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PHP In Seattle

There are a lot of companies in Seattle, and it is hard to keep track. If you know of any PHP-based companies with offices in the Seattle area, add them here.

For Employers:

  • PHP should be a significant part of their software stack
  • Need to have a presence in the Seattle Area
  • Try to limit to companies within 20 miles


What about Recruiters?

They're helpful for people who are looking for jobs. So to make things easy, we added a markdown file for recruiters and staffing companies.

  • Use the file
  • Need to have a presence in Seattle Area
  • Try to limit to companies within 20 miles.


Want to help update this project? Pull Requests welcome!

PHP In Other Cities

Are you interested in creating a similar project in your city? Do it! Each city with this kind of project will help the PHP Community. If you do, ping me to get your city added here.