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(ns noir-async-example
(:use aleph.http
[noir.server :as nr-server] ))
; Note, same syntax as noir's defpage, but with "conn" parameter
(defpage-async "/route" [] conn
(async-push conn {:status 404 :body "Couldn't find it!"}))
(defpage-async "/echo" [] conn
(on-receive conn (fn echo-cb [m] (async-push conn m))))
(defpage-async "/always-chunky" [] conn
;; Sending the header explicitly indicates a chunked response
(async-push conn {:status 200 :chunked true})
(async-push conn "chunk one")
(async-push conn "chunk two")
(on-close conn (fn [_] (println "CLOSED IT")))
(close conn))
(defn start-server [& m]
(let [mode (keyword (or (first m) :dev))
port (Integer. (get (System/getenv) "PORT" "3502"))
noir-handler (nr-server/gen-handler {:mode mode})]
(wrap-ring-handler noir-handler)
{:port port :websocket true})))
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