztion
2003-08-13 ujwal
* Fixed an obscure bug that prevented textview from being first responder when
"hide tab" option was disabled. Now not allowing tabview to accept first responder.
2003-08-13 sgehrman & ujwal
* Moved config panel sheet and code into separate nib file and controller.
2003-08-11 sgehrman
* fixed a bug when setting tabs to the right or left.
* made iTermApplicationDelegate to further separate that code from the iTermController
* added [iTermController sharedInstance] to make it simple to use one instance of this
* added some missing [super dealloc] calls
* cleaned up some formatting
* cleaned up addressbookcontroller
2003-08-09 ujwal
* Fixed resizing when terminal view is not in an iTerm window.
2003-08-08 ujwal
* Fixed a bug that caused sessions launched from applescript in a
new window not honor the row, column, and font settings.
* Created [PseudoTerminal initViewWithFrame] that creates a terminal view that should
be embeddable in a non-iTerm window. Refactored window initialization
code in the process so that an iTerm window does not have to be created
before a terminal view can be created.
* Moved all the header files into Headers/iTerm. Easier to build a framework.
* Made images loadable from bundle.
2003-08-06 ujwal
* Removed all references to [NSApp delegate].
* Renamed MainMenu class to iTermController.
2003-08-03 ujwal
* Using an autorelease pool in screen update thread.
2003-08-01 ujwal
* Added Michael Johnston's patch to access text storage of session via
2003-07-21 fabian
* Fixed a bug that messes up deadkey input with alternative OPTION key options.
2003-07-21 ujwal
* Checked in new icons and images.
2003-07-20 ujwal
* Put back in bold face support for fonts that support it.
2003-07-18 ujwal
* Re-implemented eraseInDisplay code to save screen contents to scrollback buffer.
Fixed a bug in VT100Typesetter in the process.
* During scrollUp, lines at the top are moved into the scrollback buffer.
2003-07-17 ujwal
* Disabled code in eraseDisplay where contents were saved in the scrollback buffer
since it was not right. Needs more thought and work.
2003-07-16 ujwal
* Added support for ANSI 16 color sequences.
* Added support for alternate screen buffer mode.
* When display is erased, contents are stored in scrollback buffer.
2003-07-09 ujwal
* Made a change in PTYSession: insertText to always use dataUsingEncoding.
2003-06-27 ujwal
* Version number is 0.7.6
2003-06-26 ujwal
* Put in a "Default Sessions" button in the preferences pane
for easy access.
* Fixed bug in saving sessions.
* Fixed "Clear Scrollback Buffer" bug in VT100Typesetter.
2003-06-22 ujwal
* Updated documentation.
* Remapping of delete key can be toggled with Alt-Delete sequence.
* Fixed a bug in [VT100TextStorage replaceCharactersInRange] optimization.
* Added keyboard shortcut to cycle through terminal windows.
2003-06-21 ujwal
* Version string in "About" box is dynamically generated.
* Changed version number to 0.7.5
2003-06-19 ujwal
* Updated localizations.
2003-06-18 ujwal
* Updated Korean translation from TaeYoung Oh.
* Added UI preference to enforce character alignment.
* Removed "Save" and "Cancel" buttons from Bookmarks window.
* Added support to select and launch multiple sessions in bookmarks.
2003-06-16 ujwal
* Improved printing support.
2003-06-15 ujwal
* Incorporated Peter Lewis' "Paste Selection" patch.
2003-06-14 ujwal
* Reverted back to v1.20 of VT100Typesetter accunting for line
endings at the end of the line instead of beginning since the
other version was more problematic. This version now handles
new line characters at the end correctly.
2003-06-13 ujwal
* Fixed bug in VT100Typesetter line bounds calculation where
the new line character should be at the beginning rather
than at the end. Otherwise text ending in a new line character
will not display the ending new line.
2003-06-12 ujwal
* Created VT100TextStorage class subclassing NSTextStorage.
2003-06-11 ujwal
* Using embedded FreeMono font for graphical characters
since that font provides all the glyphs.
* VT100Terminal does not set NSCharacterWidthAttributeName for ascii text.
This is so that the custom typesetter can easily check
for double width characters by just looking for the existence of the
* Created VT100LayoutManager, a NSLayoutManager subclass to speed up
some operations such as window resizing.
2003-06-10 ujwal
* Bug fixes and speed improvement to VT100Typesetter.
2003-06-09 fabian
* Let VT100Typesetter layout every glyph. Glyph alignment
problem solved. But,
1. speed is much slower (~2x),
2. change font with a large scrollback buffer takes for
ever (due to re-layout, I think).
