This is the code for a portion of an app being built for Random Hacks of Kindness
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This is the PHP code that will drive the RHOK Good Samaritan App

A Post to the API/needhelp.php starts the whole process.  

That POST should include the following fields:

curl '' -d 'recipient=fred+smith' -d 'recip_phone=%2B16783894374' -d 'helpers[]=%2B14045146464' -d 'message=i+has+flat+tire'

message: The person who needs help should be able to supply a short message like "flat tire"
recipient: A short name/description of the person who needs help
recip_phone: the phone number to call in order to reach the person in need of help

helpers[] : specify this once for each samaritan in the proximity of the victim

Once you this this API method, each of the helpers you specified will get an SMS that says

"fred smith needs help with 'i has flat tire' respond with 'help 8' to offer assistance"

If the helper responds then they'll be connected to the victim with a phone call from 
(408) 645 - RHOK so they can discuss the situation further.