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Trek: Testable Replicated Key-Value Store

A key-value store with ZooKeeper-like client semantics, backed by Viewstamped Replication, and with the ability to simulate failures.

The run script assumes a 3-node server cluster on corn19, corn20 and corn21, with a monitor on corn22. To run in other configurations, modify bin/run.


Make sure you have JDK 7 and Maven installed and run bin/run compile.


In use, the system consists of a cluster of server replicas, clients and / or a tester program and a monitor for collecting server internal logs.


Start by running bin/run server server_id.


Start by running bin/run monitor.


Start by running bin/run client.


  • Create node: create path data [isSequential=false]
  • Delete node: delete path [ignoreVersion=false]
  • Test node existence: exists path
  • Get node data: getData path
  • Set node data: setData path data [ignoreVersion=false]
  • List node children: getChildren path

Tester program

Start by running bin/run tester.


  • Simulating network partitions
    • Simulate partition (make specified replicas appear partitioned from other replicas): partition server1[|server2|...]
    • Resolve partition (make specified replicas reachable from one another): group server1|server2|...
    • Resolve all partitions: reset
    • View current partition status: print
  • Simulating crash failures
    • Simulate crash failure at server after rpcCount outgoing RPCs: kill server [rpcCount=0]
    • Bring back crashed replica: recover server
    • View current replica status: health
  • Automated testing
    • Test network partitions during one VR commit: normaltest
    • Test crash failures during one VR commit: partitiontest
  • Others
    • Check if all nodes have consistent commit logs: consistent
    • Adjust VR heartbeat to t ms: heartbeat t