* Added double width character support in VT100Typesetter.
2003-06-09 ujwal
* Caching new line string in VT100Screen for big speed boost.
2003-06-08 ujwal
* Updated localizations including strings dictionaries.
2003-06-05 ujwal
* Custom typesetter to speed up display. Needs more testing.
To activate, turn on USE_CUSTOM_LAYOUT in iTerm.h
2003-06-01 ujwal
* Updated Korean translation from TaeYoung Oh.
* Hiding cursor during typing.
2003-05-31 ujwal
* Added an "Add" button to the AddressBook.
* Changed name of Address Book to Bookmarks.
2003-05-30 ujwal
* Changed AddressBook window class back to NSPanel so that it
does not appear in the list of windows. Fixed some resizing and
button positioning issues.
2003-05-29 ujwal
* Fixed bug where PseduoTerminal's delegate was not being set.
* Fixed bug in PTYTextView in ARRAY mode where the delagate was not
being retained.
* Fixed more memory leaks caused by PseudoTerminal and PTYSession
retaining each other. Now PTYSession does not retain PseudoTerminal
* Added support for blinking cursor.
2003-05-28 ujwal
* Removed duplicate preferences from main preference panel.
* Added UI for Peter Lewis's mac navigation patch.
2003-05-26 ujwal
* Incorporated Peter Lewis' Mac navigation keys code patch.
* Localized "Default Session" string in addressbook.
2003-05-25 ujwal
* Refactored some AddressBook code.
2003-05-22 ujwal
* Moved "Remap Delete Key" preference to addressbook session.
2003-05-19 ujwal
* Consolidation of preferences into "Default Session" of
addressbook. New look for addressbook.
* Restructured addressbook GUI.
2003-05-18 ujwal
* Added a submenu under the tools menu to choose between sessions
with keyboard shortcuts.
2003-05-17 ujwal
* Made PseudoTerminal a true NSWindowController class.
* Removed all references to WINDOW.
* Saving all nibs in both pre and post-10.2 format.
2003-05-16 ujwal
* Fixed a crash when closing a window with both "close session
when it ends" and "Prompt on closing" are unselected.
* When a window is created, it grabs the first available position
for the frame name.
2003-05-15 ujwal
* making sure we have a ~/Library/Application Support/iTerm
directory on startup.
2003-05-14 fabian
* Fixed a japanese keyboard input problem. Cleaned up the
keyDown code in PTYSession.
2003-05-13 ujwal
* Fixed a pretty big memory leak where the text views were not
being released and freed.
* Implemented "Find" functionality to search through the text
* Implemented "Print Selection..." to print selected text.
Currently works only on rectangular selections.
2003-05-12 ujwal
* Moved AddressBook file to new location under
~/Library/Application Support/iTerm.
* On startup, now looks for an "AutoLaunch.scpt"
script under ~/Library/Application Support/iTerm. If it
finds one, it launches the apple script.
2003-05-11 ujwal
* Added '+' in keypad mode.
2003-05-09 ujwal
* Applying transparency when setting background color from
color table.
* Applying transparency when setting screen mode.
* Fixed strange bug in vertical page scrolling when multiple
sessions are opened.
2003-05-07 ujwal
* When a new Default Session entry is created, the font is
set to FreeMonoBold.
* Added Applescript support to get tty name. Sessions can
also be referenced by id which is the same as the tty name.
2003-05-07 fabian
* Incorporated patch from Peter Lewis
* Added paragraph style into deault attributes: We now clip
everything that goes beyond the border.
2003-05-07 ujwal
* Fixed a bug in switching font from Osaka-Mono to FreeMono.
* Fixed bug in window resize.
2003-05-06 fabian/ujwal
* Release of version 0.7.0
2003-05-06 fabian
* Updated Korean localizations
* Updated French localizations
* Updated web files (not uploaded yet) and help files.
2003-05-05 ujwal
* Bundling FreeMono font with the application. If Osaka-Mono is
seen as the preferred font, we switch to FreeMono.
* Changed version number from 0.7.0 to 0.70 since it is easier to
parse into a number.
* Updated some help files.
2003-05-02 ujwal
* Distinguising session name and windwo title. Storing window
separately from session name in session.
* Added support to terminate a session via Applescript.
2003-05-01 fabian
* removed scrollback settings in UI for performance reasons.
* Japanese nib file updated
2003-04-29 ujwal
* Fixed bug in storing and reading for scrollback lines preference.
* default scrollback value is 1000.
