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Generate LaTeX and Markdown resume from YAML with Python.
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This repo contains the source I use to automatically generate [my resume] ( as a webpage and PDF from YAML input.

It was forked from emichael/resume and has been modified to fit my use case.

How to run

The dependencies are included in requirements.txt and can be installed using pip with pip install -r requirements.txt. I recommend doing this inside a virtualenv.

make will call and build the LaTeX documents with latexmk.

The Makefile can also open the compiled PDF with make viewpdf.

What to Modify

All that you need to modify is resume.yaml (and of course the image file to be included in the top right corner of the resume). You should also look through the template files to make sure there isn't any special-case code that needs to be modified.

Of course, you'll probably want to modify the templates as well. That is left as an exercise for the reader.

If you use Sublime Text 2, resume.sublime-project can be easily modified to work on your system and make the PyLinter plugin recognize a virtualenv.


  1. Strings in resume.yaml should be LaTeX (though, the actual LaTeX formatting should be in the left in the templates as much as possible).
  2. If you do include any new LaTeX commands, make sure that one of the REPLACEMENTS in converts them properly.
  3. The LaTeX templates use modified Jinja delimiters to avoid overlaps with normal LaTeX. See for details.


All of bamos' original work is distributed under the MIT license found in

All of Ellis' modifications are distributed under the MIT license found in

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