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PHP In Seattle

There are a lot of companies in Seattle, and it is hard to keep track. If you know of any PHP-based companies with offices in the Seattle area, add them here.

For Employers:

  • PHP should be a significant part of their software stack
  • Need to have a presence in the Seattle Area
  • Try to limit to companies within 20 miles


What about Recruiters?

They're helpful for people who are looking for PHP-related jobs. So to make things easy, we added a markdown file for recruiters and staffing companies.

  • Use the file
  • Need to have a presence in Seattle Area
  • Try to limit to companies within 20 miles.

The focus is on recruiters with Seattle-area offices, because we want them to be part of our community. In part, the hope is they will attend a meetup to tell us about PHP-related positions.


Want to help update this project? Pull Requests welcome!

PHP In Other Cities

Are you interested in creating a similar project in your city? Do it! Each city with this kind of project will help the PHP Community. If you do, ping me to get your city added here.


Create a public resource of who does PHP in Seattle



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