2003-04-29 fabian
* Fixed a bug in VT100Screen's removeOverLine
* Implemented custom setting of scrollback buffer size
* a little bit code cleanup in iTermController and PseudoTerminal.
2003-04-29 ujwal
* Added Applescript support for "write text <text>"
and "write contents of file <file>" to a session.
* A little more code consolidation in PseudoTerminal.
* Added Applescript support to select session by name:
select session named "aName"
2003-04-28 fabian
* Dynamically change the tab size based on the number of tabs
* Version number updated to 0.7.0
* Implemented "clear scrollback buffer"
* Implemented "Save as a new entry" in Edit AddressEntry dialog
to allow copy of existing entries.
* Added support for CTRL-arrow keys
2003-04-28 ujwal
* Massive code re-organization for revamped
Applescript support.
* Fixed some memory related crashes when closing
windows created from Applescript.
* Fixed bug in moving tab to new window caused by code
2003-04-27 fabian
* Updated zh_CN and zh_TW IB files
* Updated all string files
2003-04-26 ujwal
* When changing colors, setting color scheme
popup button value to "Custom".
* Now checking for minimum OS version on startup.
* Added UI to customize color for bold output.
2003-04-25 ujwal
* Fixed setting of tab position preference
in previous commit.
* Fixed some quirks in color scheme selection in IB file.
2003-04-25 fabian
* Changed the look of preference panel.
* Added custom ANSI color support.
(need to update non english nib files)
2003-04-24 ujwal
* Re-implemented window resizing.
2003-04-23 ujwal
* Using real bell icon instead of warning sign.
* Clearing bell on user input.
2003-04-21 ujwal
* Set document cursor of scrollview to arrow cursor so that
the I-Beam cursor is disabled. Removed all other cursor related
2003-04-20 ujwal
* When preferences are read, if the selected font is not
found, fall back on the default fixed pit font for the user.
* Increased the width of the encoding combo-box in all nibs.
2003-04-18 ujwal
* Using named color contants instead of building our own
in VT100Terminal.
* Fixed a bug in setting foreground and background colors at
the same time.
2003-04-15 ujwal
* Implemented NSApplication delegate applicationDidUnide:
since a user reported problems after an unhide operation.
2003-04-11 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes iTerm to hang when illege UTF-8
characters encountered. We now display a '#' whenever
encoding translations failed
2003-04-11 ujwal
* Setting cursor color to a mix of foreground and
background colors when window is inactive.
2003-04-10 fabian
* Fixed some bugs in setNeedsDisplayInRect of PTYTextView
* Removed background attributes when background is default
* Fixed a email error on website
2003-04-10 ujwal
* Put back in the code for not auto-scrolling down
on new output if the user has scrolled up. It had
been interfering with the vttest program. Now we
auto-scroll down when the window size changes, so
vttest largely works.
2003-04-09 ujwal
* Preliminary support for print-to-ansi.
* Incorporated French nib files into project.
2003-04-08 fabian
* Added French localization provided by Matt Anton
2003-04-07 ujwal
* Fixed a namespace collision bug in PTYTask.
* Fixed linewrap bug in VT100Screen.
2003-04-05 ujwal
* Fixed write problem when prompted for passwords.
* Now explicitly setting PATH to something sensible
since the default includes the user's home directory.
* Implemented ESC [?40h (allow 132<->80 column mode).
2003-04-02 ujwal
* Fixed a problem that was causing iTerm to hang when
a large piece of text was being pasted.
2003-04-01 fabian
* Fixed a bug in text input
* Applied the URL parsing into ARRAY code
* Added an indictor in About box to show if iTerm is
build under ARRAY mode or BUFFER mode
2003-04-01 ujwal
* Now dynamically displaying window size as window is
being resized.
2003-03-31 ujwal
* Made URL parsing in PTYTextView slightly more
2003-03-30 ujwal
* When dragging a text clipping onto iTerm, we
don't insert the file name of the clipping since
the contents are inserted.
2003-03-28 ujwal
* Made addressbook non-modal.
* Fixed a crash in showing preferences window.
* Fixed bug in changing font for addressbook entries.
2003-03-28 fabian
* Fixed bugs in selection
* Fixed context menu
* Fixed wrong setDirtyLine calls in VT100Screen
* Fixed a bug in VT100Screen that causes duplicated lines
* "Save as" now is working, we need a new print function
* Fixed a crashing bug in "Save Config"
* Fixed browse and mail in PTYTextView
* Made selection invalid if text is changed
2003-03-27 ujwal
* Protected some ARRAY specific code in #if USE_CUSTOM_DRAWING
...#endif so that BUFFER code does not crash.
