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Elastic-search Front-End

A web front-end for elasticsearch. Runs directly in the browser using localstorage. To use, install it as a plugin

./plugin -install andrewvc/elastic-hammer


  • Auto-checks JSON as you type
  • Compact, auto-sizing layout, for maximum information density
  • Displays image URLs as actual images, URLs in search results as links
  • Path based API detection enabling automatic smart settings during use
  • Cross Platform
  • Uses HTML5 localstorage to keep your request history

Installing as an ElasticSearch plugin

Simply run (in your elasticsearch bin folder)

./plugin -install andrewvc/elastic-hammer

To use it visit http://yourelasticsearchserver/_plugin/elastic-hammer/

To upgrade the plugin run:

./plugin -remove elastic-hammer; ./plugin -install andrewvc/elastic-hammer



In Development

  • Improved output formatting
  • Custom output formatters
  • Automatic index detection