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%title Andrew Cholakian
%link{:rel => 'stylesheet', :href => 'stylesheets/main.css'}
%script{:type => 'text/javascript', :src =>""}
%script{:type => 'text/javascript', :src => ''}
%script{:type => 'text/javascript', :src => 'js/main.js'}
<script type='text/javascript'>
var galleryPhotos = <%= {|p| {:filename => p.filename,
:cssId => "photo-#{p.filename.chomp(File.extname(p.filename))}",
:title => p.title,
:fullUrl => url_for_photo(p,:large)} }.to_json %>;
%a{:href => '/'}
%img{:src => 'images/main-graphic.png', :alt => 'Andrew Cholakian'}
#h1-text Andrew Cholakian
%h2 About Andrew:
%p I've been shooting for years, it's one of my genuine passions, along with computing. I currently work as a programmer, generally Ruby and Javascript, and still shoot when time is permitting.
%h2 Photographic Notes
%p All photos are shot with either Canon digital cameras or vintage 35mm or 120mm film cameras.
%h2 Code:
The most up to date listing of my code is on
%a{:href => '', :target => '_blank'} Github
, but I have a less frequently updated, and more curated list below:
%a{:href => ''} Parbench
\: HTTP Load Tester / Visualization tool (Clojure)
%a{:href => ''} DripDrop
\: ZeroMQ / EventMachine based concurrency framework (Ruby).
%a{:href => ''} em-zeromq
\: EventMachine zeromq bindings (Ruby).
%a{:href => ''} Little Hat
\: What generates this site (Ruby)
%a{:href => ''} Node Streamlogger
\: Logging library for Node JS with a focus on customization (node.js).
Andrew Cholakian
%h2 Photography
- @photos.every(4).each do |row|
- row.each do |photo|
%a{:title => photo.title, :rel => 'gal', :href => url_for_photo(photo, :large), :id => "photo-#{photo.filename[0...-4]}", :target => '_blank'}
%img{:src => url_for_photo(photo, :index), :alt => photo.title}
#full-photo-cont{:style => 'display: none'}
%a#prev-photo{:href => '#'} &laquo; Prev.
%a#next-photo{:href => '#'} Next &raquo;
%h2 Programming
- @blog_posts.each do |post|
- ttext = post[:title].length > 52 ? "#{post[:title][0..52]}..." : post[:title]
%a.title{:href => post[:link], :target => '_blank'}= "#{ttext} &rArr;"
// Used during gallery view only, so hidden till then
#return-home{:style => 'display: none'}
%a{:href => '/', :id => 'go-home'}
\&larr; Return Home
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