* Fixed bug in loading preferences nib.
2003-03-27 fabian
* Bug fixes in ARRAY mode
* We periodically scroll to the end to reduce amount
of redraw when large trunk of data come in.
2003-03-26 fabian
* Bug fixes in ARRAY mode
* No long uses periodic update
* Refresh now only updates the necessary part of screen
2003-03-26 ujwal
* Created a new target "iTerm Framework" in the
project. This is the core of The
iTerm application target just contains the
entry point source file and images. It then
links against the iTerm framework. This enables
other applications to link against iTerm framework
to embed iTerm functionality.
* Regrouped Preference and AddressBook elements into
separate NIB files. Created AddressBookWindowController
2003-03-25 fabian
* PTYTextView is now a subclass of NSView under ARRAY
mode. Text input works properly.
* Working selection and copy/paste
2003-03-22 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added option-click support to position cursor.
* Added keyboard shortcut to "Clear Buffer"
2003-03-20 fabian
* Japanese localization patch from Yuichi OHKAWA
* Imported all the website files into the project
* New key combination for scrolling:
cmd-Up/Down arrow: scroll one line up/down
shift-cmd-Up/Down arrow: scroll one pague up/down
* Added an alert window after configuration is saved.
* Added shortcut option for address entry.
Control-Option-Key: Open in new tab
Shift-Control-Option-Key: Open in new window
(not working when some input method is being used)
2003-03-19 fabian
* Fixed some AddressBook interface issues
* Corrected typos in Korean localizations
* Updated help files
* finalize the release of 0.6.5
2003-03-18 fabian
* Added Korean localization provided by TaeYoung Oh
* Updated Chinese nib files for new option.
2003-03-18 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added explicit preference to warn on quitting
or closing a window/tab.
2003-03-14 fabian
* Decrease the brightness of default color to give it
more contrast to the highlight
* Fixed a bug related to input CJK.
* Updated Japanese nib files by Yuichi OHKAWA
* Added a screen lock to prevent conflicting update.
* Fixed a bug in dead key processing
2003-03-13 fabian
* Added a new option to allow opening the bookmarks
window when startup.
* Change version number to 0.6.5
* Localized GPL license statement for zh_CN and zn_TW
* Fixed a bug in PseudoTerminal.nib, zh_TW
* Cleaned up unused outlets in PseudoTerminal
* Changed Bookmarks behavior:
double click opens a new session
new window is specified using a switch
* Correct the yellow
2003-03-12 fabian
* Fixed a bug that causes incorrect process of color.
* Cleaned up the color code
* Fixed a bug related to reversed video mode.
* Changed default black color to pure black.
* Fixed some timer settings
2003-03-11 fabian
* Changed the color code. Now we no longer have fixed
bold text color. Instead, it's calculated from the
base color. So we can choose whatever color we want
2003-03-10 fabian
* Rewrite the color stuff in emulation code. Now we
use seperate color table for normal and bold text.
We now will using high color to indicate bold. Also,
the color table will make the future implementation
of customized ANSI color easier.
Limitations: Any color you select for FG/BG will be
converted to the closest color in the colorTable.
Aslo, currently FG color will have no alpha.
* Fixed a display problem when change FG/BG colors or
* Implemented ANSI code VPA and VPR, to fix one user's
problem with Debian programs.
* Fixed a blinking bug
* Implemented ANSI code ECH
2003-03-10 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added some missing semi-colons in Chinese strings files.
2003-03-08 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed an issue where '=', '/', and '*' could not be
typed from numeric keypad. This was because those
keys were mapped to the PF2, PF3, PF4 keys. Now we
have a numLock state that is on by default. When
state is enabled, numeric keypad has the default
operation. When it is disabled, the keys
'numlock', '=', '/', and '*' send PF1, PF2, PF3,
and PF4 sequences. The state can be toggled by using
Cmd-numLock. This behavior is basically the same as
that implemented in GLTerm.
2003-03-04 fabian
* Fixed a bug in screen update
2003-03-04 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed a bug in changing forground and background color
in a session.
2003-03-03 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Incorporated Max Horn's patches for a variety of
enhancements and fixes for some bugs and memory leaks.
2003-03-02 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed a screen update bug. Sometimes screen HAS to be
updated even if minIndex == [BUFFER length], e.g. when
doing ^u on the last line.
2003-03-01 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed a warning bell orientation bug.
