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  • Tested and working for all maps in repository.
  • Tomb Viewer is over 12 years old, seems to work fine on Windows 10, just use in full screen mode.
  • Tomb Viewer uses '+' and '-' keys to move up or down (usally on the right side with the numpad keys), directional arrows to move around horizonatally.


  • View readme.txt for instruction on how to move.
  • Load the .PHD file extensions from the Tomb-Raider-1 folder
  • .tr2 for Tomb Raider 2 and 3
  • .tr4 for Tomb Raider 4, Revalations
  • .trc for Tomb Raider 5, chronicles

How to download as a Zip

  • I understand many people are simply coming here that want to play individual levels as opposed to doing anything with code and may not be familiar with Github. This image explains how to download a zip of all the levels on this repo. It's over 300MB.

How to download

Play Tomb Raider 1 PHD or PSX files on OpenLara

  • An interesting project called OpenLara has been created by a software engineer titled OpenLara, Google it :)
  • The project has come a long way and is very faithful to the original physics.

How to Play

Windows based OS

  • If you run into issues try running in compatibility mode.
  • I ran this on windows 10 using parallels on a mac.


  • Screenshots included of what to expect.
  • Keep in mind that these are all the PC game levels (usually found in the DATA folder of the extracted ISO).
  • Playstation discs format levels will not work with this program, at least I had no luck.



Thanks Jim Valavanis for writing this awesome application!