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FoX.vfproj contains a Visual Studio project for Intel Fortran.
At time of writing, it is compatible with Visual Studio 2011 and Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011.
The project will build FoX in one of the four configurations - Win32/x64 and debug/release.
When building FoX for a specific configuration, an output library file Fox_debug.lib or Fox.lib
and associated modules are created in a folder in a relative path ../lib or ../libx64 respectively.
For a given configuration in in your application project you will then need to
1) In "Fortran" "General" "Additional Include Directories" add the respective modules folder (generated above)
2) In "Linker" "General" "Additional library directories" add the path to the respective lib or libx64 folder.
3) In "Linker" "Input" "Additional dependencies" add Fox_debug.lib or FoX.lib respectively.
Your application should now be able to build and link with FoX.
Best of Luck !
Shane Clauson.