2003-02-28 fabian
* Fixed a bug that cause incorrect screen update
in BUFFER mode
2003-02-27 fabian
* Fixed cursor code in ARRAY mode
* Fixed more double-width character stuff in ARRAY mode,
display should be fully working now
* We now use the taller one between font and nafont to
decide the lineHeight.
* Fixed bugs in scrollUp and scrollDown in ARRAY mode
* Added some #ifdef to make code compatible in BUFFER mode.
2003-02-26 fabian
* Fixed general double-width character processing in ARRAY mode
* Fixed "last line missing" bug in ARRAY mode
* Fixed "clearBuffer" bug in BUFFER mode
* Fixed scrolling bug that messes up display in ARRAY mode
2003-02-25 fabian
* Further optimization of BUFFER method by updating
less portion of screen
* Fixed a showCursor bug
2003-02-24 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added highly experimental code to do custom drawing
for high speed. Still very buggy. To enable the
code, turn on the USE_CUSTOM_DRAWING flag in
PseudoTerminal.m, turn on the DEBUG_USE_ARRAY
and turn off the DEBUG_USE_BUFFER flags in VT100Screen.m
* Fixed a problem causing huge CPU usage when displaying
the bell in tab. Now displaying only if there is a
2003-02-24 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed and simplified screen updating code.
2003-02-24 fabian
* Changed version number to 0.6.4
* Updated help files
* Fixed a bug in timerTick
* Fixed a bug that deals non-ASCII characters wrong.
* Removed the trigger in keyDown in PTYSession.
* Added an icon in Tab when a bell is received.
* Now iTerm removes the warning icon when switching tabs.
2003-02-22 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed a bug in resizing tabs and window when closing
a session.
* Using smaller icon for popup menu in toolbar when
toolbar size mode is NSToolbarSizeModeSmall.
* Further speed optimizations by caching rarely changing
character attribute dictionaries. We are also not
recreating our data stream in VT100Terminal every
time we pick off a token. That is too expensive.
We just mark our position in the stream and recreate
the stream only when we reach the end.
2003-02-21 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Manually firing screen update timer after a keyDown
to make user input more responsive.
* Fixed memory leak by properly releasing BUFFER in
VT100Screen: -dealloc. Also no need to retain
BUFFER after alloc and init.
* Fixed bug in accessing characters in buffer while
marking autowrap position.
2003-02-21 fabian
* Fixed a bug in function key mapping: F1~F12
* Fixed a bug in showCursor. Cleaned overall cursor
* Fixed bugs related to color/font settings in buffer
* Fixed a bug affecting CJK input
* Perfromace improvement. Now a buffer is used in
displaying the text. Significantly improve the
overall speed. Need more test.
2003-02-20 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added and implemented tabViewWillPerformDragOperation
tabViewDidPerformDragOperation delegate methods. This
gets rid of a visual glitch when doing drag-n-drop
within a window with only two tabs.
2003-02-19 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added support for a few xterm character attributes.
* Tabs are dragged only after about 8 pixels to prevent
accidental dragging.
2003-02-16 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Changed implementation of cursorToX: Y: and
cursorToX: in VT100Screen. Was interfering
with resize command.
2003-02-14 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed encoding bug in PTYsession: -keyDown:
* Workaround for a possible Cocoa bug in copy/paste.
* Changed keyboard shortcuts to navigate sessions
from Cmd-1/2 to Cmd [ and Cmd ].
2003-02-13 fabian
* Enhanced text input
* Incorporated Japanese patch from OHKAWA
2003-02-12 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added preference to remap DELETE key to BACKSPACE.
2003-02-11 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Moved dead key code from PTYSession: -keyDown to
PTYTextView: -keyDown since that implements the
NSTextInput protocol.
* Fixed a minor problem in VT100Screen: scrollUp
where an unwanted "\n" was inserted when
* Made flag to open session in new window in the toolbar
popup menu sticky.
* Added GPL notice to all files.
2003-02-10 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added support for alternate keypad mode and
PF1, PF2, PF3, PF4 keys.
* Fixed a bug in VT100Terminal: getCSIParam()
where the the paramters would be parsed into
incorrect array indices when blank (implied)
parameters were encountered. This is was messing
up some token processing where the position of
the parameters in the array was important like
[VT100Screen: -setTopBottom].
* Fixed a cursor display bug in PseudoTerminal: -windowConfigOk.
2003-02-10 fabian
* Cleaned up showCursor code
* Incorparated Japanese nib files from OHKAWA
* Fixed a bug in scrollUp
2003-02-09 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added drag-and-drop support to the PTYTabView class.
Tabs can now be moved within and between windows.
