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A repo for a home-built blog engine, mostly just to experiment and get better at webdev (especially Node.js)

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A repo for a home-built blog engine, mostly just to experiment and get better at webdev (especially Node.js)

In terms of inspiration, the idea of starting from scratch with a lightweight, new CMS written in Node came from seeing Casey Liss do the same with his engine Camel. I don't recall ever actually reading anything beyond Camel's README so I believe the only technical inspiration was using "@" signs to highlight metadata (though in a different way) but there may be unintentional inspiration snuck in.

Design-wise there's absolutely no question that the site it currently powers was exceptionally inspired by both Casey Liss' and Marco Arment's blogs.


  • Basic routing up and running, routing to index ('/'), blog permalinks ('/blog/:year/:month/:day/:filename), static pages ('/:pageFileName'), and 404s.
  • Dead-simple rendering engine, literally just replaces {{title}} and {{body}} and date things with stuff.
  • A grossly-implemented blogroll with 5 posts on the main page, but NEEDS TO BE MANUALLY UPDATED IN postList.json!
  • Psuedo-metadata: at the top of all markdown pages for blog posts, include (IN ONE LINE!!!) '@@: "Title": "title", "OtherMetadata": "Other" :@@
  • Month archive blogroll thing (like though with same metadata problem as the index page.
  • The weird metadata bug fixed
  • Link posts/permalinks
  • Pulling app configs (stuff like port, filepath, etc) and site configs (stuff like the description, navbar links, site meta-tags) into json config files so they can be changed w/o a deploy
  • Finally finally FIIIIIIIINALLY replacing the hacky and entirely anti-patterny "fs.readFileSync" calls with promises. Mostly. There's still one to kill.
  • (My own shenanigans w/ the server setup to use SSL, but it's just an nginx reverse proxy so not actually part of this codebase)
  • (Also caching, but again mostly through browser caching and then ussing the nginx reverse proxy to cache in front.)
  • I think, as best as I can tell, that things are finally generic enough that I could spin up a new site with this engine with and it will just work?

To do

  • Theme handling?
  • Metadata on a per-post basis
  • Tags
  • Search?
  • Some sort of automaticity to the post updating, since it's a bit of a chore to add a new post.
  • Better decomposition, especially of some of the GET handlers
  • In-memory caching maybe?
  • Testing with a fresh install on a new server to make sure the setup script works and the code is suitably generic
  • Once everything seems solid, write up documentation, transfer to a new repo for actual clean usage, and turn this into the "" repo.

Post Formatting:

Start every post with post metadata, namely:

"@@: "Title": "PostTitle", "Date": "PostDate", "Link": "Link", "LinkPost": bool :@@"

If LinkPost is true, then also include the "Permalink": "PostPermalink" info in the meta data

Then start a separate line, and write whatever content you want in markdown (or html if ya nasty.)


A repo for a home-built blog engine, mostly just to experiment and get better at webdev (especially Node.js)






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