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2008-08-26: version 4.0.3
Portability workarounds for the Portland Group compiler (pgf90)
Minor bug fixes
2008-07-23: version 4.0.2
Fix crashes in the SAX parser
Allow extended 8-bit chars where appropriate
Support VPATH compilation
Minor bug fixes
2008-03-30: version 4.0.1
Portability fixes for ifort
2008-03-28: version 4.0
Fully validating SAX parser
Support for xml:id and xml:base
Additional DOM Level 3 functions
2008-03-19: version 3.2.0
New eigen- and symmetry output functions for WCML
Portability workarounds for Cygwin/ifort, gfortran, XLF, and Pathscale
2008-01-19: version 3.1.2
Add iostat argument for DOM parseFile
Return correct value for getAttribute on nonexistent attribute
Fix misparsing in common_parse_input
Permit creation of cut-down libraries
2007-01-04: version 3.1.1
Fix to ensure DUMMY library works correctly
2007-12-22: version 3.1
Portability improvements
DUMMY library for wxml/wcml
Extended DOM 3 implementation
2007-10-19: version 3.0
Release DOM interface
Improved configuration infrastructure
2007-05-23: version 2.1.1
UUID generation
Developer control over error handling
Minor bugfixes
2007-01-07: version 2.1.0
Introduce fully-rewritten SAX interface
Full WCML testsuite
Complex number output for WXML & WCML
Assorted minor bugfixes
2006-10-05: version 2.0.2
Fix crash on printing matrices
Assorted documentation fixes.
Several testsuite fixes/improvements
Require unit number for cmlBeginFile
2006-08-14: Version 2.0.1
Several documentation fixes
Workaround for Pathscale bug - also confirmed working on Lahey & gfortran-2.0
Remove some unwanted references to SAX/DOM modules.
Destroying a resized attribute list caused a crash - now fixed.
2006-08-09: Version 2.0:
First public release.
Only wxml & wcml included.
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