2003-02-07 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Workaround for a problem in Bookmarks where the
scrollbar was not being activated when it should have
been on load. It was being activated only on window
resize. Looks like a Cocoa bug, but I put in a
workaround of telling the NSTableView that the
number of rows had changed after loading the addressbook.
* This time really fixed the cursor updating problem.
Root cause was VT100: -deleteCharacters that sometimes
caused OLD_CURSOR_INDEX to end up with the incorrect
2003-02-06 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Now displaying tab number in label to make it easier
to switch between tabs using function keys.
* Changed version number in Info.plist to 0.6.3.
2003-02-05 fabian
* Fixed a bug in showCursor that causes the loss of
attributes. That partially solves the double-width
characters problem.
* Localized new interface additions for zh_CN and zh_TW.
* 0.6.3!
2003-02-04 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added menu item in tabview contextual menu to move
tab to new window.
* Simplified PseudoTerminal code by removing direct
TERM_VALUE. All these operate only on the PTYSession
object. Also simplified PseudoTerminal: -setupSession
code by moving a bunch of it into addSession which
is called by other stuff.
* Fixed multi-line copy paste problem that was caused by
line feed that is inserted when a command wraps over to
the next line. Now marking the position where the line
feed is inserted and removing it in the copy operation.
2003-02-03 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added submenus to tabview contextual menu. Tabview
contextual menu is now built and controlled by
the tabview delegate.
2003-02-02 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added basic Applescript support. One can now write
Applescripts to open one or more default or addressbook
sessions in a new tab or window. The syntax is:
To open a new session in a new tab:
launch session "<session_name>" in tab
To open a new session in a new window:
launch session "<session_name>" in terminal
The <session_name> is either the name of a stored
addressbook session or "default session" for a
default session.
Here is a sample Applescript:
tell application "iTerm"
launch session "default session" in tab
launch session "Fink list" in terminal
end tell
These scripts can then be save as executable scripts.
* Incorporated a modified patch by Aaron Gerber to escape
special characters out of a file name when doing a
2003-01-31 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed bug in showing cursor when going up in command
2003-01-30 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Removed terminal size constraints from Preferences,
Configuration panel, and Bookmarks entries.
Minimum size is 1x1.
* We don't autoscroll to the bottom on shell output if
the user has scrolled up. Typing something on the
command line will trigger an autoscroll again.
2003-01-29 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Incorporated patch by Aaron Gerber to add a "Cancel"
button in the preferences panel.
* Added preference to specify tab position:
top, left, bottom, right
2003-01-27 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Refactored a lot of the addressbook menu building code.
* Added addressbook menu to dock menu.
2003-01-25 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Bookmarks window now has Autosave name.
2003-01-24 fabian
* Fixed a bug in VT100Terminal that causes loss of
character sometimes
* Fixed bug in PseudoTerminal that makes choosing
non-ASCII font not working
2003-01-23 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed mapping of function keys in VT100Terminal.
2003-01-21 fabian
* Fixed bug in SetDoubleWidthString()
* Fixed bug in attrString that disabled bold
* Fixed bug in DECRC/DECSC
* Fixed bug in character set settings
2003-01-21 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Refactored toolbar item popup menu to enable it in
text only mode.
* Fixed bug in PseudoTerminal: -saveSession where
row and column values were swapped.
* Better sunchronization between window and session
titles. Tab label width is limited to 20 characters.
2003-01-20 fabian
* New option in preference&bookmarks entry
Treat NonASCII characters as double width
* Graphical characters now works for VT100 font
* Fixed a bug in function key code
* New SetASCIIString() to process ascii strings and
old SetString() to handle other(multibytes) strings
* Cleaned up code in VT100Screen.m
* bug fixes in SetDoubleString
2003-01-20 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Enabling WRAPAROUND_MODE in VT100Terminal by default
for long command lines.
* Added support for ANSI "Cursor Horizontal Absolute".
2003-01-17 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added support to specify text highlight/selection color
in preferences, session settings, and bookmarks.
2003-01-16 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed common bugs in insertLines, scrollDown in
2003-01-15 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Removed adjustScroll override in PTYTextView.
Not needed anymore and was conflicting with
scrolling in vi.
2003-01-14 fabian
* Enhanced save session
* Fixed insert mode bug
* Fixed wrap around mode
* Failed attempt to set up mouse cursor
2003-01-14 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed bug where adding a second tab would cause
the scroll position of the first tab to be reset.
* Added option to silence terminal bell.
2002-01-13 fabian
* Version number is now 0.6.2
* New command in Tools menu: Save Config
* Add Hide-Tab as an option
* Updated Chinese nib files(Japanese nib files need
to be updated)
* bold is now enabled when font with appropriate bold
size is used.
