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2012-01-05: version 4.1.2
Fix --enable-dummy bug that stopped compilation
Reorder generic procedures used in specification-parts
to allow strict Fortran 2008 compilers to build FoX
Work around minor issue with Cray compiler. FoX will now
build and run with the Cray Fortran compiler.
2011-12-05: version 4.1.1
Add new 'countrts' function to common
Add capability for wcml to handle bonds
Fix bug to allow 'empty' DOCTYPE names in SAX parser
Trap and report file name errors in SAX and DOM
Fix procedure name length and use statments in wkml
2010-02-09: version 4.1.0
Add wkml, a KML output module
Add invalid-pretty-print dom extension option
Add FoX_[set|get]_fatal_[errors|warnings] to common
Makefile modified to allow -j flag to work
Portability workarounds for the Portland Group compiler (pgf90)
Assorted bugfixes
2009-06-16: version 4.0.4
Assorted bugfixes
Added CMake files
Added URI tests
2008-08-26: version 4.0.3
Portability workarounds for the Portland Group compiler (pgf90)
Minor bug fixes
2008-07-23: version 4.0.2
Fix crashes in the SAX parser
Allow extended 8-bit chars where appropriate
Support VPATH compilation
Minor bug fixes
2008-03-30: version 4.0.1
Portability fixes for ifort
2008-03-28: version 4.0
Fully validating SAX parser
Support for xml:id and xml:base
Additional DOM Level 3 functions
2008-03-19: version 3.2.0
New eigen- and symmetry output functions for WCML
Portability workarounds for Cygwin/ifort, gfortran, XLF, and Pathscale
2008-01-19: version 3.1.2
Add iostat argument for DOM parseFile
Return correct value for getAttribute on nonexistent attribute
Fix misparsing in common_parse_input
Permit creation of cut-down libraries
2007-01-04: version 3.1.1
Fix to ensure DUMMY library works correctly
2007-12-22: version 3.1
Portability improvements
DUMMY library for wxml/wcml
Extended DOM 3 implementation
2007-10-19: version 3.0
Release DOM interface
Improved configuration infrastructure
2007-05-23: version 2.1.1
UUID generation
Developer control over error handling
Minor bugfixes
2007-01-07: version 2.1.0
Introduce fully-rewritten SAX interface
Full WCML testsuite
Complex number output for WXML & WCML
Assorted minor bugfixes
2006-10-05: version 2.0.2
Fix crash on printing matrices
Assorted documentation fixes.
Several testsuite fixes/improvements
Require unit number for cmlBeginFile
2006-08-14: Version 2.0.1
Several documentation fixes
Workaround for Pathscale bug - also confirmed working on Lahey & gfortran-2.0
Remove some unwanted references to SAX/DOM modules.
Destroying a resized attribute list caused a crash - now fixed.
2006-08-09: Version 2.0:
First public release.
Only wxml & wcml included.