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The TechMeetup website is a platform which aims to support the tech community as a whole. The aim is to connect tech scenes within cities and then provide exposure for that city to other cities. It’s a space to learn what tech stuff is going on in our city and to easily find out other tech projects/people in other cities.

Since this is about us and for us, it’s not-for-profit, there’s no advertising, then there’s no need to ask anything of the user but to provide fully functional and truly purposeful features. The style of this development is to build a space that we’re comfortable using and serves our exact needs.

More stuff will be added here in the next couple of days – including the full design mockups which have had a lot of UI work.

Meanwhile you can see the current (crappy) TechMeetup website and then an idea of what we’re trying to achieve.

Setting up the enviroment

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