* bug fixes in VT100Screen
2003-01-13 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added an option to copy selected text to emulate
X copy/paste. This requires a multi-button mouse
with one of the buttons programmed to be "Cmd-V" or
2003-01-10 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added some keyboard shortcuts to addressbook.
2003-01-11 Aaron D. Gerber <>
* When you edit or add an entry to the bookmarks,
it will be sorted.
2003-01-10 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed bugs in syncing transparency value and control
in the Preference panel.
2003-01-10 fabian
* Better resize behavior
* Tab title changes when an icon title change
request is received
2003-01-09 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed some scrolling/sizing issues by overriding
adjustScroll: in PTYTextView. Reactivated the
windowWillResize: toSize: code.
2003-01-09 fabian
* help docs updated. Removed unnecessary links and pics
* Fixed a bug in scrollDown
* Fixed a bug in putToken(), NEL
2003-01-08 fabian
* Added new option in bookmarks entries that allow
user to set "close session automatically" individually
2003-01-08 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Save menu item in contextual menu is always validated.
Saves selection if there is one, save everything if not.
* Added "Close" menu item to contextual menu to close
current session.
* When copying text, trimming white spaces and new lines.
2003-01-07 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Adjusted some visual sizing glitches when going from
no tabs to tabs and vice versa.
* windowWillResize: toSize does the default OS thing.
2003-01-07 fabian
* fixed a bug in eraseInLine()
* hide the tab when there's only one session
* new VT100Screen code, should be faster
* Japanese localization files updated
2003-01-06 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Remove fatal recursive loop by not calling
[self setWindowSize] from PseudoTerminal: -windowDidResize.
The window sizing part needs some real attention.
Temporarily re-activating new resizing code with
windowWillresize: toSize: method.
2003-01-06 fabian
* Fixed the display problem related to "bold"
* Updated Chinese nib files for anti-aliasing and print&save
* Chinese strings files updated for new contextual menu item
* Set the version number to 0.6.1
* Incorporated the patch sent by
2003-01-05 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added Bookmarks into contextual menu. Entries
can be executed in a new tab or in a new window.
To execute in a new window, hold down the command
key while accessing the contextual menu.
* Refactored the contextual menu code, so that the
text view does not have know about the bookmarks
and session configuration.
* Fixed AutoResizingMask of buttons in Bookmarks.
2003-01-04 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Can't reproduce the emacs editing bug anymore.
* Fixed an emulation problem handling the CSI_RI and
CSI_IND tokens. This fixes the vi editing problem.
2003-01-01 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added support for bold character attributes.
Only works with fonts that support bold typeface
such as Courier.
* Fixed bug where a blink attribute would cause bold
attributes to be lost.
* Validating paste menu item only if there is a string
type on the pasteboard.
* New resizing code did not really work, so disbled it
and using original method.
2002-12-31 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed some resizing issues by implementing
windowWillResize: toSize: window delegate method.
* Default shell command is "login -fp $USER" to start
a login shell.
2002-12-30 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Setting TERM_PROGRAM environment variable to
* Added flag to disable anti-aliasing. Chinese NIBS need
to be updated.
2002-12-21 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added Save/Print functionality.
Chinese NIBs and localized strings file need to be
* Fixed some horizontal tabbing issues in VT100Screeen.
Now pre-populating tab array with tabs every TABWIDTH
on init since we won't always get CSI_HTS command
before a tab is issued. Also ensuring that we move
to the next tab if we are already on one.
2002-12-20 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed a bug that cause the tabview item label
attributes to be released when any session was
closed. Dictionaries had been static class variables
instead of belonging to specific instances.
* Optimized code for setting tab label attributes so
that the drawing code is not called unnecessarily.
2002-12-20 fabian
* Fixed the session status display problem
2002-12-20 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed all compiler warnings.
* Fixed annoying glitch that would sometimes resize
window when the config session window was closed
even though the window sizes were not changed.
* Fixed a window sizing problem that was evident in vi.
I wish NSTabView would offer to calculate its frame
based on content size just like NSScrollView.
2002-12-19 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Re-implemented UI from button based to real-tab based
using NSTabView based on user feedback. Major code
changes and simplifications.
* Fixed bug causing a crash when a session was closed
without the shell exiting with the "autoclose"
preference off.
* Disabled the limit on the window size. Not sure why
that was there.
