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Simple VFO for portable/micro transceiver based on Si5351 with CW-key
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Andrey Bilokon
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Nano VFO for portable TRX

CPU: Arduino ProMini
PLL: Si5351 or/and Si570
Display: OLED 0.91" 128x32, OLED 0.96" 128x64, OLED 1.3" 128/132x64, I2C LCD 1602, MAX7219
Encoder: optical/mechanic rotary encode Keypad: 6 buttons Support different TRX architecture:

  1. Single IF superheterodyne.
  2. Direct conversion with 2x or 4x output.
  3. Direct conversion with quadrature output. Builtin CW key: auto/iamboc mode, 3 phrase memory, CW-VOX, touch mode

Project homepage Required libraries: SSD1306Ascii - install from Arduino IDE

Copyright (c) 2016-2018, Andrii Bilokon, UR5FFR
License GNU GPL, see license.txt for more information

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