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Excel template for printing checks

The Excel template for printing checks is an Excel file that you can use to print a check onto a sheet of laser or inkjet check paper (like this type of paper). The template is set up to print the check at the top of the page, and details about the check at the bottom, which is typically the part that can be separated via perforation.

Note that this template is localized to the United States.

This Excel file is free to use, modify, or distribute.

Before you begin

  1. Download and install the free MICR TrueType font from Digital Graphics Labs

Prepare the template

  1. Download the check printing template Excel file
  2. Open the Excel file (make sure to enable macros)
  3. Change cells D1 and D2 to show your name
  4. Change cells D3, D4, and D5 to show your address and email/phone
  5. Change cells B11 through B13 to the address of your bank
  6. Change the icon in cell B1 to a different glyph using the Wingdings or Webdings font
  7. Change cell F27 to your bank's routing number
  8. Change cell F28 to your bank account number
  9. Use the dropdown list in cell 34 to choose your bank's location
  10. Save the template

Using the template

  1. Open the template you saved in step 8 above
  2. Set the memo in cell F23
  3. Set the check number in cell F24 - make sure this is a new number that has not been used on a check before
  4. Set the check's "pay to the order of" recipient in cell F25
  5. Set the check amount in cell F26 (do not include the dollar sign)
  6. Print/save to a PDF
  7. Open the PDF and verify that it looks correct
  8. Print the PDF onto a black check
  9. Save the PDF as a record of your check


Excel file for printing checks






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