2002-12-19 fabian
* Changed version number to 0.6.0
* Fixed a bug in zh_TW nib file
* Alt/Option key now can be used as Meta or to add ESC
* Fixed the "not saving auto-close option" bug
* Fixed enter key on numeric keyboard problem
* Fixed a problem that causes transparency settings lost
* Fixed a lot of bugs related to VT100 emulation.
2002-12-18 fabian
* change the shortcut key to close terminal to command-w
and close window to shift-command-w, a la mozilla
2002-12-18 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Page up/down scrolling keys now need Shift key down
a la xterm since some programs like vi need to
interpret page up/down keys on their own.
2002-12-17 fabian
* Added an AutoClose option in preference
* Re-arranged preference panel
* Re-arranged the toolbar items
* Got rid of the quick-run panel
* Del key now sends the correct escape sequence instead of
* Set default term type to xterm, which is consitent with
the rest of the code
* Version number is now 0.5.7
* Fixed a bug related to setting default shell
2002-12-17 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Using user's default shell in setting initial preferences.
* Added drag-n-drop support for the text view. Text and file
names get pasted into the shell when dragged and dropped
onto the text view.
* Fixed crash when customizing toolbar.
* Page Up and Page Down keys now scroll the text view.
2002-12-16 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Removed ugly hack of spinning off a new thread when
switching sessions using popup menu. Calling selectSession:
directly now works.
2002-12-16 fabian
* Got the addressbook popup button icon to work
* Updated strings files for Chinese
2002-12-16 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Removed addressbook toolbar item since the
addressbook popup menu gives similar functionality.
Ideally, the icon for the popup button should be
the addressbook icon, but I couldn't get it to work.
More research needs to be done on that...
* Fixed bugs in iTermController that did not save addressbook
when entries were deleted.
2002-12-16 fabian
* Changed version number to 0.5.6
* Made author name localized strings in About panel.
* Added a "Report a Bug" link in About panel.
* Turned on the GREED_KEYDOWN flag in PTYTextView.m to
allow special key to work when IM is turned on.
* Added a 2nd font option to display CJK font to address
some screen text alignment problems.
* Added anti-idle settings to AddressBook
2002-12-14 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added popup button in toolbar for quick access to
addressbook entries.
* Added missing OK button in AddressBook panel.
Was causing addressbook changes not to be saved.
* Refactored addressbook code by introducing an
"executeABCommand:" method in iTermController.
2002-12-11 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Made links to authors and web site in the About
panel of the English NIB.
2002-12-11 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Removed keyDown code from PsudoTerminal.
First responder is TEXTVIEW.
2002-12-11 fabian
* Changed/Added several shortcut keys:
command-left and right arrow: pre/next session
command-Fn: switch to n-th session
2002-12-10 fabian
* Rewritten all the encoding related code. Now all
the encodings that are available on the system will
be usable.
(Note, the local settings file will have to be
manually updated)
* Fixed a few inconsistencies in the interface about
* Fixed a bug that make user unable to open a new
window from quick run and bookmarks panel.
* Now the version number is 0.5.5
2002-12-08 fabian
* fixed a bug that causes crash when a ended session
is manually closed
* now a warning panel will pop out when you try to
close an active session
* session button uses gray to suggest the session has
ended, and session name is enclosed in []
* fixed a bug in screenSizeInFrame() in VT100Screen.m,
which makes row/col smaller than it should be
(this one need more test)
2002-12-07 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Re-implemented transparency code to affect only text
instead of the whole window. Had to subclass NSWindow
since I ran into a nasty window redrawing Cocoa bug.
* Instantiating scroll view in code rather than in NIB
to make layout look better.
* PseudoTerminal is now a NSWindowController rather
than a NSResponder. Later I will refactor the code
to make is a true window controller.
2002-12-06 fabian
* Fix (temporally) a bug that causes program to hang when a session is closed
* Fix the NLog info in PTYSession.m
2002-12-05 fabian
* Fix a bug that disable "clear buffer" in the menu
* Fix a bug that causes incorrectly display of session status
* Now choosing "open new tab" while no windows are open
will open a new window first.
* Cleaned up nib files
2002-12-04 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added a pulldown menu at the bottom right corner
when window cannot draw all the session buttons.
* Made session buttons narrower in height.
* Refactored some code.
2002-11-30 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed bug in PreferencePanel where transparency was
not being stored.
2002-11-28 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Fixed crash when closing window when a session program
had exited.
2002-11-28 fabian
* Added Japanese (EUC-JP/SJIS) and Korean (EUC-KR) support
2002-11-27 Ujwal S. Setlur <>
* Added menu item and keyboard shortcut to close the current
terminal session.