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Tool to fetch malicious domains and IP lists from sites that publish RSS feeds, delimited text documents, or raw HTML pages.


./web2intel.rb <option> <extras>

--q_mal 			- The Quttera malicious domains database
--q_sus 			- The Quttera suspicious domains database
--q_pot 			- The Quttera potentially suspicious database
--goz 				- Gameover Zeus (GoZeus) list from Bambenek Consulting
--mwdoms 			- DNS-BH – Malware Domain Blocklist
--malware_ta		- domains
--isc_low			- SANS Internet Storm Center LOW confidence block list
--isc_med			- SANS Internet Storm Center MEDIUM confidence block list
--isc_high			- SANS Internet Storm Center HIGH confidence block list
--sucuri_iframe		- Sucuri scanner identified iframe compromised web site list
--sucuri_redirect	- Sucuri scanner identified conditional redirections list (based on user agents or referers)
--sucuri_js			- Sucuri scanner identified encoded javascript (redirecting to blackhole and other exploit kits) or to build a remote call list
--webins 			- Comodo Web Inspector malicious, suspicious content, and malware site list
--cybersitter		- CYBERsitter Malicious Web Site Filter: Top 100 Phishing, Malicious and Suspicious Sites from the past 60 minutes
--twitter			- Twitter username (e.g. andrewsmhay). Do not prepend the '@' symbol
--phishtank			- OpenDNS PhishTank Domains
--cybersitter		- CYBERsitter Malicious Web Site Filter - Top 100
--malc0de			- Malc0de Blocklist
--cybercrime		- Cybercrime Tracker List
--dyndns			- Dynamic DNS Provider List
--nothink			- Malware DNS Network Traffic Blacklist from
--vxvault			- VX Vault Last 100 Links
--zeus_dom			- ZeuS Domain Blocklist from
--zeus_ip			- ZeuS IP Blocklist from
--feodo_dom			- Feodo Domain Blocklist from
--feodo_ip			- Feodo IP Blocklist from
--palevo_dom		- Palevo Domain Blocklist from
--palevo_ip			- Palevo IP Blocklist from
--spyeye_dom		- Spyeye Domain Blocklist from
--spyeye_ip			- Spyeye IP Blocklist from

--all 		- Generate a master list of all domains

--url		- Extract the fully quaified domain name (FQDN), protocol, port, and directory structure (if available)
--details	- Addtional inline details (if available)

(C) Andrew Hay, 2014

####Example 1 - Domains only

$ ./web2intel.rb --sucuri_iframe
#Title: Sucuri Research Labs Hidden iframes list
#2014-07-20 15:08:14 -0700

####Example 2 - Twitter $ ./web2intel.rb --twitter InternetBadness #Title: Twitter-based intel from #2014-07-25 09:08:18 -0700


For any questions, bugs, or concerns, please use the GitHub issue submission system and/or reach out to @andrewsmhay on Twitter.

(C) Andrew Hay, 2014

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