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COVID-19 Tracking API

This is a Laravel-powered API source for tracking COVID-19 cases in a region. It is currently used by the COVID-19 Tracker Canada project.

See it in action at

Getting Started


A hosting environment configured for Laravel 8.x should have no issues. Please see Laravel's Server Requirements for up-to-date information.

MySQL Database

Data is stored in a MySQL database. You will need to create one for this project to use.


A few routes use caching and has been tested with file and redis cache drivers.


Laravel Homestead is also supported out of box for local development.

Important In order to use the CSV Seeders, you must have PHP 7.4 installed. Most deployments typically install version 7.2.


1. Clone project

git clone
cd covid19tracker-api

2. Install Dependencies

composer install

3. Configure Environment

cp .env.example .env

Update the .env with database credentials.

4. Generate Key

php artisan key:generate

5. Run Migrations

php artisan migrate

6. Data Management Support

Required if you plan to run the C19T-Manager companion as well.

php artisan passport:install

From the resulting output, copy personal access to PERSONAL_CLIENT_SECRET and password grant to PASSWORD_CLIENT_SECRET in your .env file.

Update MANAGE_URL in your .env file with the URL where C19T-Manager is deployed.

Then create your first admin user:

php artisan tinker
$user = new \App\User
$user->name = 'Fname';
$user->email = '';
$user->password = Hash::make('some_password_123');

Roles are currently simplified to admin and editor. This project uses laravel-permission to manage roles.


You can now launch. Instructions vary depending on your setup (LEMP server, Homestead...). When ready, browse to the URL as configured and you should see the API documentation.

Seeding Data

The database seeders are specific to Canada, but can be tweaked for another region as needed.

Provinces and Territories

Running this seed inserts all 13 provinces and territories of Canada.

php artisan db:seed --class=ProvinceSeeder

Health Regions

Running this seed inserts health regions in Canada.

php artisan db:seed --class=HealthRegionsSeeder


This is a sample of report data. Be sure to adjust the province to match the province data accordingly.

php artisan db:seed --class=ReportSeeder

Cases and Fatalities

These do not have a sample CSV, but the seeder classes are available.

php artisan db:seed --class=CaseSeeder
php artisan db:seed --class=FatalitySeeder

Postal Districts

Used to determine province from rapid test submissions.

php artisan db:seed --class=PostalDistrictSeeder

Data Management

C19T-Manager is a companion app to facilitate reporting.

The URL where C19T-Manager is hosted will need to be whitelisted for CORS. Update MANAGE_URL in .env accordingly. Use a comma for multiple URLs.


Open Submissions

Currently only rapid tests are supported.

All open submissions can use reCAPTCHA to minimize abuse. To enable this, sign-up and add your secret key to the .env for RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY.

Rapid Tests

POST /collect/rapid-test

Example payload:

  "test_result": "negative",
  "test_date": "2022-01-23",
  "postal_code": "V3A",
  "age": "20-29",
  "g-recaptcha-response": "{if enabled}"

Processing Reports

Configure cron to run Task Scheduling for Laravel and report changes done via the C19T-Manager will trigger processing automatically.

Manual Processing

Processing reports is accessible through the CLI. Not necessary if you have configured the task scheduler. This is needed if not using the C19T-Manager and updating report tables directly.

php artisan report:process

The prompt should be straightforward. Out-of-box, the processing function:

  • Sums the daily case and fatality totals for each province
  • Calculates the day-to-day change in tests, hospitalizations, criticals (intensive care), recoveries and vaccinations from the reports table.
  • Stores this summarized data, which is used by the reports API

Health Region (HR) Reports

Support for health regions was added in late 2020. Health regions have a separate reports table (hr_reports) and can be processed from the CLI as well:

php artisan report:processhr
  • unlike standard reports, health region reports calculates case and fatality from the hr_reports table.


A few select routes have caching enabled to minimize database load and speed performance of the API.

The cache is flushed when a report processing operation finishes. The cache can also be manually flushed from the C19T-Manager companion app.


Configure testing env

By default, tests will use the APP_ENV defined in phpunit.xml. Create .env.testing with the following template and configure it as needed:

# used for partner-specific route

Running tests

php artisan test

Built With


  • Andrew Thong - Initial work
  • Noah Little - Concept, data consultation

See also: acknowledgements.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.



API backend for COVID-19 Tracker Canada project