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async routes don't update changes in dev mode #8

dwwoelfel opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Changes to the body of defpage-async aren't reflected in the app when running in dev mode.

If I define the following route:

(defpage-async "/async-route" {} conn
  (on-receive conn (fn [msg] (println "hello"))))

and then change it to

(defpage-async "/async-route" {} conn
  (on-receive conn (fn [msg] (println msg))))

I'll still see hello printed out instead of the message. Is there any way to automatically reload the routes on new connections?


Unfortunately that is the case. TBH I'm not quite sure what the fix here is as I haven't delved into the guts of noir enough to see how they do it.

Patches would be very welcome :-D !

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